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by Lucy Dillon

An Interview with Lucy Dillon. Lost Dogs & Lonely Hearts. It fell open at the angry to-do list she’d made the previous day – pack stuff, phone storage company, change locks, book holiday – and she hastily turned to a new page. As Gerald spoke, she jotted down notes.

An Interview with Lucy Dillon. Before she could inherit Dot’s house, and the boarding kennels, and the rescue centre that was part of it, she’d have to arrange a valuation for probate, then the solicitors would send off the various forms, the Revenue would calculate the inheritance tax to pay, nothing would be hers until some of that was paid, blah blah blah – but, even as.

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hear. has been added to your Cart. This book was something of a revelation for me; the everyday life and problems of people, dogs can be as engaging and entertaining as romanticised stories about impossibly beautiful, young and passionate characters. I was captivated by this book. Yes. I am a dog person. But, that would not necessarilly make me go all soppy over a story about dogs and broken hearts.

Do you mind?’ she asked, over breakfast. I usually get three nights a week off, but you know, with Dot and everything. She lifted her hands apologetically. mates – it’s a birthday party? I won’t be far away, if there’s an emergency. Rachel hardly felt she could say no, given that Megan had mucked out the kennels already that morning – and she was still waiting for a small bequest from Dot, which couldn’t be released until Rachel filed the probate application. Which she was definitely going to get finished that morning.

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Start by marking Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. I read and adored Lucy’s debut novel The Ballroom Class when it was released last year, and I’ve been really eager for her to bring a second book out! When I found it was about dogs, I was a bit unsure as I’m not the biggest dog lover in the world, but the cover won me over with its lovely winter setting, and I think it’s going to be a big seller in the run up to Christmas.

And they - and their dogs - learn some important lessons about loyalty, companionship and unconditional love. co/1VBwpv0 WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS: adbl. co/1U5gu7e THE SECRET OF HAPPY EVER AFTER: adbl.

Bestselling author Lucy Dillon's heartwarming tale of unconditional love Books related to Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts.

Bestselling author Lucy Dillon's heartwarming tale of unconditional love. When the abandoned strays from a local dogs' home are matched with brand new owners, it turns out it might not just be the dogs who need rescuing. But since her life has collapsed she's not sure she can deal with any more lost souls. Zoe's ex-husband has given their children a puppy. Books related to Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts.

Lucy Dillon is the national bestselling author of The Secret of Happy Ever After, Walking Back to Happiness, and Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts. She lives in Herefordshire, England, with her pair of basset hounds, Bonham and Violet. Category: Women’s Fiction Contemporary Romance. People Who Read Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts Also Read.

Lucy Dillon, Hereford, United Kingdom.

Lucy Dillon (born 1974) is a British writer of romance novels. In 2010, her novel Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists' Association. Her fifth novel, A Hundred Pieces of Me won the 2015 RoNA Award for the Best Contemporary Romantic Novel. Lucy Dillon was born in 1974 in Cumbria, England, UK. She now divides her time between London and the Wye Valley. The Ballroom Class (2008). Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts (2009). Walking Back to Happiness (2010).

An irresistible novel about women, men, and the dogs that own them. Thirty-nine year old Rachel is having a really bad year. After losing her job and breaking up with her boyfriend, Rachel has inherited her late aunt's house, her beloved border collie, and a crowded rescue kennel, despite the fact that she knows almost nothing about dogs. Still, considering her limited options, she gamely takes up the challenge of running the kennel. And as Rachel starts finding new homes for the abandoned strays, it turns out that it might not just be the dogs that need rescuing.
There is so much to love about this book. The characters are authentic and feel like friends you wish you had in your life. The writing is clean and true and sincere. The author invites readers into the hearts of / understanding rescue dogs. As a rescue dog "mom" I truly appreciate the love and care taken to encourage others to get involved with rehoming and volunteering. I have volunteer at an amazing rescue in LA called Wags & Walks. Get out there and meet your new best friend, and read this book with him / her cuddled on your lap / by your feet, with a good cup of tea or coffee and a muffin and dog biscuit. Can't wait to read more from this author!!!
This book was something of a revelation for me; the everyday life and problems of people / dogs can be as engaging and entertaining as romanticised stories about impossibly beautiful, young and passionate characters. I was captivated by this book. Yes. I am a dog person. But, that would not necessarilly make me go all soppy over a story about dogs and broken hearts. This book, and the story, got to me because of it's realism and fearlessness in tackling big, ugly, messy human issues like; adultery, motherhood, selfishness and the not always romantic side of relationships. Kids vomit, dogs chew up favourite shoes and sometimes people are not who or what you expected them to be, and sadly even dogs get caught up in our human duplicity ending up broken hearted themselves.

