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by John J. Nance

Also by John J. Nance. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

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John J. Nance, aviation analyst for ABC News and a familiar face on Good Morning America, is the author of seventeen books, including Fire Flight, Skyhook, Turbulence, and Headwind.

John J. Two of his novels, Pandora's Clock and Medusa's Child, have been made into highly successful television miniseries. A lieutenant colonel in the . Air Force Reserve, Nance is a decorated pilot veteran of Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield. He lives in University Place, Washington. Nance is the author of sixteen major books, five of them nonfiction. Two of his works, Pandora's Clock and Medusa's Child, aired as highly successful two-part television miniseries. He is a decorated Air Force pilot, veteran of Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm, a veteran airline captain, ABC's Aviation Analyst, and a renowned, much-in-demand professional speaker on major issues of safety, communications, and teamwork, especially to the medical profession. John, who welcomes communications from his readers, can be reached through ww. ohnjnance.

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John Nance, military and commercial pilot has written many exciting books on flying, mostly props like DC 6s. He & Ernest Gann (Fate is the Hunter,etc. put you right in the left hand seat. Nance more the technical stuff.

Nance has carved out his own subgenre, the aviation thriller, and here he successfully melds a timely topic, forest fires . Enough drama, enough flight technical details, and a great glimpse of our brave forest fire fighters in action

Nance has carved out his own subgenre, the aviation thriller, and here he successfully melds a timely topic, forest fires, with his specialty, pulse-pounding airborne excitement. Enough drama, enough flight technical details, and a great glimpse of our brave forest fire fighters in action. I like a book I don't want to put down and this is another of those from John Nance.

Another John J. Nance thriller. Okay, maybe not a thriller. Nance is a veteran Air Force pilot and a prolific author. I read ‘Pandora’s Clock’ a couple years back and still remember it well. It was a true thrill ride from beginning to end. I also read ‘The Last Hostage’ and like Pandora’s Clock, John Nance crafted another great book. No, it wasn’t as good as ‘Pandora’s Clock’ but still a great novel. Nance - Fire Flight. John J. Nance - Fire Flight (DO v1. it John J. xtFire Flight (2003) By: John J Nance - - -. Synopsis. From New York Times bestselling author and "master of the airborne thriller" John J. Nance comes Fire Flight, a lines adventure about the extraordinary pilots who risk their lives flying substandard airplanes in a little-known and lopsided war against our nation's wildfires. Veteran pilot Clark Maxwell thought his fire bombing days were well behind him. Nance (born July 5, 1946) is an American pilot, attorney, aviation and healthcare safety analyst, and author. He was born in Dallas, Texas. Nance grew up in Dallas, where he graduated from the St. Mark's School of Texas. He earned Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from Southern Methodist University and Dedman School of Law. Nance served in the United States Air Force as a pilot during the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq.

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A pair of ferocious forest fires rages out of control, threatening to destroy two American national parks and incinerate thousands of homes and park buildings. As the desperate battle to squelch the global warming-induced fires before they "blow up" reaches a fever-pitch, a mysterious string of violent airborne accidents among the air tanker fleet produces a mounting body count. The air tankers - the old aircraft used by pilots to bomb the fires with fire retardant slurry - have been literally falling apart in midair. Clearly not designed for such punishing high-stakes flying, the flying museum pieces should have been grounded years ago. Veteran pilot Clark Maxwell thought his fire bombing days were well behind him. But when Jerry Stein, Maxwell's friend and air tanker fleet-owner, calls at the height of the fire season to beg him to reenter the war, he doesn't hesitate. As the wildfires spread, whipped by massive winds and the federal forces arrayed against the fires reach their limits, hysteria and potential evacuation threatens the local population. In the middle of this crisis, Clark Maxwell becomes convinced that a sinister cover-up is behind the rash of horrific air disasters. As he races to unravel a very real mystery and prevent a natural disaster of massive proportions, Maxwell's probe reaches the upper levels of government agencies charged with mounting the aerial fire fighting effort - a move that for wholly unexpected reasons just may cost him his life.
I have been a big John Nance fan in the past, but was turned off by one of his books (Turbulence) to the point where I stopped looking to him for reading enjoyment. However, as a private pilot and a person who loves most everything to do with aviation

I felt myself in need for some reading about flying and a friend I have met on the Internet suggested this one. I'm glad she did.

In this story, Nance describes a very interesting aspect of the aviation community and one who's job is underappreciated by those of us who do not live in parts of the country where wild fires and forest fires are a common summer occurance.

There are men and women who climb into aging aircraft that have been modified to carry a mixture called "slurry" which is a fire retardant which is dropped from the skies in advance of a fire. Not like bombing during WW 2 from thousands of feet up, but right over the fire where the turbulence and danger is real and often unpredictable.

This story involves fighting a fire in the area of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. The planes are DC-6B's and a P-3 Orion all owned by Jerry Stein. The log books say that they have all been inspected for signs of aging and metal fatigue at an independant location in Florida and then stored in Roswell, NM until the firefighting season began. However, there are indications that this may not have been the case. When a wing folds up on one of the DC6-B's while fighting the fire concerns grow and the mystery of where these planes have been and how safe they are become a paramount question for Clark Maxwell one of the most respected pilots in the fleet. There are various subplots within the book involving smoke jumpers, the role of the lead aircraft who runs the boming plan, the problems of dealing with people on the ground who do not want to leave the path of the fire and so on. It is a book which holds you interest, delivers an interesting story and also points out the problems of how we fight fires and manage the forests in the country. Entertainment and an education. Hard to beat.
It's a well-told story. Requires putting aside a considerable amount of disbelief, and the characters are not awfully well developed, but they're close enough to let you accept them. One really unusual thing in this story: a man and a woman much taken with each other who don't fall instantly into bed. Who ever heard of such a thing?
This should be a must read for California residents. This is not a recent novel, but given the tragic wildfires in the west, it could have been written yesterday. As with all of Nance's novels, it's fast a moving page turner that gives a lot of insight into the world of the wildfire fighting crews, and the aerial tanker pilots and crews.
Another great book. Very interesting about airplanes fighting forest fires. Great story about the people that jump out of airplanes to fight the fires. Almost unbelievable that people do that. They are all true hero's. Thanks for the great story. Looking forward to your next book.
Enough drama, enough flight technical details, and a great glimpse of our brave forest fire fighters in action. I like a book I don't want to put down and this is another of those from John Nance.
Very well told story of aerial firefighting and the hazards that go with it. As a long time volunteer firefighter and pilot, I really related to much of this book.
This novel is based on the airplanes and people of the tankers for the forest service. The storyline is fast moving, exceedingly interesting and well described along with having twists and turns along the way. The mystery of the story is elusive and unpredictable. I was glued to the book the entire time and it left no places where it lulled. Descriptions of these planes and the people around them was precise. I recommend the book highly.
Fire Flight ebook
John J. Nance
Action & Adventure
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