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by Gary Denne

The Matt Zander Journals book. A post-collapse action-thriller, it tells the story of the mysterious and powerf Gary Denne is an Australian-born writer.

The Matt Zander Journals book. In the late 90s, he traveled the world and found himself in Toronto, Canada, where he began a novel inspired by his journal scribbles and road-trip experiences. It was published as 'The Matt Zander Journals' in 2008. Pump' is his second novel, the first in 'The Maddox Trilogy'.

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A frustrated, under-achieving supermarket clerk has a life-altering near-death experience after he is shot during a bungled robbery of his boss' luxurious home. Struggling with his purpose in life, he befriends a quiet young loner, and together they set out cross-country, unaware the road trip will be the defining moment in both their lives.

Gary Denne - The Matt Zander Journals.

Claudia Goldin, Gary D. Libecap (eds). Gary Denne - The Matt Zander Journals.

Gary Denne is an Australian-born writer. The Matt Zander Journals is his first novel

Gary Denne is an Australian-born writer. In the late 90s, he traveled the world and found himself in Toronto, Canada, where he began a novel based on his own journals and road-trip experiences, written from his alter-ego’s point of view. The Matt Zander Journals is his first novel. Matt Zander, under-achieving supermarket clerk, wakes in a downtown Toronto hospital after he was shot during a bungled robbery of his boss' luxurious home. As memory of his near-death experience begins to fade, he furiously scribbles down everything he remembers of his journey to the other side.

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After a near-death experience, Matt Zander - an underachieving Toronto supermarket clerk - needs time to re-evaluate his life and sets out for California with a quiet young war veteran he meets in hospital.   But when their plane has a mid-flight scare over the skies of Colorado, the two strangers are forced to begin a cross-country road trip together, and as they drive long highway stretches of canyon country and reach the bright lights of Las Vegas, they begin to realize the destination was never as important as the journey itself.
in waiting
This book about life after death and the come uppance of the hereafter was thoughtful, interesting and exciting. I liked the ideas in it, I liked reading it, and I would've liked a sequel! But even the one novel was thought provoking.
Really thought this book had promise from the first 30 pages or so. Ends up being the ramblings of a clueless 30-something slacker who takes a trip to LA in an attempt to "find himself" after a near death experience. Goes nowhere and ends badly. I found myself swiping thru pages about half way just to get to the end to see if it got better. It did not.. Thankfully it was a free download.
The Matt Zander Journals is a different type of book and it is difficult to categorize it. I am a big fan of books that talk about redemption and paying it forward, but this book gives a new twist to this concept.

Written entirely in diary (or journal) form, which is a concept that I really like, this book details the life of Matt who is not particularly likeable or someone you will find yourself cheering for. Matt works at a job he hates in a grocery store in Toronto - and as a sideline, he likes to enter people's homes when they are not there and steal their stuff. Matt is an adreline freak and manages to get himself caught in a gunfight one night while breaking into his bosses home.

Although he does wake up in the hospital, Matt does detail for us his ''near death experience" where the old saying "my life flashed before me" really does seem to be true. We get to meet and witness the destruction that he has caused in his short life - and Matt gets to come face to face with the "souls" of some of the people he has harmed while alive.

While at the hospital and now fully awake, Matt meets his bunkmate Michael, who has been hospitalized for a suicide attempt. Michael is odd and the only thing he really shares with Matt is that he has always wanted to visit LA.

Matt, who confesses that he really has nobody in his own life gravitates somewhat to Michael and together they leave for LA, first by plane, where bad luck continues to find them and then by car. Finally, Matt and Michael will part ways - but one of the most interesting parts of this bookfor me was the interaction between the silent, inwardly destructive Michael and the vocal, outwardly destructive Matt. It is obvious that while these two people are desperately searching for something - they kind of needed to find each other - in order to find a direction, at least a starting point for a new life.

Unfortunately, while I would love to say that the near death experience, the roadtrip and the health scare were all factors in helping Matt turn his life around, this is not the case. As Matt continues on his travels to LA and find the glamourous life of Hollywood (another great way to escape!) he keeps making the wrong choices - its like he has a conscience but chooses to always do the opposite of what he should be doing.

This book was a good read. I found many double entendres and hidden message within the storytelling. The writing is down to earth and flowing. I found the book was a bit long and as I mentioned, I would have liked a "we will overcome" type of storyline - but this book was defintely entertaining and I would recommend.
This is a very unusual book. It is written as a journal, or a diary if you prefer, and it has a "stream of conciousness" style that can be somewhat difficult to get into. However it is worth perservering with, as it is a clever and entertaining novel, with the rather black humour cleverly blended with some very poignant moments.

The central character of the novel, Matt Zander has a near death experience following a bungled attempted robbery of his employer's home. He is not prosecuted for the crime for reasons best explained in the book, and whilst in hospital he befriends another injured soul, with the two of them deciding to leave the bitterness of a Canadian winter for the warmth of eternal summer in Los Angeles. What this book becomes, after the telling of Matt's situation in life and how he came so close to death, is essentially a road trip tale, with Matt relating his "adventures" with Michael along the way.

One of the most entertaining parts of this book are the sidebars that Matt the narrator inserts into his journal as and when he sees fit. I have learned quite a bit about things as diverse as shoppers' habits in supermarkets to the complexities of the hotel arrangements on the Las Vegas Strip. His observations of the different people that he meets along the way are astute and entertaining, as is his explorations of the different emotions and motivations that drive us to do what we all feel we must do.

As I have mentioned, it is a different style of writing, and one which I can honestly say I felt I was struggling with after 70 or so pages, when the novely of "the journal" wore off. However, I perservered and was rewarded with an entertaining read.

The Matt Zander Journals ebook
Gary Denne
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