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by Nancy Marie

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Nancy Marie Brown (born 1959) is an American author, having written five non-fiction books. In The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman, she reconstructed the life of Gudrid (born ca. 980), an Icelandic voyager known through the Vinland sagas. Her book, Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths, a Times Literary Supplement 2012 Book of the Year, concerned Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241), an Icelandic poet, historian and statesman

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Author of Passage of Change, Out of the Box and Into Yourself!, Benjamin's Bride, The beckoning song of your soul, When You Wish upon a Star. September 2, 2008 History.

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Nancy Marie Ettie Waller formerly Comley. Born 21 Aug 1902 in Glenelg, South Australia, Australia. Birth Year: 1896 Groom Marital Status: S Groom Father: Benjamin WALLER Bride Age: 21 Bride Approx. Birth Year: 1903 Bride Marital Status: S Bride Father Name: Frank COMLEY District: Adelaide Symbol: Book/Page: 298/857.

Patricia Hollingsworth is a confident and independent college student. Nicknamed Mouse, she has been blessed with a keen intelligence, a petite form, and "mousy" looks. Tormented in grade school because of her appearance, Mouse has devoted herself to overcoming the degrading appellation. Her success in martial arts and survival training has given her self-assurance and emotional stability. She keeps the nickname out of a perverse sense of satisfaction, knowing that she is anything but a mouse. Her overconfidence in her abilities, however, leads to her capture by three members of a malevolent cult. Unknown to Mouse, she is destined to be the bride of the cult leaders youngest son, Benjamin.

Benjamin Israel is distraught at the thought of his marriage to Mouse. He refuses to be used by Father Jacob Israel to further the mans demented plans. He has know that the time would come when he would be forced to marry, and has made plans for their escape.

Can two people escape the cult which imprisons them? Will their faith in God help them survive the treacherous Rocky Mountains wrath?

Nancy Marie's fiction is always well-written, with richly drawn characters and exciting plots. Benjamin's Bride is no exception.

Patricia Collingsworth - called Mouse - is a determined young woman who excels at everything she does. Despite that intelligence and drive, knowledge brings no comfort. She rues her mousy looks, resents her human foibles and imperfections, and sometimes questions God's influence in her life. Her skill and foresight is put to the test one cold night on a deserted road in Colorado. She's overcome by men assigned to find their youngest brother a wife. In a remote compound in the Colorado wilderness, Mouse encounters evil of the foulest kind.

Jacob Israel rules The Children of Israel with threats and cruelty in an Old Testament patriarchy. His word is law. Punishments for defying him vary from death by stoning to whipping. All Jacob's wives and children fear his wrath, for good reason. Jacob is evil personified, a self-appointed prophet who believes the Lord provides for him in many ways, most of them illegal. Mexican drug cartels, Arab arms dealers, and the Russian mafia are all used by Jacob to line his pockets and increase his power base world wide.

Benjamin Israel is Jacob's youngest son. Jacob's cruelty and vile practices sicken him. He's been biding his time in silence, refusing to participate in group stonings and other tortures. Ben doubts the existence of a kindly God and is determined to escape. When the drugged and manhandled Mouse is forced to marry him in one of Jacob's sham ceremonies, Ben vows to save them both or die trying.

From that point the danger and action escalate non stop. Ben and Mouse escape during a blinding blizzard. As they struggle to survive, both learn the true meaning of love - both God's and man's. Will prayers of protection by Christian believers save them? And will Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent Bob Barnes and his friend Father O'Flagherty find the young couple aliive?

Benjamin's Bride is an exciting and satisfying read. Nobody creates stories depicting God's grace and human grit better than Nancy Marie. This one is a love story and action thriller combined.
Benjamin's Bride is definitely a page-turner! I immediately fell in love with Benjamin and Mouse. Nancy Marie tells of their struggle to find freedom, forgiveness, and eventually love for one another very well. I was sad to finish the last page - I was ready for more of their story.
Benjamin's Bride ebook
Nancy Marie
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Winterwolf Pub (March 2004)
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