Indivisible ebook

by Blair Smith

A U.S. Army helicopter lands on a remote New Hampshire mountain. Troops witness an unbearable sight: sixty Cub Scouts slain by an unmanned automatic weapon intended to catch smugglers. The President orders the soldiers to depart immediatelyand maintain absolute secrecy. Cover-up of the Dixville massacre begins. The year is 2023. The United States economy has tumbled after two decades of fighting terrorism worldwide. The brutality to New Hampshires children ignites national support for a rebellion to instate government reform. Helen, a single mom of a slain Cub Scout, finds solace in joining the civil uprising. She unexpectedly discovers personal strength and leadership in time of crisis. Helens grief abates through compassion for the lone surviving Cub Scoutand attraction for a combat-trained rebel leader. Will the federal governments oppression of rural communities and cover-up of the atrocity prevail? Or will Americans resilience, resourcefulness, and solidarity triumph to restore the virtue of democracy for all?
I picked this up on a free day. I decided to read it because there weren't any reviews and I feel that anyone that takes the time to write a book should get some feedback.

I was pretty happy with the story. The plot is interesting and with the way the U.S. government acts, I can see something like this happening. The actions are believable and the characters are pretty well developed. The characters also aren't super human. The action scenes are exciting and make a lot of sense.

The problem is that the author doesn't seem to be able to successfully bring an action scene to a smooth close. There are several parts of the book where the action is going along at a nice pace, then it sort of just ends. The end of the scene makes sense, but I feel that the author needs to have a little more explanation of how this ending came about.

But over all it was pretty well done and I'm not disappointed that I read this. I'll pick up more of his books in the future.
Indivisible is a very complex book written by author Blair Smith. It is a fast paced story about Federal overreach and citizens fighting back.
Indivisible ebook
Blair Smith
Action & Adventure
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PublishAmerica (April 14, 2003)
204 pages
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