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by Raymond Chandler

Other Books By Raymond Chandler. The voice sharpened a little. I can’t very well tell you that over the phone

Other Books By Raymond Chandler. ONE. The pebbled glass door panel is lettered in flaked black paint: Philip Marlowe. I can’t very well tell you that over the phone. It’s-it’s very confidential. Before I’d waste time coming to your office I’d have to have some idea-. Forty bucks a day and expenses. 842. 0. Published: 1949.

I got the receipt book out and made the receipt and held the book for her to sign . Beside the front door there was a large printed sign No Vacancies

I got the receipt book out and made the receipt and held the book for her to sign the duplicate. She didn’t want to. After a moment reluctantly she took the hard pencil and wrote Orfamay Quest in a neat secretary’s writing across the face of the duplicate. Beside the front door there was a large printed sign No Vacancies. That had been there a long time too. It had got faded and fly-specked. The little man was too busy to notice me. The kitchen had a three-burner gas stove, a few shelves of greasy dishes, a chipped icebox and the breakfast nook. The table in the breakfast nook was covered with money.

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The Little Sister book. Along the way he uncovers a little blackmail, a lot of drugs, and more than enough murder.

He got to his feet and opened the desk drawer. In an emergency he could probably have got to it in less than a minute. He took out a large black gun, flicked the gate open, studied the cartridges, squinted down the barrel, snapped the cylinder back into place. He unbuttoned his vest and tucked the gun down inside his waistband. He put his hat on firmly and jerked a thumb at the door. We went up to the third floor in silence.

The voice sharpened a little. I can't very well tell you that over the phone. It's-it's very confidential. I suppose you could call it that. If I have to tell my family affairs to a total stranger, I at least have the right to decide whether he's the kind of person I could trust

The voice sharpened a little. If I have to tell my family affairs to a total stranger, I at least have the right to decide whether he's the kind of person I could trust. Anybody ever tell you you're a cute little trick?" The eyes behind the rimless cheaters flashed.

Mobile version (beta). The largest ebook library. Chandler, Raymond - Marlowe 5 - The Little Sister. Download (HTM). Читать. Mobile version (beta). If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe. 550 Kb, en.

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The corridor which led to it had a smell of old carpet and furniture oil and the drab anonymity of a thousand shabby lives. The sand bucket under the racked fire hose was full of cigarette and cigar. stubs, an accumulation of several days. A radio pounded brassy music through an open transom. Through another transom people were laughing fit to kill themselves. Down at the end by Room 332 it was quieter. I knocked the two longs and two shorts as instructed. I felt jaded and old. I felt as if I had spent my life knocking at doors in cheap hotels that nobody.

Chandler never wrote frothy stuff, but this one is grim. "You're not human tonight, Marlowe" our hero tells himself as he deals with an unpleasant client, an unappealing victim, and (God help him) the Bay City Police Department. Chandler fans will remember the BCPD from FAREWELL, MY LOVELY. At the end of that book, Bay City is purged. A new mayor and police chief are installed and honest cops are rehired. It didn't last, of course. The culture of corruption runs deep in places like Bay City and it takes more than cosmetic changes to make a difference.

Phillip Marlowe is the natural heir to the crown of Sherlock Holmes. Like Holmes, he's usually found poking his nose into places without much prospect of being paid. He grouses about being broke, but you wonder how the hell he stays afloat at all. Even the measly twenty bucks that Orfamay Quest is prepared (reluctantly) to hand over for his services doesn't end up in his wallet. How DOES he live?

Orfamay is a mousy, dowdy girl from Manhattan, Kansas who's blown into town to try to find her missing brother Orrin. She's prim and stingy and sexless and about as far from being Marlowe's kind of woman as she can get. She doesn't think much of him either, but her brother has dropped out of sight and she wants to find him. After all, a little sister would be worried about her older brother who moved to the big, bad city and then stopped writing, wouldn't she?

The whole Quest clan could rightly be called odd. Marlowe tags them as "sanctimonious" and that hits the nail on the head. A meaningless reference to Salt Lake City seems to have been thrown in to hint that they are Mormons. It's unlikely that the British-raised Chandler would have been a fan of the Latter Day Saints. They are a strictly American phenomenon and an acquired taste.