This story doesn't promise happy endings, but it does show people facing their own demons and finding a way forward that is positive and even uplifting. Will Nat and John get pregnant? Maybe, maybe not, but you are left with the impression that they will be a family irregardless of being parents to a baby or their lovely Bertie on his bassetthound own. From the main character, Rachel and her storyline dealing with the thorny issue of a married lover, a tetchy relationship with her mother, gaining understanding about her deceased Aunt, Dot's multifaceted life, unplanned pregnancy issues for older women and allowing the possibility of a new love to blossom; the author unashamedly allows real life to take on a magical tone that gives readers hope.

I loved this book, and was gripped by the possibilities of life and relationships; be they between humans or their dog companions.

Get this book. You'll not regret it.
The world of canine rescue is the foundation for this sweet story. There are three main vignettes with some minor characters revolving around them. A couple dealing with infertility, a divorced mom of two with the ex from hell and all the attendant heartache and a single career woman, suddenly finding herself without a job.
All find each other when they become involved with a local rescue kennel. Friendships aren't immediate but start slowly, with each so absorbed with their issues that they can't see what is just beyond their noses. Of course, the dogs do the heavy lifting in getting the characters to start seeing and resolving their issues.
As is usual with animal based stories, the dogs steal the show, especially(for me) Bertie the Basset Hound. And there is plenty of good information about the benefits of rescuing versus buying a dog and some training tips. And there was a twist or two that keep the reader guessing. A quick and sweet read.
I too am crazy about my animals and have found that they, not people, got me through some of the hardest times of my life. I don't want to sound like the crazy dog lady but I think I could be fine with pets as my family. This book is wonderfully done and fun to read. Yes it is a little "chick flick" but it is so heartwarming. Great book to pick up on a rainy day.
I gave this book four stars based on the fact that it was a "feel good book". Not exceptionally deep, yet written well and encompassing the lives of several people with issues many of us can relate to. Added to that dogs are involved and their unconditional love no matter what they have been through is always a lesson we need to learn. I will read more of her books.
I really adore this book. I live in America and was introduced to this author by my UK fam and I am soooo happy about it. Lucy Dillon takes her time in unfolding all of her books and it is a treasure to go along and get lost into the story.
Normally, I'm a sucker for a good dog and love story, and I really tried to love this book, but I just couldn't go that far. I read it, eventually got caught up in the plot line (to some lesser degree) but I found myself scratching my head at all the British colloquialisms, and wishing they'd been edited a bit for US readers. Nothing worse than reading along and stumbling on word after word or expression after expression that mean absolutely nothing. Still, something about the story just didn't feel right to me. I out it in my pile of giveaway books as soon as I was finished.

Days later, it occurred to me that the "something" that didn't feel right was simple: At the end of the book, Rachel (the primary female character) still hadn't found anyone or anything to love. In its way, that was okay. Rachel was a wounded soul who wasn't about to prematurely cast her wounds aside. But, for the reader, she never really became a likeable character. She was just a little too aloof, too distant, too unappreciative that good people were there to care about her broken heart. I didn't need to have a perfect ending. In fact, I rather liked that the ending was just real...but at the least, she could have learned to love that sweet dog. Nope. No such luck. She walked him, fed him, did what he needed, but never seemed to take in the love others gave her.

In the end, she was too much like the man who broke her heart. I won't be passing this book on.
Finished this today and very much enjoyed it. Good story about dogs and the author captured their personalities very well, in addition to those of her characters. Would definitely recommend this one, especially if you like dogs.
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Lucy Dillon
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