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BLOOD MOON - NR Gorman, Ed - 1st in Robert Payne series. Psychological profile investigator Robert Payne is hot on the trail of a psychopath, with only one clue: the suspects named by the last private detective on the case, before he was killed. It's a well-woven story, but extremely brutal.

Ex-cop, security guard and sometime actor Jack Dwyer feels a familiar buzz when, after fifteen years, he sees Karen Lane, his old high school flame. But things are going so well with his girlfriend Donna, that he's pretty sure Karen is not what he needs right now.

Edward Gorman, Ed Gorman - the complete book list

Edward Gorman, Ed Gorman - the complete book list.

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Edward Joseph Gorman Jr. (November 2, 1941 – October 14, 2016) was an American writer and short fiction anthologist. He published in almost every genre, but is best known for his work in the crime, mystery, western, and horror fields. His non-fiction work has been published in such publications as The New York Times and Redbook. He has contributed to many magazines and other publications, including Xero, Black Lizard, Mystery Scene, Cemetery Dance, and the anthology Tales of Zorro.

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Moon" (UK title "Blood Red Moon") (1994) Moon" (1995) Moon" (1998) Gorman (surname) - Gorman Family name Arms of O Gorman.

Moon" (UK title "Blood Red Moon") (1994) Moon" (1995) Moon" (1998) Moon" (2000). Sam McCain" Series: Day the Music Died" (1999) You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (2000) Up Little Susie" (2001) the Last Dance for Me" (2002) Somebody’s Fool" (2004) Up Is Hard To Do" (2004) Rush In" (2007). Gorman (surname) - Gorman Family name Arms of O Gorman.

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Hired by seductive Nora Conners to find the maniac who killed her young daughter, FBI agent Robert Payne uncovers New Hope, Iowa's, most sordid secrets surrounding a televangelist, an abused wife, and a beautiful police chief. Reprint.
Author Ed Gorman sets this story in and around his own backyard of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Also the home of his alma mater, Coe College.) His knowledge of the people and culture of this region were strong points enriching his narrative and mid-western dialogue.

Private investigator, Robert Payne, a former FBI special agent and criminal profiler offers his talents to local police departments lacking the resources to pursue a complex case. In this story, he is retained by a woman seeking the killer of her young daughter who remains at large after several years of disinterest from small, local police departments.

I found the adventure very engaging with twists and turns along the way. The ending contains gruesome elements, so take warning and avoid if a bit of the horror genre is not your preference.

The formatting and editing for Kindle were well done. Thanks.
BLOOD MOON is the first novel featuring former FBI profiler, and current consultant, Robert Payne. Payne is brought to the small town of New Hope, Iowa looking for the killer of a young girl. His client is the girl's mother, and nothing is as it seems. There are several nicely executed twists, and a bunch of technical profiling detail without being overdone.

BLOOD MOON is a terrific start with a very likable series character in Robert Payne.
I suppose I'm somewhat predisposed to enjoy Gorman's work since he lives here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and sets a great deal of his suspense and detective tales in and around the area. It's very satisfying to lie back and watch the action unfold in the alleys and bars that can be seen from my windows. Of course, that alone would not keep a reader coming back more than a time or two.
Although Gorman has done some "hack" work in his time, including a number of genre short stories that, although not entirely unenjoyable, smacked of a needed paycheck, most of the storytelling is fresh and inventive. "Blood Moon" is certainly the most gore-strewn novel that he's ever done, but it's a device seemingly used to shock the reader into ignoring the sometimes lengthy leaps required to get from point A to point B.
In "Blood Moon", the first in a series of novels about psychological profiler (and ex-FBI man) Robert Payne, Iowa is again the setting for the crimes. New Hope, Iowa, to be exact, a fictional small town outside of Cedar Rapids. Here is where Gorman shines, painting his personal vision of Iowa's landscape and the people who call the small farming communities home. The likeable female sheriff, the white trash couple who's disputes are the stuff of legend, the friendly old curator of the airplane museum...and on and on. Almost every portrait that Gorman paints is believable (if slightly broad). Little girls who enter New Hope are not living long, as Payne finds out shortly after taking over for a fellow investigator (who, of course, was killed working on the very same case). In no time, even the mother who hired him to find her daughter turns up as another body. Payne is not the type of guy to sweat the little stuff, though, and forges ahead with an investigation that includes the local minister and his odd helpers and a bizarre connection with child porn.
Giving away more would certainly ruin the read, and there is a lot to enjoy here. Payne gets a little preachy at times; one gets the feeling that there's a lot of Gorman in there. I get a little unnerved with the old-fashioned attitudes about homosexuality, race, etc...there are even some out-of-left-field negative portrayals of hippie college students and aging bikers. Less world views by the Andy Griffith-ish Payne wouldn't have hurt the story any.
If you want an easy read that pays off with an extremely violent finish the likes of which you won't find this side of Stephen King, this one's for you. Of course, any Iowans that like to see the action close to home (and we don't get to very often) will probably enjoy some of the asides on a few more levels. Gorman is never bad, but this is still shy of great.
The first in the "Moon" series for Mr. Gorman is a sharp, puzzlinig and intriguing whodunit. I especially like the way that Gorman jumps from the main storyline of investigator Robert Payne looking for the serial killer of young girls to the prison scenes with an unnamed prisoner and his sordid, graphic past. How these two stories come together is brilliantly done.
Gorman is great with establishing the atmosphere of New Hope, Idaho, a fictional town near Cedar Rapids. He also gives us a sympathetic leading man in Robert Payne. Payne seems to have a strong sense of duty, decency and justice. There are many suspects in the overall case and I think you'll be surprised at the climax when the killer's identity is revealed.
Yes, this is a gory book and the final scene with the rats is nerve-shaking to say the least.
Gorman is a good writer, weaving a good plot and believable characters and a good underlying sense of humor.
Can't wait to read the follow-up Moons!
I like Ed Gorman. I have read his 1950's detectie series, but this book is sick. I had to stop reading in parts where children and puppies are cut up and tortured. I cannot believe Dean Koontz, the man who never tortured animals in his novels and who wrote such great books about his dog Trixie, wrote a blurb for this novel.

I might come back to the Sam McCain detective novels, but it will be awhile before I forgive Mr. Gorman. Maybe his name should be Mr. Goryman.
I'm only on page 95 of this book and can barely stomach the cheesey down-homey prose -- truly cringeworthy. The plot seems to be on autopilot. If you want a really good serial killer thriller, stick with thomas harris or even patricia cornwall.
This is a story showing a dark side of humans—a rather intense peek. One side of me wants to stop reading and the other wants to find out if the investigator turns up the missing person or body and captures or kills the criminal animal. Then you read it all and find out the evil underside of everything. It’s worse than you thought. Nobody is who you think they are and evil is real. Review by Jane B.
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