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Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 1. 2. Jonathan Wilson was born in London in 1950 and educated at the universities of Essex, Oxford, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 1. Jonathan Wilson was born in London in 1950 and educated at the universities of Essex, Oxford, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has lived in the United States since 1976, with a four-year interlude in Jerusalem. He is the author of two previous works of fiction, The Hiding Room and Schoom.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In British-occupied Palestine after World War I, Mark Bloomberg, a beleaguered London painter, and Joyce.

by. Wilson, Jonathan, 1950-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Jonathan Wilson is a British-born writer and professor who lives in Newton, Massachusetts. He is the Fletcher Professor of Rhetoric and Debate as well as the Director of the Center for Humanities at Tufts University. Within the English Department at Tufts, he teaches courses on Creative Writing and contemporary American Fiction. He lives with his wife, Sharon Kaitz, who is an artist. He has two sons, Adam Wilson, a journalist and writer and Gabriel Wilson, who works in film.

About A Palestine Affair

About A Palestine Affair. In British-occupied Palestine after World War I, Mark Bloomberg, a beleaguered London painter, and Joyce, his American wife, witness the murder of a prominent Orthodox Jew. Joyce, a non-Jew and ardent Zionist, is drawn into an affair with the British investigating officer, while Mark seeks solace in the exotic colors and contours of the Middle Eastern landscape. Jonathan Wilson is the author of the novels A Palestine Affair, a 2004 finalist for the National Jewish Book Award, and The Hiding Room, and of Schoom, a collection of stories. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Th. ore about Jonathan Wilson. About Jonathan Wilson.

A Palestine Affair book. Jonathan Wilson is the author of seven books: the novels The Hiding Room and A Palestine Affair, a finalist for the 2004 National Jewish Book Award, two collections of short stories Schoom and An Ambulance is on the Way: Stories of Men in Trouble, two critical works on the fiction of Saul Bellow a Jonathan Wilson is a British-born writer and professor.

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An Ambulance Is on the Way: Stories of Men in Trouble.

His leather case containing his books-his name dutifully inscribed on the flyleaves-was there on the rug where he had dropped it when they began their lesson. He held it under his arm, moved into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water from the pitcher on the table. He took the glass with him when he left and, as he ran, smashed it into the stone wall, adding to the rubble at the side of the street.

What really interests Wilson, and reasonably so, is the ambivalent nature of the newly arrived Jews in Palestine, the barely concealed disdain they’re held in by the stretched-thin British authorities and the razor’s edge all of them walk. Just the right mix of psychological incisiveness and historical drama: a bold story of displaced people and misdirected passions.

This swift and sensual novel of passion and politics transports us to British Palestine, where the Arabs, the British, and the Jews mingle in a scene of colonial excess and unease. It is 1924, and Mark Bloomberg, a disillusioned London painter, arrives in Jerusalem to take up a propaganda commission. When he and his American wife, Joyce, accidentally witness the murder of a prominent Orthodox Jew near their cottage, they become embroiled in an investigation that will test their marriage and their characters. Joyce, an ardent Zionist, is pulled into an affair with Robert Kirsch, the British policeman investigating the case, while Bloomberg, transfixed by the desert light, attempts to capture on canvas the complex, shifting truths of the region. Like Kirsch, whose brother was killed in France in 1918, all of the characters here have come to Palestine to escape the grief of the First World War, and are forced to confront their principles and their hearts in the midst of a culture in the throes of painful emergence.Lushly detailed and compellingly cinematic, A Palestine Affair illuminates a lesser-known aspect of the history of the Middle East as it tells a powerful story in which love proves to be, ultimately, a force as strong as politics.
This novel, set in the Palestine Protectorate of 1924, has a love affair or two but that is not the "affair" of the title, despite the misleading cover art. [I hate when this is done; it misleads those looking for a particular kind of story and doesn't attract those who would enjoy this murder mystery. Moreover, there is no scene in the book where an artist works from a nude model.]

An American woman and her British painter husband come to the Protectorate. One must deal with alienation; the other with romanticism. Tensions are rising between the Zionists and those opposed, with the Arabs caught in the middle. Chilling depiction of the British government's callous disregard for the "natives" (both Jews and Arabs) under colonialism that is hardly surprising. Well written and quickly paced.
This is a good novel, mostly interesting because it so nicely sets the unique period of pre-Israel Palestine where my mom grew up in the 1930s. Hard to believe now, but people got along pretty well in those days. Anyway the characters are interesting and the plot moves along with a whodunnit and some romance, and vivid descriptions of the scenery, art, and architecture of the Holy Land in that day. A better book, though not a novel, is Wm. Dalrymple's "From the Holy Mountain". But this is good too.
The first book by this author I've read is very rewarding. While not a big fan of novels in such settings, Wilson overcomes my bias with great writing and excellent characters. Worth your time.
Not well written; a very disjointed story. I would not recommend it to anyone. Characters are not well developed or believeable.
The title is misleading and so is the description of the book. I couldn't finish reading it. It is not really about Palestinians, who play parts in the background.
Zeus Wooden
If you like fiction that deals with unsympathetic characters and fixates on bodily excrements, this is the book for you. As for the historical aspect of this work, unless you just dropped in from Oz, you already know it.
Global Progression
Talk about a fast paced read! I got so involved in this novel I read it in almost one day! The Palestine Affair is an immensely fast and enjoyable novel, and also very British in its form and content. This isn't that surprising, since Jonathan Wilson was born and educated in England. In fact, the style and setting reminded me of Paul Bowles' The Sheltering Sky, with the theme of strangers trying to come to terms with being in a strange and foreign land. And like the Sheltering Sky, The Palestine Affair is a tightly plotted, gorgeously written, and sophisticated saga, which uses the immense beauty of the Middle East to startling effect. The struggles of the three main protagonists of the story - Joyce, her lover Robert and her husband Mark Bloomberg - are portrayed with a deft understanding, emotion and compassion. The only problems I had with the story was that I didn't quite believe the fact that Joyce, a nineteen twenties girl, would so readily enter into an affair with Robert, while she still seemed so devoted and committed to her husband. And I also felt that some of the supporting characters tended to fall into stock stereotypes, and they weren't developed as well the three main characters.
Despite this though, The Palestine affair, is still an interesting and exciting mixture of three part love affair, espionage thriller, and murder mystery, using the history of Jews, Arabs and the English occupation of Palestine as a vivid backdrop - there is no doubt that Wilson has an immense passion and cultural understanding of this part of the world and it shows in his work. And like the artist Mark Bloomberg, Wilson writes as though he is painting a scene, and he really succeeds in bringing the sounds, smells and gorgeous visual imagery of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas to life, just Mark tries to do in his paintings. Some of the descriptions of the desert are stunning, lushly detailed and incredibly cinematic - just beautiful to read.
This story also does a good job in evoking the kinds of troubles and religious conflicts that were facing Palestine at the time of the British occupation, and it does a fine job showing the "culture clash" between the Jews, Arabs and the occupying British, and the British's almost flippant attitude towards the different cultures of the area. You can see how many of today's troubles between the Israelis and the Palestinians have been festering for years and also how they both seemed to seethe under British rule. If you really want to have a cultural escape and by educated about this part of the world, you should read this book. But The Palestine Affair also works as a good, solid piece of work and a first rate literary thriller.
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