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by Matthew J. Costello

by. Matthew J. Costello.


Matthew John Costello (born 1948) is an American horror, Gothic, and science fiction writer. His articles have appeared in publications including the Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated. He scripted Trilobyte's bestselling CD-ROM interactive dramas The 7th Guest and its sequel The 11th Hour, as well as many other videogames. Along with F. Paul Wilson, Costello created and scripted FTL Newsfeed, which ran daily on the Sci-Fi Channel from 1992-1996

Andy had a little doll, Its heart was black as coal. And everywhere that Andy went, It tried to steal his soul.

It was an innocent high school game played by four young men-an attempt to raise a demon from a stolen book of black magic. But something does surface, immediately demanding a blood sacrifice-one of the boys. Almost 30 years later, it is alive. looking for those who unleashed it, to make them pay with their lives. Andy had a little doll, Its heart was black as coal.

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In Matthew Costello's widely acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller, Vacation . In the near future after a global crisis causes crops to fail and species to disappear. something even more deadly happens.

In Matthew Costello's widely acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller, Vacation, NYPD cop Jack Murphy leaves the city with his wife, Christie, and kids, Kate and Simon. Retreating to the supposed safety of a bucolic camp for families, Jack discovers that the plague of cannibalism that has claimed so many cities, is here as well. Groups of humans around the world suddenly become predators, feeding off their own kind.

Twenty-seven years ago, five friends played a game.

See a Problem? We’d love your help.

27 years ago, five friends played a game  . See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Matthew Costello (Goodreads Author).

Costello Matthew J - Guilt by Association. Matthew John Costello - Secret identity Crisis: Comic Books and the Unmasking of Cold War America. Matthew John Costello.

Twenty-seven years after he and a few high school classmates dabbled in the occult--attempting to raise a demon from a stolen book of black magic--Will Dunnigan finds that the evil is reawakening and demanding revenge
Okay, this book was not slow by any stretch. Matthew Costello gives very interesting characters and a plot that just moves along at a crisp pace. The plot involves some teenagers getting hold of an ancient book of black magic rituals and then attempting one on a lark. Well, something gets raised. Okay, there is tension, there are horrible deaths, regrets etc. I'm not a huge fan of horror, so when I say I really enjoyed this one, I am saying that this was a good read. Finally, there is the ending. There is a twist at the end of this novel that was just awesome. I can't tell you how darkly DARKBORN was heading, but... Well, I can't tell you where this is going because I don't want to give too much away, but if you read this novel, do not skip ahead to see how it comes out. This is a book that works up to one fantastic finish!!!
Man oh man, my goal of spending October catching up on my horror reading is paying off. This is a brisk read and a compelling story with interesting characters. It's a tale of a group of friends who run afoul of an ancient evil.

Necon's Kindle version also includes a few pages from the late Rick Hautala that work as a sort of intermission. There are some formatting errors that show up from time to time, but overall they didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.
Great suspense in a familiar spooky setting!
I recently reread this gem and I appreciated it even more the second time around. A group of young school boys steal an old book on the occult and decide to perform one of it's demonic rituals just for kicks. It appears to be a failure and nothing more than a silly game until years later when the participants begin to die in gruesome ways and it becomes apparent that a demonic force was unleashed. One man must stop the horror and send the Adversary back to hell, risking his own existence in the process. The plot unravels a little slowly at first, but it's very suspenseful, and it really picks up half way through. The last hundred pages or so move like a wild amusement park ride. Costello wraps the story up in a very clever way that I found really satisfying and neat. (Something that's difficult for the most experienced and popular writers to pull off.) This book is well worth looking for as are all of his books. When's the next horror novel, Mr. Costello? We want more!
Once in awhile one comes across a horror book that delivers so, it needs to be read by any fan of the genre. DARKBORN is that kind of a book. From its dark and creepy intro to its knockout yet heartfelt conclusion, this inventive novel confirms the talent of a writer who knows how to pack a punch. Childhood fears have never been so much fun under his skillfull pen. You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how he'll end it all. Besides, his new take on evil is reason enough to grab yourself a copy. Do it now, and enjoy the book to its very last word.-----Martin Boucher
Darkborn kept me wanting to read page after page. I just couldn't put it down. Considering this novel is about 20 years still seems fresh.
Darkborn ebook
Matthew J. Costello
Genre Fiction
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Diamond Books (February 1, 1992)
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