The Skin Palace ebook

by Jack O'Connell

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A young filmmaker with mafia connections and an inquisitive photographer find themselves drawn into an adventure in the seedy underworld of a decaying New England town.

The Skin Palace book. The Skin Palace is one of the best novels about film that I have come across. I have read three novels by Jack O'Connell and I must say I enjoyed this one the very best. The Skin Palace caught my eye in a used book store just off the campus of UVA. It was sitting on a shelf labeled, "one dollar. I figured I'd be getting a pretty crappy book for that value but thought why the hell not?

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Jack O'Connell's The Skin Palace is a harrowing and ecstatic descent into a breathtaking netherworld aswirl with the real, the imagined and the absolutely unforgettable. But most of all, Herzog's is the place where dreamers meet and seductive nightmares find their dazzling realisation.

A crime boss’s son and an amateur photographer embark on a strange journey Nothing matters to Jakob besides film noir  .

But most of all, Herzog’s is the place where dreamers meet, seductive nightmares find their dazzling realization, and a former triple X film director, a ruthless gangster, and photographer’s son dangerously cross paths. Required fields are marked .

Bizarre, disturbing, but a compulsive read. The cast includes a teenager trying to make movies, a cinema which shows porn films and a stills photographer who is drawn into the action. The outside events - the camera shop closing down, the riot outside the Skin Palace - don't really concern her. Everybody's got some story to tell about the day things went off-kilter. But what she really can't get a handle on is her reaction to the weirdness.

Quinsigamond has one attraction that puts it on the map: Herzog's Erotic Palace, the most luxurious pornographic theater in America. To Hugo Schick, triple-X auteur extraordinaire, the Palace is the one haven capable of housing his pathological ego. To Hermann Kinsky, crime king and mayor to the town's Bohemian ghetto, the theater is a plum prospect for takeover. More than another front for laundering semi-sour cash, the Erotic Palace may be the last place where the crime lord can find common ground with his son Jakob, heir to the mobster throne.Yet the young prince couldn't care less about the gangster trade. Intent on becoming the noir-est director in the history of cinema, he sets out every night, camera on his shoulder, haunting Bangkok Park for the "elemental image."On one of these forays he meets Sylvia Krafft, a photographer on her own odyssey. She discovers lodged inside an antique Aquinas camera, an unexpected key to her own shrouded past - as well as an augury for a future that rushes to meet them both.
I love Jack O'Connell. Love his characters, setting (especially), and the strange way he tells a story. Read one and you will read them all. I know you will...if you like a quirky set of characters, a David Lynch way of presenting a story, you will love this. Take me to the Combat Zone where midgets, lesbians, and just about anyone you can imagine RULE!
O'Connell is the intelligent reader's Elmore Leonard. A writer with an eclectic vision that dangerously intersects with contemporary reality.This writer deserves a huge following. I have no doubt that it will come eventually.
I loved this book until the ending. It feels unfinished, as if it were the first book in a series that never was completed.
I am sure this book is about Worcester, Massachusetts. It is about what happens under the pavement of an old industrial town in New England, about the secrets of previous lives, about the separation of the rich and the poor, the established and the Bohemian in American society, mixed with faint memories of the German experience in the great War of generations past and about the persecution of Jews and artists now and then.
I had the pleasure of meeting Jack O'Connell prior to reading any of his work (he's a gentleman, by the way). THE SKIN PALACE is the first book of his which I've read, but it most certainly won't be the last.

Jack O'Connell may very well by my new favourite writer (or at least in my top three). His storytelling is everything that I need in a book - compelling, addictive and defiantly character rich. The world in which he sets his stories is gritty and colourful, like a Mardi Gras festival from hell itself. His characters are varied and definitive, each of their stories drawing together at the conclusion of the novel before the final curtain falls, leaving you both sated and wanting in equal measure.

This is a great tale of merry woe.
I am a big-time O'Connell fan. I had to special
order Box 9 because it was out of print. I can't
wait until the next O'Connell book comes out. He
has a wonderful way of telling a quirky story. It
includes dwarfs, porno houses, strange photos,
lesbian groups, unusual mail carriers, and God knows
what. If you are a fan of Tom Robbins or William
Kotzwinkle, you will love Jack O'Connell.
The Skin Palace ebook
Jack O'Connell
Genre Fiction
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Mysterious Pr; First Edition edition (February 1, 1996)
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