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Red-Eared Sliders (General Care and Maintenance of Series) ebook

by Phillipe De Vosjoli

Philippe de Vosjoli is an expert on reptile husbandry who revolutionized herpetoculture with the Advanced Vivarium Systems series of books. He has written more than twenty books and one hundred articles on the care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians.

Philippe de Vosjoli is an expert on reptile husbandry who revolutionized herpetoculture with the Advanced Vivarium Systems series of books.

We strongly recommend those caring for turtles learn as much as possible about them. Here are some highly regarded books. Red-Eared Sliders (General Care and Maintenance of Series) by Philippe De Vosjoli. Encyclopedia of Turtles by Peter C. H. Pritchard. I have no direct knowledge of the content or material presented within those publications.

Red-eared sliders as pets, Turtles as pets. Lakeside, CA : Advanced Vivarium Systems.

Basic Care of Uromastyx. by Philippe De Vosjoli. Shelve Basic Care of Uromastyx. Unfortunately, the mortality of imported uromast. ore.

The General Care and Maintenance of Red-Eared Sliders by Philippe de Vosjoli.

The General Care and Maintenance of Green Anoles (General Care and Maintenance of Series). Download (pdf, 1. 6 Mb) Donate Read.

Red-Eared Sliders, written by herp expert Philippe de Vosjoli, provides guidelines for keepers who wish to have success keeping, displaying, and breeding red-eared sliders and other popular freshwater turtles. This Advanced Vivarium Systems title includes information about selecting a healthy example, quarantine and acclimation considerations, housing needs, water and feeding, as well as solid advice about keeping red-eared sliders healthy and thriving.

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Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. 100% Money Back Guarantee. This manual covers their care. Read full description. See details and exclusions. See all 5 pre-owned listings. Advanced Vivarium System-S INC International Concepts International concepts.

Care and Breeding of Chameleons By P. de Vosjoli & G. Ferguson Paperback € 8 plus shipping from the Netherlands. English (US) · Suomi · Svenska · Español · Português (Brasil). General Care and Maintenance of Bearded Dragons By P. de Vosjoli & R. Mailloux Paperback € 8 plus shipping from the Netherlands.

When kept properly, red-eared sliders will delight their owners with their beauty, intelligence fascinating behaviors, and a lifespan of up to 25 years or longer. Learn how to simulate aspects of a pond or lake in your home vivarium, how to determine the sex of your turtle, how to breed red-eared sliders along with proven techniques for feeding, heating, filtering the water and the use of plants. You'll be amazed by what you didn't know! Color photos of different morphs and other popular freshwater turtles
This is a good basic book about red-eared sliders. You will learn details about sex identification and varieties, environmental needs, diseases, feeding, and even breeding. The author does a good job of describing the types and sizes of enclosures needed, water filtration, basking and light needs, and temperature. The need to have an easy system of water cleaning is emphasized. There is some discussion about recognizing symtoms of sickness and how to solve the problem usually either through changes in the environment or diet. Even with a book such as this, caring for turtles would definitely be somewhat of a learn as you go endeavor. This book can get one started but careful observation and fine tuning is required.
I bought this for my late sister, who's boyfriend was oblivious to taking care of any living thing.
My sister would read the information and tell him how the turtle should be taken care of and not to over feed, since the turtle would expand faster than his shell could grow, which could lead to death. This book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It saved the 4" turtle's life was almost 12" big, the last time I saw it.
Book worked well for my kids who were beginners in the area of raising red eared sliders. Good information as the kids had the turtles for a few years and then were able to put them in a more natural environment. Adapted well and are still going strong!
The Sphinx of Driz
This book is a full of invaluable information for the new turtle owner, as well as long time owners. It covers topics from birth to old age, feeding, housing, illnesses and ailments. The book has beautiful photos. I am thrilled with my purchase.
Really enjoyed this book, it helped quite a bit with our red eared slider
Lots of help. Lots of information. Great resource. Highly recommend this book to beginners. Must get before hand. ???????? ????????
It was a very good book
This little book was invaluable helping me set up my turtle spaces and start them breeding. We're waiting for hatch. Thank you.
Red-Eared Sliders (General Care and Maintenance of Series) ebook
Phillipe De Vosjoli
Pets & Animal Care
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Advanced Vivarium Systems; English Language edition (June 1, 1997)
47 pages
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