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by Hugh Amory,Claude Rawson,Linda Bree,Henry Fielding

Claude Rawson is the author of many books, including Henry Fielding and the Augustan Ideal under Stress (1972), and most recently God, Gulliver, and Genocide: Barbarism and the European Imagination, 1492-1945 (OUP, 2001). Series: Oxford World's Classics.

Oxford World's Classics Claude Rawson, the introducer, is recognized as a leading expert on satire in general, and Fielding in particular

Oxford World's Classics. Claude Rawson, the introducer, is recognized as a leading expert on satire in general, and Fielding in particular. His introduction places the novel in historical and biographical context, and explores the book's contemporary allusions and ambivalent attitude to its villainous hero.

Paperback, Oxford World’s Classics, 304 pages. Published April 8th 2004 by Oxford University Press (first published 1743).

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What a wolf is in a sheepfold, a great man is in society. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 13 years ago. For Henry Fielding, 'great men', like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar, and 'great rogues', like Jonathan Wild, are synonymous terms. Greatness consists in bringing all manners of mischief on mankind.

The Life and Death of the Late Jonathan Wild, the Great is a satiric novel by Henry Fielding. It was published in 1743 in Fielding's Miscellanies, third volume. It is an experiment in the various narrative genres that were popular at the time: serious history, criminal biography, political satire, and picaresque novel.

Oxford University Press. Серия: Oxford World's Classics. When the dazzling and sophisticated Henry and Mary Crawford arrive, Fanny watches as her cousins become embroiled in rivalry and sexual jealousy

Oxford University Press. When the dazzling and sophisticated Henry and Mary Crawford arrive, Fanny watches as her cousins become embroiled in rivalry and sexual jealousy.

Oxford Worlds Classics 2013 - Download as PDF File . df), Text File . Claude Rawson (intro. xt) or view presentation slides online. 978-0-19-953684-9 . 9 Major works Angus Ross and David woolley (ed. 978-0-19-954078-5 1. 9 A tale of a tub and Other works Angus Ross and David woolley (ed.

HENRY FIELDING was born at Sharpham Park, Somerset in 1707, the son of. .Lance Bertelsen, Linda Bree, John Dussinger, Paul Monod, Claude Rawson and Peter Sabor have all kindly helped us o.

HENRY FIELDING was born at Sharpham Park, Somerset in 1707, the son of an army officer of aristocratic descent and profligate ways. In 1725 he was bound over to keep the peace after attempting to abduct an heiress. He was educated privately at first, then at Eton, and from 1728 to 1729 at Leyden University.

Occasional Form: Henry Fielding and the Chains of Circumstance. Rawson, Claude, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Henry Fielding. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975. E-mail Citation . A landmark study, authoritatively contextualizing the range of Fielding’s output and cleverly interpreting its instabilities, in light of cultural change and social and political turbulence in the mid-18th century. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007. British and Irish Literature.

