by Taylor Caldwell

Testimony of two men. A Fawcett Crest Book reprinted by arrangement with Doubleday and Company, In. It is also written in your law that the testimony of two men is true.

Printed in the United States of America. Dedicated with respect and admiration to the memories of those men, who, like Jonathan Terrier, suffered so much and fought so hard to bring us modern medicine's blessings. Chapter one. When young Robert Sylvester Morgan had occasion to write his mother, he always made what he wryly called "a first draft.

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Taylor Caldwell - El Gran León de Dios. Testimony of Two Men by Taylor Caldwell - ebook.

Taylor Caldwell’s most popular book is Captains and the Kings. Showing 30 distinct works

Taylor Caldwell’s most popular book is Captains and the Kings. Showing 30 distinct works. Captains and the Kings by. Taylor Caldwell.

said Marjorie Ferrier to her son two days later. ned’ way. How could such a nice gentlemanly boy like young Robert have such a mother? And how could such a nice mother like you have such odious sons?. Jonathan asked her. It’s all inheritance from distant ancestors. My sons are not odious, said Marjorie. Here, dear, do try this English marmalade. You aren’t eating very well these days

Testimony of Two Men explores the evolution of modern medicine and the tireless physicians who are its unsung heroes

Testimony of Two Men explores the evolution of modern medicine and the tireless physicians who are its unsung heroes. Author Taylor Caldwell’s bestselling novel touches on faith, religion, and the then-new field of mental health as it tells a mesmerizing tale of desire, betrayal, and love that can destroy or redeem. Family Life Fiction Historical. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Taylor Caldwell" was presumed to be a man, and there was some public stir when the author was revealed to be a woman. Her books were big sellers right up to the end of her career. Over the next 43 years, she published 42 more novels, many of them best-sellers. For instance, This Side of Innocence was the biggest fiction seller of 1946, spending more than six months on the New York Times Fiction Best Seller list, including nine weeks at (In 1947, according to Time, her husband Marcus Reback discarded and burned the manuscripts of 140 unpublished novels. Her published works sold an estimated 30 million copies.

Testimony of two men. by. Caldwell, Taylor, 1900-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Someday the town of Hambledon might forget the lies they told about their brilliant young doctor. But they could never forgive the truths he told about them.From this compelling story of a doctor at war with the world he has been taught to heal, Taylor Caldwell has fashioned a novel of an unforgettable, angry idealist -- a novel in which the drama of new medical frontiers becomes part of a sweeping chronicle of love, death, desire, and redemption.
I loved the book, and got it on my Kindle because my paperback is about 40 years old and the pages are yellowing and falling out from use. But am rating the Kindle edition which was SO full of typos that it could hardly be read. Who in the world edited this book? There were no apostrophes in the words "we'll" or "he'll" and they were printed as "well" and "hell". The word "little" was "Utile" and the word "lip" was "Up" There were more, but those are the ones that stick out. On one page, a conversation from another chapter was inserted and then it went back to what I started reading before the other conversation came into play.

HORRIBLE Kindle edition. I should get a refund and pay the going rate for a new paperback edition.
I like historical fiction. The author has researched well political and social customs and how they impacted medical practices. The author honored medical doctors that introduced and fought for asepsis and hygiene in the operating rooms. We owe our lives to them and many are forgotten. This book is a tribute to them. The story of a doctor named Jonathan Ferrier is very inspiring. His passion and integrity and persistence in the face of oppositions and persecution are the qualities that made him a héroe . I like Taylor Caldwell's books because she makes a profund moral análisis of the characters. They have flaws and weaknesses coexisting with valor, integrity and honesty. This leads to movement and character development that added to the richness of the story. I have to admit that inspires me to self reflect and spiritual growth . She was a superb writer and I have read several of her books. This is one of my favorites I recommend it if you are interested in a historical fiction deeply framed in social and cultural values . I have a new appreciation for modern medical practices and immunology. They fought for the lives of all of us. I am grateful to the author for giving the readers an awareness of their battles and victories.
I gave it 4 stars because of Kindle's (Amazon) editing. The spelling errors ("he" for "lie"; "many" for "marry"; "hps" (not even a word!) for "lips) and the punctuation errors ("hell" for "he'll"; "well" for "we'll" etc.). Taylor Caldwell was an excellent writer and I think it was rather insulting for Kindle not to proofread and correct before loading her book onto kindle. It was kind of distracting to have to translate several sentences because kindle did not put a period where it belong.
Now that my rant is over about the errors made by kindle, I will review the book. I had read this book many years ago (not going to say how long ago) and remember I loved the book. It was the first book I read by Taylor Caldwell and has made me a lifelong fan of hers. It was still excellent the second time around. Has made me want to dig out my Taylor Caldwell's books and read them again. Get this book - it is worth it even though you will have to figure out some of the words that kindle did not fix.
Lahorns Gods
Taylor Caldwell was the queen of the Victorian/Edwardian era pot-boiler. That is not meant as a criticism; more like a classification of the story. Richly written characters presented with their flaws as well as their strengths, believable plot lines and filled with commentary on the human condition.
One word of warning; some of the evaluations that some of the characters express about women; their thoughts, their feelings and desired is very antiquated. Partially due to the time period of the novel, partially due to the time period the novel was originally published. There are references to rape; and an expressed belief from several characters, both men and women, that women "like" to be forced into sexual relations. But I did not find this offensive, merely silly and a product of the times mentioned.
Such a great book! It not only has a deep story line about the doctors who are the main characters, but it is also informative about medicine at the turn of the century. I had trouble putting it down! Another great Caldwell book.
Testimony of Two Men … of the longest books I’ve ever read, but I hung in there…too me forever. The writing style from this period intrigued me, I discovered words that I haven’t seen since high school or I had never seen. I became addicted to reading the book simply by the vocabulary that Caldwell chose to write this beautiful story in. Caldwell is a classic and I admire his work in this story, so if you like the classics you will enjoy Caldwell’s work.
I was delighted to revisit this old favorite, now that I can't read the fine print in my paperback copy anymore! Other reviewers left complaints about transcription and formatting errors, but I found nothing distracting in my Kindle edition. I hope Amazon will put other Taylor Caldwell titles on sale so I can affordably re-read them, too.
The lack of editing of the Kindle edition is painful. It seems that every page has multiple typos. It is obvious it was scanned but never proofed.
It's an excellent story marred by the indifference of the publisher.
Taylor Caldwell
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