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by Keith Douglass

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Part of Seal Team Seven. Category: Military Fiction Espionage Mysteries. The officials are all captured, and held as prisoners of war. It’s up to Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEALs to pull off a daring rescue behind enemy lines. But there is more bloody work to be done. In a day-to-day dance with death, the SEAL team proves again and again why they’re the best. and take them out! Also in Seal Team Seven. See All. Also by Keith Douglass. See all books by Keith Douglass. About Keith Douglass.

Seal Team Seven 09 - Keith Douglass.

Seal Team Seven 09: War Cry. by Keith Douglass. Seal Team Seven 09 - Keith Douglass.

Keith Douglass Seal Team Seven. Navy SEAL (SEa-Air-Land) Teams are today among the foremost elite special-operations forces in the world. During the war in Vietnam there were two Teams, SEAL One and SEAL Two, each composed of a number of fourteen-man platoons, the basic SEAL operational element. During the 1980s, the Reagan Administration recognized that the changing face of modern warfare demanded a greater emphasis on special forces and covert operations, and the Teams were expanded accordingly. By 1990, the number of Teams had grown.

At this point, the SEALs had scant minutes to extract before the full weight of Saddam's war machine moved to crush them. 0249 hours (Zulu +3). Shuaba Airport, Iraq.

Battleground sts-6 (Seal Team Seven Keith Douglass. War Cry sts-9 (Seal Team Seven Keith Douglass. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. Year Published: 1998. Year Published: 2002. Year Published: 1999.

Some asked to see Kat again in other books Murdock and his Third Platoon of SEAL Team Seven were on a silent mission to the Korean coast.

This work of fiction is gratefully dedicated to all those real SEALs who do the covert work we never hear about, those dirty little bits of patch and heal in the world of international politics and day-to-day practical government that make the world a safer place to live in. Foreword. Some asked to see Kat again in other books. Two or three said no more women on mission. ver! So it goes. Murdock and his Third Platoon of SEAL Team Seven were on a silent mission to the Korean coast. They crouched low in the slender boat awaiting their time to drop into the sea.

As North Korean troops led by a group of fanatical generals cross the border into South Korea, determined to seize control by force, Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his team of Navy SEALs are dropped behind enemy lines with the mission of eliminating the threat--by any means necessary. Original.
This was a good book but very detailed. I kind of got lost in the details but continued to read and found the
book very interesting.
Book arrived when it was supposed to. book was well packaged and the book was in the shape it was described to be in
Reading the back cover synopsis made me think this novel would be great. The North Koreans invading South Korea, and taking the Vice President hostage. Well, the SEALs in this novel take on several missions into enemy territory. The first mission is to rescue the VP, but it only takes a chapter or two to do that. Too easy. Felt this novel could have been better written and better plotted.
Well, the VP is safely back in Seoul. In the meantime, Don Stroh and the CIA send the SEALs on various missions into North Korea. One to destroy a remote radio transmission station that the U.S. and S. Korea do not want the NK's to get their hands on. Another mission has them rescuing a general and several CO's in NK territory.
But the main mission eventually to try and end this mini war between North and South is to take out the 3 North Korean generals managing the political/military scene of their country.
One fascinating part of the book, was a conflict between Seals, Fernandez and Douglas. They get into fistacuffs a couple of times, and are threatened by j.g. Dewitt that they would be shipped out of the SEALs and to Adak, Alaska. Well, it gets interesting toward the end of the novel, when the SEALs are in a firefight with some North Korean patrol and Douglas is ordered to cover Fernandez. Well he doesn't. Fernandez is seriously wounded. Also, a couple of other SEALs get grounded by wounds, and you may not see two or three of them in the next novel. At least, I'm not expecting too. Hope the author brings back Magic Brown.
A renewel of the Korean War always makes for interesting fodder. However, Douglass could have handled it better. Also, better editing was needed. I noticed too many errors and inaccuracies for the standard paperback. The action scenes were OK. The missions got tougher as the book went on. Still I think the SEALS should have encountered a tad more difficulties. Did not get a real enough sense of the danger they were in. Plus character development was really lacking. The book was basically a series of missions the SEAL Team went on in Korea. It would have been better to have one central plot with a few other little missions thrown in on the side. Concentrating a three or four of the SEAL characters would have helped. All in all, this book had the markings that it was rushed into publication.
When N. Korea invades the South, the SEALs are sent to push them back. This book has a lot of action with the men going on several jobs for Stroh. It also shows a deep sense of character as the subplot develops between Miguel and Joe Douglas. These subplots are what gives each book a new feel. Very good on the part of the writer.
Action packed from front to end. It was like 4 or 5 books all rolled into one, with all of the different missions that had to be completed. A must read for the Seal Team Seven fan!!!! I have read all of the Seal Team Seven books, except for Direct Action. I can't find it. All of them are four and five star books. This one is excellent.
This book is very good. Lots of action in this book. They are in a lot of mission in this book.
Seal Team Seven 09: War Cry ebook
Keith Douglass
Action & Adventure
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