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by Karen Templeton

I've read and enjoyed previous books by Ms. Templeton and was curious to see how she made the transition to Red Dress Ink.

I've read and enjoyed previous books by Ms. After reading Loose Screws I'd say she did just fine. I'd picked up and leafed through other RDI offerings, but none of them appealed to me. However, the cover of Loose Screws hooked me and after reading the first couple of pages I realized this book was worth taking home. Ginger Petrocelli had it all: good job, great apartment in NYC, and was on her way down the aisle to say "I Do" to the man of her dreams.

This book is dedicated to all the crazy, courageous, unsinkable, wonderful people who live in a city that still feels like home even after many years away

This book is dedicated to all the crazy, courageous, unsinkable, wonderful people who live in a city that still feels like home even after many years away. not to mention the cake and the invitations, so why wouldn’t he show up for his own goddamn wedding? Maybe he’sa dead? We all looked at my grandmother, calmly plucking at her underpants through the skirt of her new pink dress, who, being basically deaf as a post, had delivered this line loud enough to reach the Bronx. I shot a don’t-say-it look at my mother, resplendent in some schmata straight from The Lion King.

Written by. Karen Templeton. Red Dress Ink Chick Lit I Want to Read (57 items) list by melbelleinsc. Published 10 years, 2 months ago. Chick Lit (8 items) list by micamaldita. Published 13 years, 6 months ago. View all Loose Screws (Red Dress Ink (Numbered Paperback)) lists. Manufacturer: Red Dress Inc Release date: 16 August 2002 ISBN-10 : 0373250193 ISBN-13: 9780373250196.

by. Templeton, Karen. Don Mills, Ont. : Red Dress Ink. Collection. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Except then he gives me one of those deadly grins and I inwardly swear. You’re looking good, Ginger. And you’ve obviously been hitting the sauce, I reply, which dims his smile somewhat. e eyes, damn him, that throw me. That classic heavy-lidded gaze, simultaneously blatant and inscrutable, the blue so clear it seems almost translucent. And the five o’clock shadow. Which, come to think of it, he always seems to have

In the space of a few hours, thirty-year-old Ginger Petrocelli had gone from bride-to-be to bride-who-never-was. Books related to LOOSE SCREWS.

In the space of a few hours, thirty-year-old Ginger Petrocelli had gone from bride-to-be to bride-who-never-was. Comfort & Joy. Kristin Hannah. So here she sat, alone in her cramped apartment, wedding crinolines askew, drowning her sorrows in a hundred-dollar bottle of Veuve Cliquot, when her doorbell rang. And her trip to hell in a handbasket was about to escalate. At the door: Nick, Ginger's first. Only, he's a police officer now, and he wants to find out what she knows about her . When was the last time she'd seen him? She'd better not leave town.

About Karen Templeton. As the mother of five sons, now grown, I love to write about real people dealing with the drama (and humor) of everyday life.

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Just when she thinks life cannot get any worse after being left at the altar by her congressman fiancT, thirty-year-old Ginger Petrocelli encounters her first love, now a cop, who is searching for her missing fiancT, loses her job, and is forced to move in with her zany mother and grandmother, both of whom unexpectedly help her decide what she really wants in life. Original. 125,000 first printing.
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Dumped at the altar, Ginger Petrocelli gets the ultimate insult - her first lover Nick, now a cop, comes knocking on her door on what would be her wedding night investigating the disappearance of her groom. Could she look worse or be more drunk? The last time she saw Nick, they were both drunk and having sex in a broom closet.

And if that is not bad enough, she is suddenly being questioned by sexy Nick again when her boss is found murdered. And then her apartment burns down. And she finally has to move back home with her mother and nanna. At 30, this is the final humiliation, since three generations of women are stuck under one roof without a life jacket.

Ginger discovers that former fiance Greg paid off all the bills for their almost wedding, which suddenly makes her realize that the relationship is truly over. And then Greg tries to return to her life. Jaded and not sure of his motives, Ginger is not exactly offering the welcome wagon. Plus there are some unresolved feelings regarding Nick that she has not addressed. He, too, is jaded by love.