The real-life Jonathan Wild, gangland godfather and self-styled "Thieftaker General", controlled much of the London underworld until he was executed for his crimes in 1725. Even during his lifetime his achievements attracted attention; after his death balladeers sang of his exploits, and satirists made connections between his success and the triumph of corruption in high places. Fielding built on these narratives to produce one of the greatest sustained satires in the English language. Published in 1743, at a time when the modern novel had yet to establish itself as a fixed literary form, Jonathan Wild is at the same time a brilliant black comedy, an incisive political satire, and a profoundly serious exploration of human "greatness" and "goodness", as relevant today as it ever was.About the Series: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the broadest spectrum of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, voluminous notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.
Jonathan Wild is not up to the standard of Joseph Andrews or Tom Jones. The satire and sarcasm gets to be a bit tiring. It seems to me a theme like the basic similarity between gangsters and politicians - as old, at least as Alexander the Great, should have gotten better treatment in the hands of a Henry Fielding. I don't see his insights into human character here, or very clever humor. The vendor did everything right - deliver was fine, condition was fine.
On perusing a bookshelf in a Boston shop some 15 years past, my eye was taken by a paperback by one Henry Fielding and I was persuaded that though I had reached a fair age, I had not yet read anything by that august personage who had graced the curricula of so many English courses in my university days, which had been sadly terminated by the fact of the necessity of earning a living. Though I purchased this object of my fascination, it was not till recently that I actually did retrieve the volume from its dusty repose on an attic bookshelf and had recourse to reading it. Much to my surprise, it resembled such drab writings as "The Vicar of Wakefield" not in the least---those writings redolent of optimism and Pollyanna-like characters who insist on giving lectures on the goodness of Man while undergoing the tortures of the d--ned----but was admirably cynical and indeed not at all uneasy in the presence of sex, crime, and malfeasance in general, with which the book's "hero", Jonathan Wild, is blessed with an inordinate ability to partake of. The main character's rise and fall may be considered the main topic of the novel. While the reader is still forced to suffer a large portion of lecture and soliloquy thanks to the 18th century tendency to partake of such in every writing, big or small, the story itself is quite humorous and the reader may encounter there more than a diminutive speck of enjoyment, reaching the last page having observed that life, whether then or now in our less-insalubrious 21st century, is indeed much the same, the only difference being that debtors of those more abrupt times went to prison and the malfeasants of that era tended to end their short life spans at the end of a rope, while today, they serve but a short time in government rest homes and then return to their previous status of `honored citizen'. The characters in Fielding's novel, written two hundred years before my entrance onto the world stage, emerge vividly, endowed with such amusing names as Heartfree, Tishy Snap, Bagshot, Fireblood, and Miss Straddle, and while some of their adventures and conversations may seem to modern readers somewhat contrived and relying perhaps overmuch on deus ex machina, they are not far removed from many a Hollywood production, whose very existence could not be imagined in the author's time. Keeping in mind the tribulations of modern readers, not used to such peregrinations of oratory during the course of novels, I would say that a devotion to English literature would better lead to enjoyment of such a work than a preference for modern style in which dialogue might be deemed more natural. Nevertheless I will end my overlong diatribe on JONATHAN WILD by saying that it was meant as a satire of a Robert Walpole, a corrupt "great man" in politics of the time, and of all such men who aspire to greatness, and I beg my readers' pardon for attempting to write a review in a style not my own, but wish to remind them that if they found it tedious they may also find the said novel a bit too much, but if, on the other hand, they found it amusing, they may very well find more than a small amount of pleasure in Fielding's work itself and join me in suggesting that for this novel, though I have kept the interests of the general reader in mind as I awarded the prize, three stars are not quite sufficient.
Henry Fielding's novel Jonathan Wild - out of print since 1982? Bummer. Jonathan Wild was a real organizer of a group of thieves (i.e., prigs), but Fielding invented considerable portions of this novel. Enraged by the acclaim given to dishones but "great" men (that is, men who had achieved success for their benefit, while often doing harm to others), Fielding set out to chronicle, in the most flowery and euphemistic terms possible, the life and times of Jonathan Wild, Esq. As a foil, Thomas Heartfree, who is nearly ruined by Wild, is introduced. As characters, they are stick figures, but that is intentional. Fielding sets to battle ridiculous extremes of good and evil, with good emerging triumphant in the end.
It might emerge as a tedious harangue on the virtues of a good life, but Fielding's skill as a writer makes this impossible. His elaborate sentences demand close attention, and their rewards are great. Intricate and well thought-out, they are fascinating in and of themselves. The story is witty, well-balanced, and constantly amusing. The morality and writing of the story have aged well, the former largely because of the latter, and Jonathan Wild is a quite good, though most likely minor, narrative of infamy and saintliness.
Jonathan Wild (Oxford World's Classics) ebook
Hugh Amory,Claude Rawson,Linda Bree,Henry Fielding
Action & Adventure
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Oxford University Press; 1 edition (September 1, 2008)
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