Just Like Heaven ebook

by Julia Quinn

For Pam Spengler-Jaffee. He could name all the local fauna and flora. He could ride like he’d been born to a saddle, and if his fencing and shooting weren’t going to win any competitions, he was still well above average.

For Pam Spengler-Jaffee. He could do lengthy products and sums without even a drop of wasted ink. He could read Latin and Greek.

Bridgerton fans will cry, Encore! -as will every reader who adores England’s Regency period and great love stories that are smart, witty, and lighthearted. Romance Fiction Historical Romance. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. How do I upload a book?

Not of history or of music, but rather of my own novels. I had included Smythe-Smith characters in so many books that I had to take several days just to compile all of my previous mentions

Not of history or of music, but rather of my own novels. I had included Smythe-Smith characters in so many books that I had to take several days just to compile all of my previous mentions. Once I did that, I had to decide which set of Smythe-Smith cousins I was going to write about. I discovered that I had written about musicales taking place in 1816, 1819, 1824, and 1825.

Just Like Heaven book. Just Like Heaven is a heartwarming addition to my Julia Quinn keeper shelf.

Once again, New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn transports her readers to historical romance heaven!

Once again, New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn transports her readers to historical romance heaven!

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Author : Julia Quinn. It's Julia Quinn at her best, so you know the answer i. .

Author : Julia Quinn. Genres : Romance, Historical.

Honoria Smythe-Smith, the youngest daughter of the eldest son of the Earl of Winstead, plays the violin in the annual musicale performed by the Smythe-Smith quartet. She's well aware that they are dreadful. In fact, she freely admits (to her cousins) that she is probably the worst of the bunch. But she's the sort who figures that nothing good will come of being mortified, so she puts on a good show and laughs about it. Marcus Holroyd is the best friend of Honoria's brother Daniel, who lives in exile out of the country. He's promised to watch out for Honoria and takes his responsibility very seriously. But he has his work cut out for him when Honoria sets off for Cambridge determined to marry by the end of the season. She's got her eye on the only unmarried Bridgerton, who's a bit wet behind the ears. When her advances are spurned, can Marcus swoop in and steal her heart in time for the musicale?
Just Like Heaven is the first book in the Smythe-Smith quartet. Fans of Julia Quinn might recognize the Smythe-Smiths as the family who hosts annual musicales featuring infamously dreadful girls doing great injustice to classical music. The makeup of the performers has changed over the last twenty years, as members get married and resign their place on stage in favor of a younger sister or cousin.

Honoria Smythe-Smith is one of the girls currently in the group. She hates it because she knows they’re dreadful, but she is loyal to her family and its traditions. She is enjoying her time with her friends and family before the Season starts, and keeps running to her brother’s friend Marcus Holroyd.

Marcus always thought of Honoria as his best friend Daniel’s pesky little sister, but that was many years ago. She has grown up, and Daniel has asked Marcus to keep an eye on her and frighten away any unsuitable suitors.

When Marcus injures himself due to something that Honoria did, she feels an obligation to help him recover. As she helps him recuperate, they both realize that there is something more than friendship between them.

I love nineteenth century England- from the Regency period to the Victorian era, I love it all. There’s something about the rules of courtship, the glamour of the aristocracy, and the obsession with making a good match. Honoria and Marcus are a delightful pair, and I really enjoyed how their feelings for each other developed over the course of the story. While Marcus was happy to scare away suitors, it never occurred to him that he was in love with Honoria.

I would absolutely recommend Just Like Heaven. This is the first book in a series, so it is a good place to start if you aren’t familiar with Julia Quinn’s books. I would also point out that there are some romantic scenes in the book. There’s nothing particularly graphic or explicit, but the book is definitely intended for a mature audience. I am certainly looking forward to becoming reacquainted with Julia Quinn’s books before her newest book comes out next month!
I can't believe it's taken me this long to read a Julia Quinn book! It's been a while since I've immersed myself in a Regency Romance, and Just Like Heaven reminded me of all the things I love about the genre. The story centers on the developing romance between Lady Honoria Smythe-Smith (Is that a great name, or what?) and Marcus Holroyd, the Earl of Chatteris. They've known each other since childhood (Marcus was best friends with Honoria's older brother, Daniel), and now as adults they're friendly, but not particularly close. That is until Honoria has her first season in London, and suddenly Marcus is lurking in ballrooms all over the city, frowning at her as she attempts to find a suitable husband. Oddly, every suitor who pays court to her seems to suddenly lose interest. Honoria despairs of ever finding a man who will offer for her hand, and her continued single status means she has to play violin (very badly) in her family's annual musicale. (The Smyth-Smith girls are relieved of this duty once they wed.) A visit to a friend's home in the country exposes Honoria to an eligible gentleman and also leads to several run-ins with Marcus who lives nearby. How long will it take Honoria to realize that the perfect mate she's been searching for has been under her nose all along? And when will Marcus stop thinking of Honoria as a child and embrace the beautiful, feisty woman she's become?

This is an incredibly charming story, with likable leads who have chemistry right from their very first encounter. I loved Honoria and Marcus's sparring sessions and all the comedic bits early in the book. I will never be able to see the words "mole hole" again with chuckling. I am a sucker for love stories where the two people have known each other forever and their feelings for each other sneak up on them. I also enjoy it when a potential couple's relationship deepens and becomes more intimate because one is nursing the other through a serious illness/injury. A scenario such as this takes up a good part of the middle section of the book and those chapters are quite compelling. I think it would be hard not to fall in love with someone under the circumstances in which Honoria and Marcus find themselves. Of course, they are parted and there are misunderstandings that lead to them questioning each other's motives and true feelings. But all is resolved in a satisfactory way and the book ended happily with the return of a character who will feature prominently in the next book of the series.

For me, this book was the perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama. Witty dialogue enhanced the story, and I thought there was just the right amount of steam in the love scenes. I would highly recommend this book to fans of the Historical Romance genre. I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series!
Just Like Heaven ebook
Julia Quinn
British & Irish
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