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by Ellen Gable Hrkach,AnnMarie Creedon

AnnMarie is the Author of Angela's Song, a Catholic/Christian romance. AnnMarie Creedon, Author, Ellen Gable Hrkach'ın fotoğrafını paylaştı. 4 Nisan, 17:23 ·. Ellen Gable Hrkach.

AnnMarie is the Author of Angela's Song, a Catholic/Christian romance. AnnMarie Creedon, Author, Ellen Gable, Author'un gönderisini paylaştı. 19 Mart ·. Ellen Gable, Author, 2 yeni fotoğraf ekledi.

The Roman(tic) Catholic. Angela’s Song, a novel. Angela ‘Jel’ Cooke is a widow and mother of three who stays busy so as not to have to face the fact that her marriage was damaged and her husband, Devin, died before it could be repaired. Her good friends realize that no amount of home made lasagna, volunteering at church or late night games of Yahtzee can heal Angela from past regrets. When she meets Jack, the teacher of a class she is taking, he challenges her to face her demons.

1,216 books 161 friends. October 7, 2012 In her debut novel, Angela’s Song, AnnMarie Creedon has crafted an engaging story that blends the ups and downs of real life with the beauty of God’s plan. 285 books 284 friends. More friend. nnMarie Creedon.

Последние твиты от Ellen Gable Hrkach (nGable). wife and mother, marketing director for Live the Fast Pakenham, Ontario Canada. com/p/B5NguhdlfMD/?igshid 105615ri95ok. ответов 1 ретвит 3 отметки Нравится.

Emily’s Hope (Ellen Gable, 2005, FQ Publishing) Passport (Christopher Blunt, 2008, Pelican Crossing Press) Midnight Dancers . July 29, 2016 by Ellen Gable Hrkach. Angela’s Song (AnnMarie Creedon, 2012, FQ Publishing).

Emily’s Hope (Ellen Gable, 2005, FQ Publishing) Passport (Christopher Blunt, 2008, Pelican Crossing Press) Midnight Dancers (Regina Doman, 2008, Chesterton Press) In Name Only (Ellen Gable . Rapunzel Let Down (Regina Doman, 2013, Chesterton Press). Vingede (Friar Tobe (Krisi Keley, 2013, S & H Publishing).

Widow and mother of three, Angela Jel Cooke is full of regret about her marriage to her late husband. Her close friends can see that she is keeping busy to avoid her pain. But no amount of cooking, baking, volunteering or late-night games of Yahtzee with her BFF can bring her any peace.

ISBN 10: 0987915312 ISBN 13: 9780987915313. Publisher: Full Quiver Publishing, 2012.

I am a big fan of In Name Only, the first O’Donovan Family novel, and have been looking forward to the release of the second book. If you haven’t read the first book, you will still enjoy A Subtle Grace, because it can stand alone. Set in Philadelphia, in 1896, the novel follows the story of 19-year-old Kathleen O’Donovan, daughter of Caroline and David O’Donovan, who are featured in In Name Only.

Widow and mother of three, Angela 'Jel' Cooke is full of regret about her marriage to her late husband. Her close friends can see that she is keeping busy to avoid her pain. But no amount of cooking, baking, volunteering or late-night games of Yahtzee with her BFF can bring her any peace. When Jack Bartolomucci walks into her life, he challenges Angela to face her demons head on. What follows is a poignant, sometimes hilarious tale of hope and healing.
Angela's Song is a touching story about a widow, her three children and quite a number of friends. Angela's marriage to her husband Devin, her three children's father, was a marriage that started in lust which led to an unfulfilled marital relationship. Devin's life was cut short leaving Angela with children to raise single handedly. She vowed to be there for her children so didn't work but was overly involved in church activities. She decides to take a class and immediately is drawn to her teacher and vice versa. This story unfolds with a beautiful relationship ensuing between Angela (Jel) and Jack. You can almost see the ashes of Angela's first marriage turning into a thing of beauty as their relationship buds and blossoms into full bloom. If you believe in the power of true love you will enjoy this story.
I'm evangelical and I wondered how the devout Catholic life of a lay person would look like. This book was very helpful. It's a rare love story too where the characters don't compromise their faith no matter what. I don't agree with some of the Catholic doctrines in this book of course, me being protestant, but this book was written by a Catholic so I can't hold that against her for sticking to what she believes is true - hence my 5-star review. The only thing I didn't like in the book is that Jel slapped Jack on their first date when he told her in essence that there wouldn't be a second date (he said it very tactfully and he had a very wise reason). When a man feels entitled to a second date with a woman, regardless of how she feels, and slaps her for refusing to date him again, then he's a abusive creep, but this is considered no big deal in the book because it's done by a woman. To me that was very out-of-character for Jel who was supposed to be a mature enough devout Catholic. It's never okay to initiate physical violence against a man just because a woman doesn't like what he says, especially if he said it politely. There's something to say about the golden rule. (I'm a woman, I used my husband's account to review)
I really enjoyed reading this very Catholic romance. That being said, this romance was VERY Catholic. When looking at faith-based fiction, I always consider how much is too much. As Catholics, indeed as Christians of any ilk (or for that matter people of any faith tradition), our faith is supposed to be part of who we are and an integral part of our lives; not just something we do for an hour on Sunday morning (or whenever we worship). However, I'll admit that the folks who talk about Jesus all the time, who have houses that look like they robbed a church, or who otherwise stand out from the crowd due to public displays of faith make me uncomfortable. Perhaps that's why this book often rubbed me the wrong way.

