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by Salley Vickers

For Rupert Kingfisher, whose play The Prisoner’s Dilemma first

For Rupert Kingfisher, whose play The Prisoner’s Dilemma first. I doubt not of my own salvation; and in whom can I have such occasion of doubt as in my Self?

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Salley Vickers's novels, Instances of the Number 3 and Miss Garnet's Angel, have been acclaimed bestsellers in Britain. A former university lecturer in literature, she is a trained analytical psychologist and lectures widely on the connections between literature, psychology, and religion. She lives in London and Bath. Библиографические данные. Instances of the Number 3: A Novel. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.

Salley Vickers (born 1948) is a British novelist whose works include Miss Garnet's Angel, Mr. Golightly's Holiday, The Other Side of You and Where Three Roads Meet. Golightly's Holiday, The Other Side of You and Where Three Roads Meet, a retelling of the Oedipus myth to Sigmund Freud in the last months of his life. She also writes poetry. Vickers was born in Liverpool. Her mother, Freddie, was a social worker and her father, . Vickers, a trades union leader, were both members of the British communist party until 1956. They then became committed socialists

Instances of the Number 3 book. A gracefully tuned feat of the imagination, Salley Vickers's novel is a rare celebration of life's most intriguing geometries, the love triangle.

Instances of the Number 3 book.

But maybe she had motives for reviving it. One bank holiday had passed; with another looming it seemed the moment to reintroduce the idea. al event alone, or perhaps she wanted company? Anyway, she rang Frances. Do you fancy a trip to the country this weekend at all?’. Not if Zahin’s coming too!’. The association with Bridget was teaching Frances to speak her mind. Neither she nor Peter had been very good at that. That morning, lying in bed, she had thought how little, really, Peter had asked for himself.

Instances of the Number 3’ is a funny, beguiling exploration of love, bereavement, Shakespeare . Following on from ‘Miss Garnet’s Angel’, this brilliant novel confirms Salley Vickers as a writer who transcends generations.

Following on from ‘Miss Garnet’s Angel’, this brilliant novel confirms Salley Vickers as a writer who transcends generations. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Salley Vickers is an English novelist whose works include the word-of-mouth bestseller "Miss Garnet's Angel','"Mr . Her books touch on big philosophical themes of religion, art, creativity and death.

Salley Vickers is an English novelist whose works include the word-of-mouth bestseller "Miss Garnet's Angel','"Mr Golightly's Holiday'","'The Other Side of You'" and "'Where Three Roads Meet'", a retelling of the Oedipus myth to Sigmund Freud in the last months of his life. She was born in Liverpool in 1958.

Salley Vickers's Instances of the Number Three reads like a saucier Anita Brookner, and makes Julie Myerson long for a sensible cardie. But that's not all. Peter, who professes to have loved all three women "and the different gifts they had given him" (yuck!), snuck off and, behind his wife's back, converted to Catholicism (you wonder how he found the time). Now his guilty ghost hovers over the novel, pausing - in brief, camp, italic paragraphs - tenderly to observe his bereft loved ones.

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Following the death of Peter Hansome, his wife Bridget is contacted by Frances Slater, her late-husbandâ?s mistress. Though the two are from opposite sides of London and meet under the least desirable circumstances, the women become close friends. In a subtly wrought turn of events, Bridget and Frances discover that they have in common what is important to them most: their parallel memories of Peter, killed in a car accident, and the shared reality of his spirit form, haunting them still. A gracefully tuned feat of the imagination, Salley Vickersâ?s novel is a rare celebration of lifeâ?s most intriguing geometries, the love triangle.
From the first page of INSTANCES OF THE NUMBER THREE I was struck by how unexpected the characters were. Here we have a man's funeral attended by his widow (Bridget), his family, his close friends...and his mistress (Frances), whom nobody knew existed until the day before. Yet rather than the melodramatic scene one would expect to ensue, all parties involved actually behave cordially, even to the point of absurdity. Further, there is a marked lack of emotional reaction of any kind from the widow, including grief. Is this Surrealism, I wondered, or just very British mannerisms?
What became apparent as I delved further into this mysterious novel was that the author uses the memories and flashbacks of her characters to gradually build a complete picture of the scenario. We are privy to behind-the-scenes thoughts of all three participants in the love triangle, even Peter's (the deceased husband); yet the narrative voice takes on the quality of an objective observer who is piecing together the events and forces that shaped these people's lives. Well before I looked at the author's biography I had the feeling of listening in on a series of therapy sessions and, surprise! ...the author is in fact a psychologist.
Frances, Peter and other side characters start by showing self-centeredness and shortsighted thinking. This novel could be said to be about how they each embarked on a journey after Peter's death to examine themselves and grow spiritually. On a larger scale, I think the author uses their personal stories to underscore the connection that religion, environment, and maturity have to our lives and what kind of people we become.

I believe the strong point of IOTNT is in Bridget herself. As unusual in a contemporary novel as it is to feature a woman in late middle age, it is even more commendable that she is able to separate her personal hurts from what she knows to be the moral, compassionate way to live. Bridget is able to open her arms to an inconvenient, homeless teenager and take him in simply because her late husband knew him and would have wished it. We see her welcome Frances, if not warmly at first, then at least civilly. Later, she includes Frances in some areas of her life and even maintains a tenuous friendship with her despite repeatedly discovering the many small ways her husband cheated her for the sake of this other woman. She can recognize Frances as a worthy person because Peter loved her, too, and thus is eventually able to overcome her own bitterness about the affair. Her human wisdom is uncommon for any age.
Readers may find the writing style a bit dry if they are not used to contemporary British fiction. On the other hand, there are insights into human nature and even a touch of supernatural elements to bring this work a bit above the ordinary novel fare. I rate IOTNT 4 stars for fresh, thoughtful character studies and a new angle on how ordinary people handle the bigger mysteries of life and death.
-Andrea, aka Merribelle
I, on the whole enjoyed this novel. However the idea that 2 such different people could be as close to one man seemed to me unlikely. It was nice that the dead husband/lover seemed to care about both but I found I could not care particularly about either. It was also nice that the 2 women could get on so well though I do wonder if that would have been so if husband/lover was still alive! I wondered if the subtext was about keeping everybody happy in their relationships is the most important aspect of life than how many are involved. I guess I disliked them because I myself would not have put up with any of it - however amusing!
Salley Vickers has edged out A.S.Byatt as my favourite author, and I am still debating with myself as to whether I like "Miss Garnet's Angel" or "Instances of the No.3" the most. The stories resonate with me because they deal with middle-aged or elderly people, and I think older people like myself like to feel we can be interesting and have adventures. This does not even begin to talk about the writing, which is marvellous, and more practised critics than I can better deal with that. There are many professional reviews quoted at the end of this book, and I agree with all of them.
Vickers has a charming, easy-to-read style and a knack for unusual plotting. I bought "Instances of the Number 3" because I enjoyed "The Cleaner of Chartres" and I wasn't disappointed.

Jane Louise Newhagen
author of Pieces of Eight and Sand Dollar,
tales of old Key West
Love Me
Witty, philosophical, unusual, showing great understanding of human nature and very enjoyable. Will reread this one.
Book was as described, but I did not find it as good a read as her previous book!
Weird story. Why was the wife soooo accepting of any behavior? Many questions about each character that are not resolved in any way and by the end, not very interesting.
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