There's a doctor with a mysterious past and some strange patients. There are two beautiful actresses. Marlowe likes beautiful dames and they like him, but he isn't sure exactly how they fit in to this crime. In Orfamay, he has a client who seems to be working against him as often as not. Anyone but Marlowe would throw up his hands and pack it in, but he has to keep going to see what's around the next curve. Poor Marlowe. He's not human tonight.

Chandler was a superb writer and Phillip Marlowe is a fascinating character, but steel yourself for some dark stuff before you start this one. Marlowe's California wasn't beach boys and sunshine, but a land of transients who have brought their troubles with them. And not even Marlowe can make things right.
Don't buy the Kindle edition. Important part of the book is completely left out. Amazon must do better policing the kindle additions they sell as this is not the first time this has happened to me. Also, the typos in many of the kindle books are making me question whether to buy anymore Kindle books.
The Little Sister is the fifth entry in Chandler's Philip Marlowe series. This is a good read and recommended for fans of the genre, I will warn you that it is no Farewell, My Lovely or The Big Sleep. There is an overall tone of loneliness in The Little Sister as Marlowe crosses paths with gangsters, blackmailers, hop heads, and starlets all for an eccentric young girl looking for her brother. The dialogue and stream of consciousness style are well done and as usual very witty. Chandler also delivers a scathing critique on the film industry which is not to be missed.
Yet, there is something missing when one compares this to his other works. The level of suspense does not seem to be quite there as it was in previous entries. Marlowe seems a bit tired. However, this is worth a read, especially if you have read previous entries. If you enjoy this I would recommend the illustrated edition, and the film adaptation from 1969 (called "Marlowe) starring James Garner.
Ok, it is soft core porn from the 1940's. All of Raymond Chandler's work borders on cynicism and thinly veiled eroticism. The cover tells it all. But, that is not that bad. Basically that is the Raymond Chandler formula for all of those Bogart/Bacall movies. The chemistry between Bogart and Bacall made you enjoy it. "You know how to whistle, don't you Steve?" That is enough reason to try this book, yet another of the same formula and enjoy the ride. Only, it is not as good without the Bogart family.
The writings of Raymond Chandler are among America's true cultural treasures. His well sculpted characters and twisting plots are what we have come to expect from him. However, it is Chandler's superb prose and wit that sets him apart and puts sparks on the page.. The dialog in a Chandler novel or short story is some of the best ever written by an American author. "The Little Sister " is excellent.

There is no room for nitpicking here. The man is a master.
Paul Sullivan
Chandler was clearly cynical about Hollywood and what it did to Los Angeles and his bitterness gives the writing here a vividness that makes you want to reread passages just to experience the thrill of the prose. The mystery is engaging but I recommend you read this one slowly so you can enjoy the descriptions of the scenes and Marlowe's angry, tired observations.
This was sixty years ago. And already Marlowe is grieving for a Los Angeles only twenty years earlier than that one. The signs of the one to come were all there. But oh, what we would give to have back the L.A. of 1949.
The whole United States of 1949. Except of course for some of us.
Still, even for those for whom one might say it is better now, it is still really not nearly good enough.
This book is a sad book, but a very good one. Marlowe is a beautiful and perfect example of exactly what a good person is in a very confusing and corrupt environment, which makes it a helpful read for anyone running around today.
Sort of what Kipling was talking about in his poem "If."
And Marlowe does mourn the passing of all that is good about our society and our country. He sees the good parts that are going away and the bad that is yet to come.
He is a man in mourning, a man in grief, seemingly much older than the character is supposed to be in years.
But in those days people did not expect to be running in marathons in their sixties. Life was seen as short. Something which passes. Youth was seen as something which passes. Very quickly. Middle age was defined differently then.
We cannot run and run forever. And there can be no such thing as unlimited growth.
Marlowe was a painting of a person living generously. An ideal.
The Little Sister (Curley Large Print Books) ebook
Raymond Chandler
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