Told in first person with some very witty observations, Templeton keeps piling on the bad luck, but gives us a strong heroine who can not only take it, she can dish it out too!
A friend recomended this book to me, I found it serious but comical and it made me laugh all the time. I would recommend this book to anyone
Great Story, I can relate about "especially" bad times in my life when I had to get through to the other end of events and came out "changed" but OK. Very cleaver storyline, unique and captivating as I trouble putting the book down.
I love, love, love this book. Karen Templeton just does such a good job of keeping me from putting the book down. Love how Ginger was constantly "talking" to the reader.
In "Loose Screws," Ginger was about to get married to Greg, the son of a Republican senator who seemed to have it all but unfortunately left Ginger at the altar. Humiliated, Ginger did not know why Greg didn't show up at their wedding and resolve to continue her life. Unfortunately, she had to give up her apartment as it belonged to her aunt who needed it back. Ginger also had complicated relationship with her eccentric mother and moving in with her was out of the question. On top of that, her boss is murdered and she lost her job as the company closed. In short, Ginger was having tons of misfortunes. To make her life more complicated, she kept bumping into Nick, the detective working on the murder case of her boss and whom she lost her virginity too years ago. Ginger was unsure of her feelings for Nick especially since Greg turned up eventually and became apologetic and wanted to get back together with her.
"Loose Screws" is well-written as compared to some of the chick lits out there. Karen Templeton adds insightful observations of life. She is especially skillful in dealing with the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship; each not understanding and knowing what the other wants. In fact, the theme of the book deals with Ginger who struggled with identity crisis, growing up not wanting to be "like her mother" but found out that she was more similiar to her mother than she realized. This is not a particularly humorous book but it does have its funny moments.
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The son of a Congressman, attorney Greg Munson fails to show up at the altar, jilting Ginger Petrocelli. Greg's family files a missing person report so NYPD investigates. Detective Nick Wojowoski visits Ginger to question her about her vanished fiancé, but she offers nothing except a memory. Nick and Ginger shared sex years ago, but though he would like to have another go she would not.

Greg calls his parents and Ginger to say he is okay and is not dead or kidnapped, but that he suffered cold feet at the last moment. Ginger moves on, emotionally stable, until she loses her Manhattan apartment that she sublets from Anne Murphy when the woman abruptly returns from Hollywood to do the soaps. The loss of her apartment is more devastating than the demise of her engagement. Because of costs to rent in Manhattan, Ginger moves in with her hippie mom and ethnic grandmother making for three generations of women struggling not to kill each other. Meanwhile Nick begins making inroads towards having a relationship with Ginger.

LOOSE SCREWS is a humorous relationship romp starring an engaging lead character struggling to sever herself from her blood relations. The story line is fun to read as Ginger feels like hiding in a bag when her mother blows off other people or her grandmother acts so old world Italian. Nick is a hunk who provides the romantic element to a warm relationship drama.

Harriet Klausner
The plot's cute: a woman goes through the three or four weeks from hell; everything in her life gets turned upside down, and it all manages to fall into some sort of order in the end. Ginger Petrocelli (half Italian, half Jewish -- did she stand a chance?) has a great job, a nice apartment, a NORMAL fiance -- who leaves her standing at the altar . . . and it all goes wacky from there. She ends up living with her mother and grandmother. She ends up with a corgi named Geoffrey. Can anything get worse -- or better?
Although everyone knows this is a romance novel disguised as fiction, that's no reason to ignore it. Even though the theme's a little trite and well-worn, the humor is worth it. Ginger is a witty narrator; the characters around her are interesting and wacky, and the whole book doesn't seem to be obsessed with her being secretly beautiful and not willing to admit it.
The views on mother-daughter relationships, while not entirely new or ground-breaking, at least ring true. Most children go through the whole "I'm going to be nothing like my mother" stage, in the end, to decide that there really were some good things about their mothers, and that they might like knowing that those same things were true about themselves.
For a little light reading with some interestingly quotable lines, this is well worth it. I've never read any other RDI books, but if the outlook on the world is similar, I might.
Loose Screws (Red Dress Ink) ebook
Karen Templeton
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