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by Lynny Prince

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BobSegerTribute (Made in America).

The film "Ghostkiller" is based on this book. Book trailer for the wildly popular book by author Lynny Prince. Visit ww. ynnyprince.

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Book in the The Ghostkiller Trilogy Series). On the day after Christmas in 1862, thirty-eight Dakota Sioux Indians were hanged in the largest mass execution in United States history

Book in the The Ghostkiller Trilogy Series). On the day after Christmas in 1862, thirty-eight Dakota Sioux Indians were hanged in the largest mass execution in United States history. more than a century later, Kyle Ghostkiller has the chance to go back and save them. Kyle has just returned to his hometown to accept a medicine bundle he inherited from an ancestor who was unjustly hanged in 1862.

I love legends and myths. This one held my attention cover to cover. This IndieGoGo project is based on the popular novel Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller by Lynny Prince. I'm a time-travel fan, so it wasn't difficult to get hooked early on in the story. The story held together well and the ending left me saying, if only. The synopsis: Kyle Ghostkiller has been given a gift; a chance to save his ancestor from the gallows and prevent the largest mass execution in US history, but changes he potentially makes could do more than alter the past. Will he succeed? In this first of its kind movie, you’ll have a chance to find out!

Lynny Prince is an author, producer and director. The film is called "Ghostkiller.

Lynny Prince is an author, producer and director. Her first novel, "Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller," is currently being adapted to film. view moreLynny Prince is an author, producer and director. She and her husband are founders of Red Road Awareness, an organization that helps to educate children on real American history through their "Traveling Tipi Village.

Scattered leaves don't lie Aw' now baby, baby, quit your cryin' Like everything that ever mattered, scit-scat scattered Like every love word you heard But that's just the way when you walk your days In the beauty of this world (repeat). Pretty little disappointments all in a row Been about a year since you disappeared through my door And now you come back with your head on straight But I got no love or hate left for you, girl

On the day after Christmas in 1862, thirty-eight Dakota Sioux Indians were hanged in the largest mass execution in United States history. More than a century later,  Kyle Ghostkiller is given the chance to  go back and save them.
This book stands apart and is well worth the 5 stars and then some!

My ancestors were in the New Ulm region of Minnesota at the time of the Uprising and the infamous massacre that is central to the theme of this book. I grew up hearing the stories that passed down through my mother's family, from her grandmother who was a child at the time, to my grandmother, to my mother and then to myself and to my children as well.

However the stories that I heard always emphasized at the start that the Indians were dealt with unfairly by the Indian Agents, and that the Uprising was justified - yet the white settlers were no less terrified and terrorized for the justification. It was a weighty and somber telling, of sadness and loss and despair on both sides, as I heard the stories told. So the history behind this book is part of my history and my interest in the tale maybe more personal and deeper felt than another casual reader may find.

However setting that personal interest factor aside, it's a well told tale, well written, fantastic characters who are fleshed out by the author and are not cardboard cutouts or caricatured cliches. There is a uniquely rendered paranormal aspect and woven throughout is an infusion, respectfully done, of the Native American ways and point of view.

My review won't tell you what the storyline is, plot details, or give any spoilers. See the book description and other reviews for those. The one thing I will tell you about this book is - if you have any interest in Native American or Minnesota history of the 1860s, and ever wonder what if - you should read this book.
Kyle Ghostkiller, a decendent of the Dakota 38 who were hung in 1862 after the Sioux Uprising, journeys into the past to break a curse that has haunted the small Minnesota town of Moccasin Flats since the day of the hanging.

I first read Scattered Leaves when it was published in 2011. It was such a fantastic read that I was compelled to read it again. Ms. Prince is a wonderful storyteller, weaving her characters through a web of history, romance, and fantasy that captivated me from the first page to the last. Two thumbs up. I am anxiously waiting for the sequel.

Terrie McClay
Author of Wind in the Grasses Dancing
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In 1862, thirty-eight Sioux were hanged for crimes against white settlers when they questioned the government concerning broken treaties. In modern day, Kyle Ghostkiller has a chance to right the wrong.

Scattered Leaves is an edge-of-your-seat ghost story, alternate history, and a bit of romance. I absolutely love reading Native American history and loved the book. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the writing could use a little seasoning. The story was so good that it didn't spoil my enjoyment. Once the author gains a little more experience, there will be no holding her back. I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.
How often have we longed to return to the past to correct a mistake, to take the 'different' path? Do we ever stop to consider how our choices effect not only our present moment, but our future generations?
Lynny has created a version of the past that is easy to imagine the people involved in the true life events would have loved to have seen played out. It is easy to became a 'part' of the story. To feel the emotions. To be transported into the vortex where you realize.... We Are Creating The Future Now.
The Spirits Have a Story to Tell, and they have chosen the perfect one to tell it because Lynny Listens.
This book was an amazing story from beginning to end. I loved the way the author created a world that you could actually imagine peace, honor, and love being a real and tangible outcome. To have actually been able to go back in time and see life and our sacred mother nature and all that dwelt within through the eyes of Indians, would truly be an amazing thing. Thank you Lynny Prince for giving us a very close opportunity to do just that through your talented writing. Story telling. I am gonna recommend this book to all the book lovers I know that would enjoy it as much as I did.
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What a beautiful story the author has presented us. There is little grey area in this tale of alternative history and time travel, but the characters are comfortable and easy to be around.

This is an easy read, with interesting historical references. I always like learning things when I read and this book has educated me on many points of Native American history.

Highly recommended.
Righting the wrongs of the past and making the world we live in a better place - only downside for me is that it is fiction. A great book. Found it on the free list and liked the sound of it so thought it would be worth downloading. It was more than just an acceptable read I could not put it down and am awaiting the next installment.
I really liked this book.

I thought the idea behind it was interesting and the story was told with a good flow. It may have ended a little trite but there are another 2 books in this series so the story is still not set in concrete.

Anyone interested in the history of the massacre of these native men and wanting to have an easy book to get into and to read couldn't really go past this book.
Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller ebook
Lynny Prince
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