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Kill or Cure (The Destroyer, No. 11) ebook

by Richard Sapir,Warren Murphy

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The Destroyer: Kill or Cure. No one’s leaving the building. An officer with a broken wrist limped out of Tomalino’s room. Why a limp, Remo would never understand. Yet injured people, when they knew they were being observed, often limped. We’re holding people for questioning,’ said the higher ranking officer, who looked at the injured patrolman. The patrolman shook his head, which meant to Remo that there was no identification of him as the killer. But there was a brief interrogation nevertheless. No, Remo had not seen anything or heard anything and what right did the police have questioning him?

A screenwriter (Lethal Weapon II, The Eiger Sanction) as well as a novelist, Murphy’s work has won a dozen national awards, including multiple Edgars and Shamuses. He has served on the board of the Mystery Writers of America, and has been a member of the Screenwriters Guild, the Private Eye Writers of America, the International Association of Crime Writers, and the American Crime Writers League. He has five children: Deirdre, Megan, Brian, Ardath, and Devin.

No,’ said Bullingsworth. You can’t get those other printouts anyway. Henrietta Alvarez is the girl who does them

No,’ said Bullingsworth. Henrietta Alvarez is the girl who does them. She feeds them into the computer, checks the printout to make sure it’s accurate and then destroys it. That’s what she was told to do. And she was told to report anyone asking questions about the printouts. ‘You don’t understand Yankee pluck, Miss Carbonal.

No plans to ever re-read 4 Star - Good Book, Was a really good book and I would recommend. I am Likely to re-read this book 5 Star - GREAT book, A great story and well written. I can't wait for the next book. There is very little said about Sinanju or Remo's training, but there is a lot of byplay with Remo and Chiun. Remo really comes through using his wits in this book.

CURE's mission is in danger, its secrets on the brink of being revealed  .

A plot designed by the United States’ top-secret agency, CURE, to dispose of a certain corrupt politician, is revealed in what unravels into a national scandal. The agency must be dismantled before greater suspicions arise and one of the top leaders, The Destroyer, is finally destroyed himself. But Master Chiun’s days of work haven’t ended, and he’s not waiting around for his sidekick Remo to be out of a job either

The Destroyer is a series of paperback novels about a .

The Destroyer is a series of paperback novels about a . The first novel was published in 1971, although the manuscript was completed on June 25, 1963. The main characters were adapted to film in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985). Over 150 novels have been published.

Warren Murphy (Author) Warren Murphy's books and stories have sold 50 million copies worldwide and won a. .

Warren Murphy (Author) Warren Murphy's books and stories have sold 50 million copies worldwide and won a dozen national awards. He has created a number of book series, including the Trace series and the long-running satiric adventure, The Destroyer. Библиографические данные.

2. The Destroyer Kill of Cure. Published by Pinnacle Books, USA (1974)

2. Published by Pinnacle Books, USA (1974). ISBN 10: 0523003714 ISBN 13: 9780523003719.

Miami Beach and the whole state of Florida were in an uproar. Secret tapes, IBM printouts and coded documents had been found linking local politicians to a clandestine organization called Folcroft. And Folcroft was thought to be conducting political espionage under the direction of the White House!The Folcroft Institute, of course, was the braincenter for CURE. And CURE was the supersecret agency that didn't exist.11th in the Destroyer series featuring Remo Williams and Chiun.
Classic Destroyer, Murphy and Sapir hitting on all cylinders. The over the top send up of politics is still accurate. Unfortunately.
Love the storyline. If you don't think that very bad people who are above the law, hurt others, and know that they can buy their innocence, deserve maximum punishment then this series of books are not for you. Or maybe, once you've read what they've done, you will change your mind. Either way, I love the almost comic book approach used in telling us the stories.
Interesting use of Chiun teaching Reno the ways of Shinanzu in the background. I guess politics really has not gone to far from fiction considering today's political climate.
good read
Predictable once you read the first book but its an adventure escapism series that you don't mind setting it down or picking it up.
The story was of medium interest to me. Others may find it more interesting.
felt boot
Good example of the madness and mayhem that Chiun and Remo can cause. Story is not going to win a Pulitzer, but it's fun.
Just as described!
Kill or Cure (The Destroyer, No. 11) ebook
Richard Sapir,Warren Murphy
Action & Adventure
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Pinnacle Books (1974)
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