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by David Proctor

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The Quotable Vampire book. Drained from the most frightful imaginations in horror history comes. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Quotable Vampire.

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So, 'The Quotable Doctor Who' wants to know what's the silliest Dr Who related thing you have ever done? Quotable Doctor Who - Dr Who quotes book series. March 15, 2011 ·. The 6th Dr Who aka onesHex.

Sometimes, David Carr was more quotable than the personalities he wrote about. David Carr during the 2008 Republican National Convention. Damon Winter/The New York Times. Here’s a selection of his writing and public statements. Compiled by The New York Times.

The Great Vampires, or Yssgaroth, were a force of destruction in Gallifreyan legend and history that were unleashed into the universe during the Dark Times and fought by the Time Lords in the Eternal War. The Yssgaroth could manifest in multiple forms, varying based on what species or individual was perceiving them.

Vampire pumpkins and watermelons are a folk legend from the Balkans, in southeastern Europe, described by ethnologist Tatomir Vukanović. The story is associated with the Romani people of the region, from whom much of traditional vampire folklore originated. The belief in vampire fruit is similar to the belief that any inanimate object left outside during the night of a full moon will become a vampire.

Great book full of fun quotes from the the Vampire Slayer series. The color photos with quotes is a nice added feature. The only thing that would be great is if the publishers created an eBook version, and a table of contents, which would be helpful in looking up certain types of quotes. For me that lengthy last section is key because I really was hoping "The Quotable Buffy" would be arranged so that you could look by choice Slayer quotes about vampires, parenting, dating, and other modern horrors. But I know that a "Bartlett's" style index where you can find every quote in "The Quotable Slayer" that uses the words "spell," "bloody" or "vengeance demon.

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The future was always coming, whether you were a vampire or a human; animal or plant. She planned on living her life as a human one day. She did not want to be a vampire anymore if it meant that she couldn’t be with Marvin. There would never be a way to avoid the future if you planned on continuing to live. And Bristol planned on living.

A collection of quotes from the most notable works of vampire fiction includes the words of literature's most infamous bloodsuckers, from Dracula and the Vampire Lestat to Barnabus Collins and Blacula. Original.
I wrote it so, of course, it's brilliant. It predates the current Twilight craze, but it does go back to the very first mentions of vampires in literature. It will help you understand the current frenzy and have some fun at the same time. Enjoy.
A very interesting and entertaining little book. Some of the quotes are surprising and a few are very familiar and recognizable. This --should I call it an anthology?--uses as its sources both novels and films having vampires as their main ingredient. Merely leafing through it made me realize there are a great many vampire novels and films in the world with a great many very quotable lines of dialogue. Laughable, thought-provoking, sarcastic, a few quite lyrical...from the novel Carmella in 1872 to the 1931 Dracula through the combo Sci-Fi/horror films of the 50's, the "blackplotation" films of the 80's to 1995's Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rich and SInful Secrets in 1996. The chapters are divided into headings: Nature of the Beast, Food and Drink, Humor (Intentional or Otherwise) so the accompanying quote are fitting.

A fun read and a good one to have around if you ever find yourself in a one-upmanship situation where you need to deliver a "good" horror quote.
Great stuff. David Proctor must have watched a great deal of movies, and read his way through a vampire library to find all those quotes. It made me chuckle.
This was a very entertaining and interesting read--it really makes you realize how much the subject of vampires has infiltrated (in a good way) our media. I also thought it pretty cool that one of my movies, ADDICTED TO MURDER, was quoted several times in its pages!
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