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by Dan Holohan

Dan Holohan’s most popular book is We Got Steam Heat!.

Dan Holohan’s most popular book is We Got Steam Heat!. Books by Dan Holohan. Showing 28 distinct works. We Got Steam Heat! by. Dan Holohan.

For anyone dealing with steam heat at home, this book should be purchased and studied, then left with the house for the next . For bringing back to us the understanding of the Art of Steam Heat, Dan Holohan is a national treasure.

For anyone dealing with steam heat at home, this book should be purchased and studied, then left with the house for the next owner. It will help you, the home owner, custodian of the technology of yesteryears, to party like it's 1922 again, all the while making you understand how to optimize your heating system and fool proof you against the general lack of knowledge about these systems in today's pro hvac community. The writing is easy to understand and concepts of steam technology explained in plain words, no prior technical knowledge is necessary.

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I moved into a house with steam heat just last year. This is my second winter with it. I didn't know anything about it either. My wife bought me this book called "We got Steam Heat" by Dan Holohan. I thought the book was great.

I moved into a house with steam heat just last year. If you scroll down a bit on the home page it displays his book. I read it front to back and I learned quite a bit. I replaced a bunch of clogged air vents with good quality ones from a plumbing supply store. Not the cheapo ones from Home Depot.

We get nearly all of it back when the steam condenses in the radiators. Steam has the ability to heat when it's at zero psi pressure. You see you don't need a lot of pressure to heat the building. All you need is latent heat. HS-901(a) basic steam heating systems.

Dan Holohan, a tall, bespectacled man, took the floor. Holohan is clearly a man proud of his knowledge and trade, and his excitement about this arcane subject is palpable. Through such books as The Lost Art of Steam Heating and We Got Steam Heat! A Homeowner’s Guide to Peaceful Coexistence, as well as the Web site HeatingHelp. com, Holohan has built a community among those who work on and live with the nineteenth-century heating technology that is still common, if not commonly understood, in New York and in other older cities across the country.

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If you're a homeowner with steam heat, know that I wrote this one for you. If you'd like to fix uneven heat and squirting air vents or want to reduce your fuel bills and silence clanging pipes, then arm yourself with this book and smile. This is not a do-it-yourself book. Here's what you'll learn: How your steam-heating system works (and why it might not) What each component does (or what it's supposed to do) Why high pressure in a steam-heating system won't work How the choice of fuels can affect your system What causes all that noise (and how to get ride of it once and for all) Simple ways to lower your fuel bill What you can do yourself When you should keep your hands in your pockets How to find a steam-heating pro (and how to avoid the knuckleheads) Things that should be in every contract you sign for steam-heating work The right questions to ask when replacing a boiler How to fix, move, clean, paint and/or replace an old radiator How to have a hot-water zone added to your steam-heating system How to know if you can have your steam-heating system converted to hot-water heat And a whole lot more! Arm yourself with this book. You will not be sorry. Dan Holohan
This is a really interesting book to learn about steam heating systems. I like the author's folksy approach to writing, rather than a highly technical tome that leave you in the dust (or steam). But if you're looking for a "do-it-yourself" on how to tweak or fix your steam plant, this probably isn't the book. Maybe that's the value of the book.

It explains how steam systems work, and describes how they should be installed. What I learned from the book is that the system in my 110 year old house (gas steam/radiator is apparently its third heating system, installed in the 1930s, as best as I can tell) is not properly installed.

The book emphasizes that you really need a steam professional experienced in how the systems work and are designed. It's imperative to have someone who can calculate the space to be heated, the specifics of the heat plant, the plumbing, radiator size, etc.,or you could end up with more problems than you started with. The author makes this sound quite reasonable and plausible.

I thought the book was rather pricey for a relatively small paperback, and it left me with a better understanding of the problems with my heating system, but no real solutions.

So, if you're intellectually curious about steam heat, this book is definitely for you! If you're looking for tips on fixing issues with your system, you'll probably learn what I did. There are problems with the basic system, and you'll need to search out a rare breed of heating specialist who might know what to do to improve it.

I was left thinking - well, it's probably not very efficient, but it can warm up the house. I better leave it alone.
I bought this book when I first moved into my house which has a single pipe steam system. I knew nothing about it. Read the book and understand a bit more about how steam heat works now. But I did find that the opinions vary from the book to online forums (do it yourself forums) where you have experts where you can ask questions. One thing I found was that this book insists that you keep your pipes wrapped where many other experts say there is no need to.

It is easy reading but does get into great detail at times. It does give good analogies to help you understand the terminology of what is being read.

For the money it is worth it. Unfortunately though steam systems are set up differently depending on the size of the house the layout of the house etc. Although many steam boilers work off the same principles the controls, piping layouts etc are difficult to follow. Again, taking pictures of my boiler and piping and posting them online in forums does help me.
This book is an amazing read that the average person with little to no mechanical understanding will comprehend. I am in the plumbing and heating industry and every time we install a new steam boiler, I give a copy of this book to our customer. Anytime we have an issue with a steam system, this book is referenced. I only wish more "professionals" would take time to read this book before they guess on repairs they think they need.
If you got a house with steam heat and keep scratching your head - read this. As a new homeowner with a an ancient steam heat system I do find this book incredibly helpful and not badly written. A star down for "over dead-manning." A star down for the price tag. I respect the man who wrote it and thank him a lot, but $25 does feel a bit excessive. Still got it. Still happy.
Helps the reader better understand steam heat. Reading the book is actually fun. Many readers of my review will think I am lying. Since when is a technical book fun to read? Well, Dan Holohan is that sort of a writer. He has that talent. Dan is a gift to those of us who are like me with a bit of a short attention span and install and service wet heat. Sometimes, I dream of Dan showing up where I work with his tools and his own 21 drawer Snapon Tool Box asking if I need a good boiler technician in the field. And, then the dream goes on; after a light conversation, he settles on $20 per hour with no days off during the heating season. Ahhh. Yes, just dreaming.
If you have steam heat - read this book. You'll come to realize how little the guys that come in to do your annual or semi-annual service know about steam heat. I would say that the service guy will still know more about the boiler itself(+/-) but you'll know way more about the system than they will. And if you don't know the system, you can't fix the problems.
Dan Holohan is THE man when it comes to steam heating systems. He has published several books. This one is good for a home owner with no experience with steam heating. However, Mr Holohan's book, "The Lost Art of Steam Heat," is far more detailed.
Very interesting and very helpful.
I've had steam heat for years and never gave it a lot of thought until recently when some of my radiators began to hiss.
I learned about what type of system I have and how to resolve several issues.
Great book!
We Got Steam Heat! ebook
Dan Holohan
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