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Tom Savage is a very gifted writer who creates living, breathing characters, wonderful dialogue, and mesmerizing tension. He pulled the book of matches from his pocket and stared down at it, feeling the power.

Tom Savage is a very gifted writer who creates living, breathing characters, wonderful dialogue, and mesmerizing tension. The ending is as good and surprising as anything I’ve read in years. Do not peek at the last page. He was breathing heavily now, panting with the excitement of it, his breath forming puffs of smoke. Despite the subzero temperature, he was aware of the thin trickles of sweat under his layers of clothing.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Suspense novelist Jillian Talbot finds her idyllic and fashionable life in Greenwich Village shattered by the pervasive attentions of a stalker.

Mystery Ma. ain menu. Valentine is a thriller with heart. Savage writes with fierce energy, piercing holes in the shredding fabric of our society, where no one is safe, no one is free from harm. A pleasurably crafty yarn. Savage tells his story smoothly, and the trail of red herrings he scatters as he does so is truly awesome.

Tom Savage is an excellent writer. Starts off great, and keeps building. Sep 25, 2018 Serenity Wond rated it it was amazing.

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Books by Tom Savage: Mrs. John Doe.

10 6. Books by Tom Savage: Mrs., 10. A Penny for the Hangman.

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Valentine by Tom Savage.

Valentine by Tom Savage - book cover, description, publication history. Her books are selling, her relationship is stable, and she's managed to forget about the skeleton in her past. Similar books by other authors.

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I don't remember how or why I ordered a Tom Savage book (Mrs John Doe) for my Kindle, my first time with this author. It was so great, very well written, and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat 'til the very end! It was so much better than the last 100+ suspense/ detective/ thriller books I'd read. So I immediately ordered another of his books and began reading Valentine. WOW!! Talk about suspense, twists & turns!! As much as I've enjoyed reading all the Baldacci and Patterson books, while also well written, the plots are fairly predictable. Reading Tom Savage is a completely different experience, with one surprise after another. If you like suspense, you will love this book! Don't miss it!! And now I'm off to order another Tom Savage book. :-D
My book club read. Enjoyed it very much.
Wasn't expecting the twist at the end.
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Jill Talbot has achieved her dream. She's a best-selling mystery author living in Greenwich Village, surrounded by beautiful friends and a loving boyfriend, Nate Levin, who's an artist. As Valentine's Day fast approaches, she learns that someone from her past is stalking her, seeking vengeance for a childish prank that was played on him during college. He is watching her every move and listening to her every word. He kills anyone who might prevent him from making Jill his bloody valentine.

Tom Savage published "Valentine" at the pinnacle of his writing career; the only one of his novels made into a film, it was his crowning achievement. I've read several of his novels and "Valentine" was my favorite. I saw the horror film, "Valentine" (Valentine), which I enjoyed tremendously and it compelled me to read the novel. Both are similar in plot but there are vast differences. "Valentine" is pure slasher fare that is targeted towards teens and those in their twenties. The novel was intended for more mature readers in their thirties and beyond. The film belongs in the genre of horror films involving vicious, childish pranks that go horribly awry, leading to permanent injuries or deaths; it had a plot similar to classic horror films of the early eighties such as "Prom Night" (Prom Night), "The Burning" (The Burning (Collector's Edition) [BluRay/DVD Combo] [Blu-ray]) and "Terror Train" (Terror Train (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]). The last one, as in the case of "Valentine" the novel, involves a vicious college prank that mentally scars a student who returns years later wearing a disguise and seeking bloody vengeance.

With its fast pacing, gruesome murders and high body count, "Valentine" was perfect for turning into a high-budget horror film. My favorite horror films are the ones set during the holidays, especially Christmas when it is snowing. The primary locale for "Valentine" is the Big Apple in February when it is very cold and the snow is always falling. The author also takes us to glamorous ski resorts, small exclusive colleges and isolated cabins, where there is also a lot of snow, and blood. Cruel women who are rich and spoiled are systematically slaughtered by a clever, chameleon-like killer who has serious anger issues. The killer is the male version of Theresa Russell's character, Catharine Peterson, in "Black Widow" (Black Widow). He is the "male fatale" who uses his handsome face, muscular body and artistic talents to woo and seduce unsuspecting women before dispatching them. He will also butcher anyone who gets in his way.

I am very glad to see that there has been a resurgence in the popularity of Tom Savage's mysteries. Last year, most of them were made available in Kindle editions. I had already read his debut "Precipice" (Precipice) and "Scavenger" (Scavenger) when I decided to read "Valentine." I also bought a signed, hardback copy for my girlfriend, Tammy, for Valentine's Day; she, like me, craves a good mystery. Together, Tammy and I read "Valentine." She also enjoyed this novel. In fact, she was late for a date with me because she couldn't put it down. The ending shocked both of us. Tammy kept working herself into a tizzy about the killer's identity and she was distraught about the death of one of the victims whom she liked. Having been to New York City, she appreciated the setting. I relished the high body count. It seemed that each of the characters was a potential victim.

The heroine is the likeable, winsome, naive Jill Talbot who made a poor error in judgment in college. Lonely and desperate for companionship, she fell into the wrong crowd, which consisted of three snooty, beautiful rich girls who were extremely popular on the campus of Vermont's Hartley College. Together, they were known as the Elements and Jill became the fourth element, Water. She played a small but significant role in the prank that they played on a shy, abused misfit. However, she later repented and tried to make amends but it was too late. Of the four girls, the misfit hated Jill the most, because he was the most attracted to her. The fact that she became a best-selling author, which is as rare as winning the lottery, probably created tremendous jealously. The reader can't help but feel sorrow for the misfit when they learn about him being abused as a child. Honestly, I never experienced pity for the first three women he killed; I felt they deserved it for being unmercifully cruel. The ring leader, Sharon Williams, was notoriously wicked.

Tom Savage's "Valentine" is highly recommended for both fans of mystery and horror. Intended to be a mystery novel, it has morphed into one of horror, especially after being made into a popular film--a bloody treat--starring an incredible cast of young stars such as David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Katherine Heigle, and Marley Shelton. After the success of "Valentine," one can only hope that Savage's next novel, "A Penny for the Hangman," is also a mixture of mystery and horror. According to his website, it is slated for publication in 2014 by Random House/Alibi. After over a decade of not hearing from Savage, I am glad that he is finally publishing novels again.

Joseph B. Hoyos
I first read this book years ago and loved it. It was by far the best book I have ever read. It kept me in suspense until the final pages, which is not easy to do. I recently purchased the hardcover of the book because I lost the paperback loaning it to friends. I re-read the book and remembered how good it was. The plot was amazing and the ending was so suspenseful that I would have given it a "10" rating if I could have. Excellent read.
I like the movie and enjoyed the book even more
love how this author twists and turns his stories to the point you have no idea who did what when and why ... granted when a character you loved ends up maybe being not so nice by surprise ... it is shocking ... frustrating and wonderful ... bravo Tom Savage I love all of your books ... please write more
I discovered Tom Savage on a bargain book table at Barnes & Noble. Since then I've read all of the books he has written. Each one was more riveting than the last! I highly recommend his books to mystery/thriller lovers. One warning - once you start reading, don't plan on going to sleep until you've finished the book!
This hardback book came in excellent condition and was a fast pace read that is different from the movie, which is more of a slasher film. Excellent mystery!
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