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Tempting Sarah (Signet Regency Romance) ebook

by Gayle Buck

Series: Signet Regency Romance (Book 7952). Tempting Harriet is the last in a series of three romances by Mary Balogh, now all released in ebook format.

Signet Books was an imprint of the New American Library (NAL), which was established as an autonomous American publishing house after branching off from its British-based parent company, Penguin Books.

Enjoying the Romance. SIGNET Regency Authors, Gayle Buck.

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Miss Sarah Sommers abandons herself to the warm embrace of the dashing Lord Eustace, well aware that his proper attentions are reserved for her sister, Margaret, and that a scandal could make them both unmarriageable in London. Original.
Reminder to self: next time I wallow in reminiscences of the "good old days" of HR writing I need to recollect that formulaic tales were also produced in those times, and even by the most competent of authors. So, even thought this romance omits the explicit sex scenes of today, every other cliche is crammed into this lacklustre story. This is a tale about nothing much - there is the convenient carriage accident, charming rescuer, private parlour in the inn, controlling grandmother/obseqious and prim companion, absent-minded scholarly father, shopping expeditions, clothes, clothes, horses, routs, musicales, Almacks, Gretna Green. Boring. Boring. Nothing happens. Nothing. Oh, yes - at the very end, the H tells the h that his previous fiancé told him, BEFORE their wedding, that she had no intention of ever bedding him and would be cuckolding him to produce an heir. Really? And he still felt honour-bound to marry her! I don't think so. Ridiculous. In fact, the whole HEA scene is totally ludicrous. And this is by Buck? I'm surprised that she could produce such a dud.
Sarah, 19, and her sister Margaret, 17, are headed for their first London season. They are to live with their wealthy grandmother to assist in finding them both brilliant matches since their mother has long passed away.

Lord Eustace, considered a paragon by many, stops to assist them when their carriage has an accident. He becomes attracted to Margaret although Sarah secretly falls in love with him.

They both have many suitors, Margaret more than her sister since she is far more beautiful. Buck goes into detail of their shopping trips and balls. Margaret falls for Captain Jeffries, who grandmother disapproves of.

Clean romance, characters are well developed but could have been so much better, nothing really entertaining happens.
Sisters Sarah & Margaret Sommers are on the way to Grandmother Lady Alverley's London home when their carriage breaks an axle. They are rescued by Lord Eustace who is the romantic hero of the book, yet occupies little space there. He is not a well developed character. The book's point of view is exclusively the heroine's. The reader learns all her thoughts & feelings. The reader learns none of the hero's thoughts & feelings until the climax of the book. The book's action is mainly Lord Eustace's relationship with the two sisters as well as (late in the book) a deceased former fiance. Since the hero's romantic feelings were targeted towards three women, not one, there was not the intense sexual tension as happens when the hero's romantic (and lusty feelings) are targeted towards one woman. The book reveals little of the world within which Lord Eustace lives -- nothing about his family, friends, & activities. He lacks dimension. I prefer romances where I can relate to the hero & not just the heroine. And even at the end, the hero proposes marriage to the sister left AFTER the other one runs off. This hero did not make a choice. He was wishy washy. He never found a lady who aroused such intense feelings within him that he went right after her.

I thought the plot was weak also. As one reviewer comments, "nothing happens in the book." The book's events all occur in London & just about everything that takes place is always from the point of view of Sarah. When the point of view in a book is just one character's, it is inevitably more boring than when there are a variety of points of view throughout the book.

I did read the book all the way through but I did not find it as engrossing as other romances I have read.
Tempting Sarah (Signet Regency Romance) ebook
Gayle Buck
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Signet (March 1, 1998)
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