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com's Joshua Hartzell Page and shop for all Joshua Hartzell books. Before going to Iraq Josh spent a year as a Fugitive Recovery Agent. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Joshua Hartzell. After getting home from Iraq, Josh spent two years as a Corrections Officer with a county sheriff's department with over seven hundred inmates at a ratio of one officer to every one hundred prisoners. After completing two years with the sheriff's department Josh finally began a business as a Bail Agent. Now Josh owns a private investigation agency that works mostly on cases to rescue abused children.

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Oscar Merril Hartzell (1876–1943) was an American con man who convinced many people in North America to join him in a fraudulent lawsuit against the British government. The original idea was not his, but rather was a continuation of a previous scam. Hartzell was a farmer's son from Madison County, Iowa who worked as a farmer and a deputy sheriff.

Bill Hartzell began playing saxophone at age 11, and added guitar a few years later. From 1984 to 1988, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. At Berklee, guitar became his principal instrument. Majoring in Commercial Arranging, Bill studied many different composition and writing techniques for all styles of music. During his time at Berklee, Bill also was introduced to film scoring, jingle writing, and using computers in music

Born in Aug 1981, Joshua Hartzell was born and raised in Nappanee, Indiana. Joshua Hartzell started as an Army National Guard Military Police Officer in 2000.

Born in Aug 1981, Joshua Hartzell was born and raised in Nappanee, Indiana. After 9/11 Josh transferred to the infantry. He spent one year of active duty to serve in Iraq and then another couple of months in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

This novel illustrates the difficulties associated with initiating relationships after the loss of a long-time spouse. Bill is slow and clumsy in his approach to the social scene until he meets Lannie, a beautiful social worker. As she quickly crumbles the brick wall of solitude that surrounds Bill, his insecurity escalates with the entry of Elena, an attractive divorcee. The two women have Bill twisting and turning with confusion, while he assesses his pre-determined specifications for accepting the reality of falling in love. His hesitation becomes a tragic waste of time, and this driving force behind the novel is something each reader will be able to relate with from their own experiences.
I was really disappointed in this book. It was the most poorly edited book and poorly written book I've ever read. An editor let this man get away with using a misspelled word to exclaim insight. Instead of saying "Voila" they actually printed it as "Wallah." Aargghh! Hurt my eyes to read it. The conversational style was very elementary and, well, dorky. Not cute, not fresh, dorky. I never did figure out what the main purpose or theme of the book was - was it his anguish over his wife's death, his fight against cancer, or teaching us all about the printing business? I think I'll throw this one away!
I tried to find something, anything to like about this book but, I just couldn't. I just found my self disliking the male protagonist more and more with each page I read. I couldn't even muster up an ounce of compassion for him because he had lost his wife. This book should have been titled "No Wonder She's Gone".
I settled in to this book for a vacation read- and tossed it after reading only 9 pages. This book is pathetically edited. I am admittedly a "nut" on spelling errors .. but there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the first 9 pages. What editor would overlook spelling God without caps? (see page one .. refers to God and then "he" ) ...
This story about a man who suddenly loses his beloved wife after being married for years only to rediscovered life and love is wonderfully written. Make sure you keep a kleenex handy as it is sad and uplifting. You will relate to the main character, Bill, as he stumbles through the dark days of grieving. He goes out into the dating world again ~~ unsure of what to expect ~~ everyone can relate to that regardless of how they loses their spouse. Also, he describes his characters ~~ Lannie and Elena ~~ as well as the others ~~ with vivid descriptions. You feel that you are there in the room eavesdropping on their conversations.
Bill does find love again and this time learns a meaningful lesson that each day is precious. You can never recapture a lost moment ~~ but you can live tomorrow with the vow of making sure nothing gets unappreciated or taking a chance to live.
I found this book to be really interesting since it was a man that wrote such a romantic book. He captures the emotions and dreams very vividly. While reading it, you feel that you are Bill torn between wanting to fall in love again and wanting to stay in love with his lovely wife that died unexpectedly. It is a man who lives an average life ~~ battling cancer at the same time ~~ and finding his way to light.
I recommend this book to everyone ~~ once you get into it, you cannot put it down. You find yourself cheering Bill on as well as sympathizing with his sorrows. It is a book that will make you stop and think ~~ I shouldn't be taking anything or anyone for granted because it may not be here tomorrow. This book is about taking chances with life ~~ living it to the fullest. And a book like that is a perfect addition to everyone's personal library!
Although I didn't relate much to the main character in my own life, I found myself unable to put this book down. Hartzell composes beautifully developed characters in a book that is easily read, but not easy on the heart.
Anyone who has known and lost love, however, can relate to the main themes. I was truly impressed by this debut. He has a true talent of drawing the reader into the life of the character at hand.
Excellent! Like someone else said... Why haven't the big publishers picked this up yet?
Can't wait to read Hartzell's next novel.
This book I could not put down, I read it in 3 days.Last time I ever read a book that fast was when Love Story came out. That we know was a very long time ago.It's refreshing to see a new author be able to capture the many varied emotions in this book. The author wrote so realistically that you felt you were going thru everything he was step by step.His condition is so heart wrenching but he never dwells on Oh Pity Me! Eventhough, I felt like it it was me I don't think I could go on. I would just curl up and want to die. But, mot Bill. He kept going and to top it all off he had to also deal with the death of his wife, his soul mate and all the memories they shared. They had a beautiful love that alot of people never experience and then later to open his heart again to Lannie to again lose another love. It amazed me that a man could write so beautifully about love and life. Bill hit every emotion in me. I felt his pain and sadness, chuckled about his various experiences and cried. Boy did I cry! This is definitely a book that you need to keep the tissues close by. It makes you think about your life and to realize we have to cherish every moment for you never know when things will end. I can't wait till his next book comes out.This is an author whos going places. Please Bill, tell us we will see more of your work.
Some of the earlier reviews posted here prompted me to give this book a try. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and despite a few typos, I found this to be an enjoyable read. I'm not one to offer reviews, but I see that some people are looking for a masterpiece of literature. I thought this was a fine effort by a first-time author, and he certainly hasn't copied any other writer's style. So it's a touching contemporary story that's easy to relate to, and the author's wording allows for believeable character development. All grammar comments aside, I'm keeping this one.
I anticipated a romance novel, but the book was quite different. I found myself drawn right into the story, and overall, I enjoyed the read. I often look for new authors, and many of them are with smaller publishers. There are some typographical errors, but not a glaring number. Also, a few pages were printed incorrectly, but not to the point I couldn't read the content. Those problems reflect the publisher so I cannot be as harsh as some reviewers, but I have to say that I can't give 5 stars for these very reasons. I would enjoy reading more of this authors work.
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Bill Hartzell
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