Since her husband's death, Angela has come to realize that her marriage left a lot to be desired. Because she has volunteered to work with youth ministry at church (along with a bunch of other ministries, which are described), the parish sends her to a series of classes on The Theology of the Body, which for those not familiar with it, is a work by Pope John Paul II that deals with sex and intimacy in marriage and how it images the love of Christ for the Church. It presents what are often seen as oppressive rules against fornication, birth control or homosexual acts in a positive way--as in doing right will give you far more happiness than doing wrong, rather than "you'll go go Hell if you do wrong". Of course as readers, we get to listen to parts of the class. She falls for the teacher, and eventually they begin a very chaste courtship. During the course of the story we learn that both Jack and Angela attend daily mass, and pray the rosary regularly. Angela starts the day with the morning offering. She gets spiritual direction from her pastor and we sit in on a couple of sessions. At one point Angela gets very mad at Jack, kisses him passionately (without his permission) and then slaps him. The next day she won't go to communion because she needs to confess. Every time they have a meal together, the fact that they say grace is mentioned. Angela's husband had been run over by a drugged out man. There is a scene in which she makes a statement in the courtroom at his sentencing him. She forgave him--as opposed to the family of the other victim who spewed hatred. When they are having a major disagreement not long before the wedding, Jack and Angela go and pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and of course afterwards are able to work it out. Their wedding night includes prayer. In short, Catholicism penetrates every part of this book and Creedon is clearly trying to both educate her readers about Catholic sexual morality as well as to convince them that it will bring happiness in this life, not just save you from damnation.

Jack obviously cares a great deal for Angela, right from the beginning. He is almost a God figure--he knows what's best, he insists they do things the right way. He is there for Angela, but doesn't push himself on her. He wants to take care of her. As they grow closer, he insists of emotional intimacy and vulnerability. He urges her to do things she needs to do to get her life in proper balance. I read somewhere that it is our vocation as spouses to lead each other to heaven. Jack is clearly trying to do that to Angela.

So, the final verdict? Good story, lots of romantic tension since they did not kiss on the lips until after they were engaged, and then quickly decided to wait until they got married because it flared so much passion. Characters were very religious people who sometimes didn't seem quite real--well, Angela seemed to struggle a little with Jack's limits on physical intimacy, but she wanted to do it right this time. It is a very religious story that is clearly trying to teach about Catholic sexual morality and push Catholic spiritual practices. In short, if you don't like religious fiction, this is far too religious to recommend to you. If you are a firm believer in the sexual moral teachings of the Catholic Church and want to read a romance novel that comports with them, this will be right up your alley. If you want to learn about the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, this is a pleasant wrapper, though I think you'd learn more reading some of the books listed at the end of this book than from reading this story. If you want to know how the average person in the pew lives Catholicism, well, maybe I'm not average, but I think these two are too good to be true.

I got this book when it was an Amazon Kindle freebie though I'd like to thank Ellen Gable Hrkach for calling to to my attention. Grade: B--.
For the sake of transparency here: I am 65 years old and this book is not what I thought it was, and I am ever so grateful for that.

I won't go into describing the story, because I do believe this book is more than the characters of this story. In my day girls dating would hear, "If you love me you'll do it." How many girls that age have the smarts, or the courage to respond with "If you loved me you would not ask."? Not many if you look at the statistics for unmarried mothers or the statistics for divorce. Sad isn't it. Sad on both the part of the guy and the girl. One for asking and the other for not thinking to give the guy an answer back rather than doing the deed.

I am a Roman Catholic of the Latin Mass era of Catholicism, and taught by nuns This book is about a complete and total love of a man and a woman. It is about how to and not not to love. This book is about how to love with your whole mind, body and soul. This is the only kind of love that can grow a lasting and enduring marriage through thick and thin. All the while feeling safe and secure in the love of your spouse.

I recommend this book for reading by all ages, and especially for reading by young women once they turn about 16 years old.

I applaud the author of this book. I do know this must have been a hard book to write in order to give it the right meaning and intensity. She has accomplished this and so much more.
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