by Michelle. Chalfoun

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A unique first novel tells the story of a young girl, adopted by a traveling circus at age five, who now at age fifteen has created for herself a bizarre family made up of circus hands.

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Written by Michelle Chalfoun, who worked. as a circus roustabout for three years, this is a novel you won't soon forget.

Some children dream of joining the circus. Written by Michelle Chalfoun, who worked. I read it with an open mind and open heart, but if the circus life is really like that I would never want to join it!

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A strikingly original first novel about a female circus roustabout and her shadowy existence behind the bright lights of the big top, Roustabout marks a debut of uncommon impact that readers will not soon forget.

Michelle Chalfoun writer/author. Michelle Chalfoun talks about her family history, writing diverse characters in young adult fiction, and her tips for aspiring writers. Michelle Chalfoun writer/author.

Used availability for Michelle Chalfoun's Roustabout. April 1997 : USA Paperback.

Twelve-year-old Maria lives a lonely, latchkey-kid's life in the Bronx. Her Lebanese mother is working two nursing jobs to keep them afloat, and Maria keeps her worries to herself, not wanting to be a burden. Then something happens one day between home and school that changes everything. Mom whisks them to an altogether different world on Martha's Vineyard, where she's found a job on a seaside estate

Author of The width of the sea, Roustabout, Matilda, Peon de Circo, The treasure of Maria Mamoun.

Author of The width of the sea, Roustabout, Matilda, Peon de Circo, The treasure of Maria Mamoun. Matilda, Peon de Circo. The treasure of Maria Mamoun.

A gritty, realistic, disturbing portrayal of the circus every child dreamed of joining. This is a hardcover published in 1996.
I found this book in a bargain book store and picked it up right away. I sat down to read it and was simply amazed. This book is pure genious. For years, we all have seen the cirsus as a place for happy clowns and trapeze artists. It was a place to run away to. Through the eyes of Matty, a circus roustabout, we see that all that glitters is not gold. The circus is a place were dreams are made, but for the workers, it can often be a place of hardship. This is a great book and I wholehearted recommend it.
Here is a book that turns the child's dream of running away with the circus upside down, giving an account of the harsh life awaiting those who to live the dream which is, in reality, from the author's perspective, closer to a nightmare. The narrator, Matty, a roustabout in a traveling circus, has been subjected to sexual abuse by her stepfather, and has witnessed countless other unkind acts, such as the deserting on the road of employees, and sometimes wives and children. This is a compelling account of the real world of the traveling circus, bared clean of all its apparent glamour and glitter. The book is filled with colorful characters whose hard exteriors match their hard lives, but who are not all so tough underneath. Written by Michelle Chalfoun, who worked as a circus roustabout for three years, this is a novel you won't soon forget.
Read it in a day because I just couldn't stop. The story of Mat, left at the circus by her mother at a young age, is gritty and gripping. I was first drawn in by the vivid descriptions of circus life, but what kept me reading was the suspense. Completely satisfying novel.
i like the book a lot. although at times it was a little weird it wasn't slow. we had to pick a book and read it for my modern novel class in high school. my teacher helped me pick out this book. i also liked it because it was realistic to some degree and you didn't have to think too much to get what was trying to be said.
another reason that i liked the book was that the characters were well thought out and they seemed like they might people real people that you might run into everyday, if the circus ever came to town. Overall it was a very good book. i would recommend that anyone who likes realistic fiction read this book.
I reviewed this book with my book club - found it so intense - inciteful - I felt I was part of this circus ?family? could see, smell it - wonderful writing - what else is in the works??
Michelle. Chalfoun
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