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by Max Evans

In this sequel to Bluefeather Fellini, Evans (The Rounders) melds elements of fantasy, western, adventure and Native American .

In this sequel to Bluefeather Fellini, Evans (The Rounders) melds elements of fantasy, western, adventure and Native American lore into a fun-filled parable. Set mostly in New Mexico in the late 1950s, the story follows Bluefeather Fellini-half Taos Indian, half Italian, a prospector and WWII vet-as he undertakes a mission to locate priceless cases of wine but instead stumbles upon a subterranean complex of caverns populated by human-like "triloids," fish-horses and other bizarre evolutionary offshoots.

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Start by marking Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm (Bluefeather Fellini, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Part One introduces Bluefeather Fellini, a half-Native American, half Italian adventurer, who has spent much of his life prospecting for precious metals in the Southwest. Part Two, which is much the longest, is an elaborate fantasy about Blue's travels into deep tunnels and encountering strange beasts and other extraordinary, and dangerous, challenges. Part Three, the shortest, describes Blue's reflections as an old man as he takes his beloved mules into a remote si The novel has three sections.

Book in the Bluefeather Fellini Series). Continuing the trail of adventures of Bluefeather Fellini, this new novel powerfully illustrates award-winning writer Max Evans's first-hand knowledge of all the cultures living in the Southwest and the mystical deserts and mountains that shape the region's character. The book also reveals Evans's piercing insight into the creatures, domestic and wild, real and mythical, that this vast, sometimes overwhelming, landscape of the soul possesses.

Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm. On the Trail of the Great Surprises. Max Evans, novelist, artist, scriptwriter, former cowboy, miner, and dealer in antiquities, resides in Albuquerque. He received the Owen Wister Award for lifelong contributions to the field of western literature from the Western Writers of America.

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Broken Bones and Broken Hearts. ISBN 9780515117943 (978-0-515-11794-3) Softcover, Jove, 1995. Coauthors & Alternates. Hillsboro Historical Society with Foreword by Max Evans. Learn More at LibraryThing. Max Evans at LibraryThing. Results page: 1 2 NEXT.

This article is a viable candidate for reorganization. Please see the related discussion on this article's talk page for more information concerning its future layout. The Sacred Realm, also known as the Golden Land, is a holy world connected to the land of Hyrule, said to be the resting place of the Triforce.

Bluefeather, half Sicilian and half Taos Pueblo Indian, has just returned from WW II. His substantial earnings from his rich gold mine are gone, having been squandered in an enterprise to develop the medicinal potential of sage oil. He's flat busted. The phone and the electricity are turned off, and he's just gotten a notice of foreclosure on his house from the bank.

A tender love story with a strong, dedicated woman, plus savage battles with the beasts (the worst being man), Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm offers a wondrous, revealing look at what might have created the world and what may bring it to an end. There is also the Underground, which is included in the belief of many Indian nations and pueblos; the power of the stars; and an occasional interference of the gods mixed with a gritty reality salted with humor. The lifetime travels of Bluefeather Fellini give a unique look at the magic of the Southwest and the universality of it all.
Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm ebook
Max Evans
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Univ Pr of Colorado (August 1, 1994)
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