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Murder for a Buck ebook

by Mark Travis

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When three other famous and wealthy men with similar policies from the Jupiter-Saturn Insurance Corporation are murdered by a killer who gets up close and personal and uses unusual weapons.

In law enforcement parlance, the term murder book refers to the case file of a murder investigation. Typically, murder books include crime scene photographs and sketches, autopsy and forensic reports, transcripts of investigators' notes, and witness interviews. The murder book encapsulates the complete paper trail of a murder investigation, from the time the murder is first reported through the arrest of a suspect.

Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, has said the novel, which has been described as a 'text book' for those who care for children with social difficulties, is now independent of his care.

Murder Passes the Buck. It wasn’t wrapped in yellow tape to mark it as a crime scene, confirming my suspicions that Blaze wouldn’t even do a cursory investigation. PUBLISHED BY: Murder Passes the Buck. What if someone murdered Chester and you’re letting a killer get away with it? I pulled off my Blue Blocker sunglasses so he could see my glare. I bet that’s what happened, and you’re too lazy to follow through with a proper investigation. I carefully opened the blind door with the sleeve of my jacket so I wouldn’t leave prints, in spite of my belief that this was one case where it wouldn’t matter. I suspected there weren’t any prints to find.

It was where she had first seen Kathleen's ghost, and she was hoping to have another chance to communicate with her late friend. Her last glimpse of the ghost's fiercely shaking head had stayed with. her, and she itched to know the reason for it. If it was a warning, it must not have anything to do with Victor Silkwood, since he was elsewhere the night she died

11 Famous Murders That Remain Bone-Chilling To This Day, From The Black Dahlia To JonBenét.

11 Famous Murders That Remain Bone-Chilling To This Day, From The Black Dahlia To JonBenét. Published November 23, 2018. Some deaths stick with us.

On the opening day of deer season in a rural Northern California county, a hunter stalks and kills the buck of a lifetime. While admiring his trophy, another hunter murders him and steals his prize. New to the area Fish and Game Warden Ethan Cooper finds a fired rifle cartridge in an uncommon caliber near the body. He learns a group of powerful local men bought large caliber rifles for an Alaskan hunt and his suspect list soon includes the Superior Court Judge, his lawyer brother, his private investigator son, and the District Attorney. While Cooper searches a hunting guide's truck, he learns the man also uses the same caliber rifle. Cooper becomes interested in Deputy District Attorney Dana Billington. He would discuss his evidence with her, but she is the judge's former daughter-in-law. While investigating illegal bear parts trafficking, Cooper catches a hunter with a fresh kill. While the man tries to bribe the warden, a sniper's bullet drops him with a mortal wound. Cooper ducks behind a tree an instant before a bullet strikes the thick bark. He moves into the forest with hopes he can find the killer before a bullet finds him.
I am always happy to see the mystery and outdoors genres mixed, and was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the stroytelling. The ending was a disappointment, though- seemed like the author got called away from his desk and just stopped typing. Would recommend for hunters and fishers who like whodonits.
So many good twists and turns and wondering who is the guilty one or ones, great suspense, I highly recommend.
Starts off well by grabbing my interest within a couple of pages and keeping it throughout the rest of the sample. I purchased the full book and will modify this review upon completion.
Murder for a Buck ebook
Mark Travis
Action & Adventure
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