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by Stephen Fry

Making History (1996) is the third novel by Stephen Fry. The plot involves the creation of an alternative historical time line, one where Adolf Hitler never existed.

Making History (1996) is the third novel by Stephen Fry. While most of the book is written in standard prose, a couple of chapters are written in the format of a screenplay. The book won the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

Making history: a novel, Stephen Fr. parroting runts who had lost their souls. You could only write successfully about books and poems and plays if you didn’t care, really care, about them.

Making history: a novel, Stephen Fry. ISBN 978-1-61695-525-0. eISBN 978-1-61695-526-7. 1. History bridge-Fiction. 2. Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945-Fiction. Hysterical schoolboy wank, for sure, an attitude compounded of nothing but egotism, vanity and cowardice.

Home Stephen Fry Making History. That was the voice of an undergraduate named Steven Burns, a junior year history of science major. We have nothing against him other than that he is a suspected homosexual.

Why is that? Well, I unfortunately was put of by the premise that promised time travel that would culminate in the prevention of Hitler, two subjects that really don't intrigue me at all.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Stephen Fry tackles alternate history, asking: What if Hitler had never been born? Michael Young is a graduate student at Cambridge who is completing his dissertation on the early life of Adolf Hitler. Leo Zuckerman is an aging German physicist and Holocaust survivor. Together they idealistically embark on an experiment to change the course of history.

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Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Stephen Fry. Category: История. 584 Kb. Making History.

Stephen Fry's Incomplete and Utter History of Classical Music as Told to Tim Lihorean. Lihorean Tim. Download (RAR).

Making History - Geschichte machen (engl. Making History ) ist ein Roman des britischen Autors Stephen Fry aus dem Jahr 1996.

Making History
I was excited to read this as I'd liked The Hippopotamus was ok, but that Fry needed to come into his own a bit where his writing is concerned. However, I thought this book just didn't work for a lot of reasons. The characters were flat and wet behind the ears. They were deeply lacking in wherewithal. Some of the scenes/events were superfluous and should have been cut. I can see what he was trying to say in that regard but I felt he didn't handle the subject matter as skillfully as was necessary. I also felt like the character tropes being used as Hitler's parents were flat, cliche'd and rather obvious choices. Depth and complexity was lacking. I usually really love everything Stephen Fry does and I feel really mean, but this one just didn't gel. Sorry.
I normally enjoy alternate world fiction but...
I had to struggle through the first section because I just did not LIKE Michael I kept wanting to tell him: grow up!


Other peeves. Maybe I misunderstood but there are no Jews in Europe because Gloder's men administered a male permanent contraceptive? Judaism is matrilineal . So the women would have married non-Jewish men and stil raised their kids Jews . And the next generation would be fertile again Maybe for a generation there would have been acceptance of women rabbis earlier than in the real world Still: this form of genocide is unthinkably horrible in a way even murder is not . There are fates worse than just death. This turns the book into a horror novel.
more issues
Woul any researcher in our world ever create a permanent male contraceptive? The ethical considerations
Why was Jane even WITH Michael. He was so annoying

The time machine did not suspend my disbelief. "you made a receiver? so make a transmitter"

The unattractive personality of Michael annoyed me as it reminded me of old portrayals of tormented gay from novels before Stonewall. I picked up early on he was gay but did not know it. But I kept wanting to tell him: come out!

So Hitler lived Millions murdered again And it all ends well Because love triumphs. Why don't I find that okay?

I wanted them to stay in the other world and fight for their and our love. We have been illegal before We progressed and won.
And against the racism.
I guess it reminded me of Trumpworld. Suddenly zapped into a terrible place, and I wanted them to RESIST!! For gays black people Jews and everyone

I also wanted to find out more about what Europe was like I guess because I am American the UK US comparisons did not add to the story

Still I enjoyed the book
Stephen Fry is gifted at many things, with perhaps novel-writing not being in the top 10. I still gave 3 stars for the interesting plot line, but once I was done reading, I traded the book in at my local paperback trader.
I ran across a reference to this novel while reading comments on another alternate history novel. I found the beginning slow with a lot of of artsy farts word play and little direction. It takes till the middle of the novel to get to the main action.

I was disappointed that no theory was given as to HOW the "time machine" TIM worked or HOW it was "changed" into not only a receiver but a transmitter as well, the story just assumes that they accomplished the feat without any real mention of HOW. I also did not gather why the main character Michael / Mikey was the only one who retained any memory of the defunct time line and the professor Leo / Axel did not. I assume it was his proximity to the machine when it "changed" history.

The greatest disappointment was the ending. They UNdid the change by sending back a couple of putrefied rats into the same cistern that they initially sent the sterilization drugs to in order to stop Hitlers father from drinking it and forcing the people to wash and clean the cistern and eliminate any trace of the drugs. Hitlers father is thereby NOT sterilized and Adolph Hitler is born and the time line is restored. I found this hokey and poorly thought out and the ending pretty much "phoned in". I am good at guessing the outcome of most novels and movies and thought for sure that the professor, wracked with guilt would realize that HE was the cause of the drastic change, elimination of all Jews in Eurpoe and successful rise of Nazi Germany by eliminating Hitler. It would of stood to reason that he should of sent some of the sterilization drug to HIS OWN father, therefore eliminating HIM and his time machine invention and subsequent changes to history. THAT would of made more sense and been a lot more prosaic and poignant ending, MESSAGE: You Can't Mess With History and Not Pay the Price.

Otherwise the novel is fairly well written and can be finished in good order without too much pain to the reader. The dialog switches to a screenplay format in several sections which I particularly hated but switches back to regular story format soon.

I would never of bought it new but it was worth a read as a used book.

This also needs to be made available in ebook format, it is short sited of the publisher not to do so.
This a great book and a great author. Fry is an underrated gem of fiction. This book has it all: Nazis, time travel, Ivy League snobs, and homoerotic overtones. Delish.
Stephen Fry goes to town with this "what if" tale of changing the course of history. In this case it was preventing the Second World War.
After several twists and turns one imagines that the hero had done it but of course Fry brings one down to earth. The book is not one of his funniest that I have read, but it is certainly the most interesting.
Making History ebook
Stephen Fry
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