The Palace ebook

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Part of Saint-Germain series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Part of Saint-Germain series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29. PART I Prologue. de' Medici, called Il Magnifico. Quant 'e bella giovinezza. PART I Chapter Twelve. The jugglers had finished their performance and two acrobats were now walking on their hands the length of the loggia of Palazzo San Germano. One of them held blazing torches in his tightly clenched toes, the other balanced full cups of wine on the soles of his feet as he went. They were accompanied by three musicians, one playing drums and cymbals, one with a shepherd's bagpipe, and one plucking. On the trestle table in front of her three books lay open, their texts indistinct now in the suffused light. PART I Chapter Two. Until she looked up with a start, Demetrice Volandrai did not realize how dark it had become in the Medici library. She put a hand to her eyes and told herself she had a headache rather than admit that her mind had been wandering. She hesitated briefly before closing the books and setting them aside for tomorrow.

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The anticipated paperback release of the second title in Yarbro's long-running Saint-Germain series featuring immortal vampire Francesco Ragoczy da San Germano. Secluded in his Renaissance Florence palace.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (born September 15, 1942) is an American writer. She is known for her series of historical horror novels about the vampire Count Saint-Germain. Yarbro was born in Berkeley, California. She attended Berkeley schools through high school followed by three years at San Francisco State College (now University). In November 1969 she married Donald Simpson and divorced in February 1982.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro images in a dream. Demetrice reined in first, her dark green cloak flying behind her. She had hiked up her wool skirt and was riding astride as Laurenzo had taught her when they had gone to his hunting lodge. Her high boots were better suited to a boy, as was the embroidered three-cornered cap that held her rosy-blond hair in place.

Chelsea Q. Yarbro is the first woman to be named a Living Legend by the International Horror Guild and is one of only two women ever to be named as Grand Master of the World Horror Convention (2003). In 1995, Yarbro was the only novelist guest of the Romanian government for the First World Dracula Congress, sponsored by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, the Romanian Bureau of Tourism, and the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro bibliography. This is a list of fiction works by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, who was awarded a 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement for her work up to that point in time. Quinn Yarbro has published under her name and under the pseudonyms of Quinn Fawcett, Trystam Kith, Terry Nelson Bonner, Camille Gabor, and Vanessa Pryor. Quinn Yarbro has also written non-fiction history works under the name of T. C. F. Hopkins.

From a World Fantasy Award winner, The Palace is a different kind of vampire novel-rich, atmospheric, and full of the sweep of history. Books related to The Palace.

Love, power, and corruption in fifteenth-century Florence involves Lorenzo de'Medici, his friend Botticelli, and a fanatical monk whose hypnotic effect on the citizens has led to the burnings of Botticelli's paintings
Book 2 continues the Hotel Transylvania series, as we travel further back in time into Saint Germaine's prior life in Italy. There he becomes a patron of the arts and friends with Lorenzo Medici, Botticelli, Leonardo and Michael Angelo. Unfortunately after Lorenzo the Magnificent dies Saint Germaine runs afoul of the mad priest Savonarola.

Besides the excellent plot and very human characters, it is as if the essential flavor of this period has been exposed for your understanding. The beliefs, motivation and thought processes of Florence in 1490 are quite distinctive and different from France in 1743, which is of course different than American in 2014. It is this cultural immersion and insight into past societal structures which sets this author's writing above all others in this genre. I commend the amount of research that has gone into these books. Amazing!
Although he is an ancient vampire , el Conde St Germain is noble , honest and valiant , admirable as a generous loyal friend and merciful , well somewhat , to his enemies.
The horror , madness and slaughter are the result of religious fanaticism , Christian based this time , led by the mad monk , Savonarola.
It is an interesting reversal of our usual concepts of the undead to have a vampire defending the good and the beautiful .This is an enjoyable adventure and a clever inversion of the more usual formula.
Saint-Germaine is the perfect vampire, passionate and powerful. Each superb novel is set in a different era and Yarbro is meticulous in her research. She places the reader in 16th century Italy in this novel and I felt the beauty and stench of the time. Read this to enjoy a tale of a different, fascinating time that just happens to have a discreet vampire.
Great read! It's nice to revisit my favorite 70s authors.
ok, if you like the romantic vampires tales, St. Germain is the man for you....lots of intrigue--if you've read any of the previous stories you may find it too predictable
I really enjoy this series, I plan on reading more.
It was a very good read.
Enjoyed the historical accuracy
The Palace ebook
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Genre Fiction
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