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Raza watched the boy stroke his thick beard and lower his eyes. He stared at the table cloth a moment, then looked up and said: ‘They have no knowledge of this.

The right of DC Alden to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by him in accordance with. Raza watched the boy stroke his thick beard and lower his eyes. ‘Have no fear,’ Raza assured him, ‘they will be informed.

Those twists mattered because Horse at the Gates started off like a replay of Invasion but Alden played it well. This is the second book that I have read by D C Alden and I have enjoyed them both. Personally I'd like . Alden to start writing series built around continuing actors. It would be terrible to think that something like this could ever really happen but it is also typical of the type of thing Europe would do these days. I must also say that I was a little disappointed with the ending of this book.

This book is a worthy follow-up to DC Alden's cult-classic & a heart-thumping conspiracy thriller . Having read Invasion and loved it I straight away bought Horse at the Gates.

This book is a worthy follow-up to DC Alden's cult-classic & a heart-thumping conspiracy thriller as opposed to his earlier action/adventure work. The book is tight and lean, sharper and more politically orientated, and The Trojan Horse metaphor is perhaps a timely warning that some argue should not be ignored. I half expected to be disappointed as 2nd books sometimes are, well no way I was again gripped by the story line the good weighting and although I knew it was just a work of fiction part of me has just a slight niggle that well you know given time.

Still fresh, noted Bryce. That would be Jules, Lizzie’s green-fingered sister who lived a few miles from the cemetery just outside Guildford. Lizzie was different, the rebel of the clan, a political science student when they’d first met at Cambridge.

DC Alden - Thriller Writer. April 3, 2017 ·. Related Videos. بردست ملھ مقابلو 5. دل کی آواز. 72K views · November 26, 2018.

Invasion Series, Book Two. By: DC Alden. Narrated by: Alan Medcroft. Length: 7 hrs and 3 mins. And family man Nathan Fisher finds himself at the heart of a bloody conspiracy that threatens the lives of his loved ones and the future of the country itself. Hold onto your headphones . ! By cmccor1 on 02-08-18. Fire Storm: A Post-Apocalyptic Pandemic Thriller.

Paperback, DC Alden Books, 2015, ISBN13 9780956908049, ISBN10 0956908047. On Demand Publishing, LLC-Create Space, DC Alden Books. Tell us if something is incorrect.

If they are to survive the coup, they must stay one step ahead of their enemy, a ruthless new administration now determined to see them dead, and Europe transformed for all time. Praise for The Horse at the Gates: ★★★★★ ‘Thank goodness this was a work of fiction. ★★★★★ ‘Devoured it in one all-night sitting. ★★★★★ ‘Scarily in tune with current events. ★★★★★ ‘Gritty and bang up to date. ★★★★★ ‘Intelligent and well written.

Praise for The Horse at the Gates: ‘Thank goodness this was a work of fiction. ‘Devoured it in one all-night sitting. Include any personal information. Mention spoilers or the book's price.

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Whitehall is in ruins, Britain's most significant mosque destroyed, the country adrift on a tide of political turmoil. As war rumbles on in the east, millions of refugees head west, desperately seeking the safety of Europe's borders. The conspiracy to change the course of European history has begun. At the heart of that conspiracy are three men, each divided from the other by birthright and status, all of them integral to the success of an operation that has been meticulously planned and ruthlessly executed. Yet before the gates of Europe can be thrown open, before the maps of the continent can finally be redrawn, two of them must be removed from the field of play. Permanently.      
I have read all four of DC Alden’s books over the past couple of weeks and am really impressed. I can imagine the sequel to Horse at the Gates, with Ella resuming...Nevermind! Just read the books; they are riveting.
Of the four, I actually preferred the first: Invasion. It was panoramic in scope and read like an enticing, plausible and alarming future-history book. This book is similar in its theme but the story is more pared down without all the country-specific situational groundwork. Although I preferred Invasion precisely because of its scope, I suspect many will prefer Horses at the Gates because the story gallops along!
The book was good. The characters were believable most of the time. The book lacked energy. Not yet certain that I would read a sequel to the first two books.
This was a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it until the end. It felt like the author had no idea how to finish it and so didn't.....or just killed people off.....hugely disappointing as it was a terrifyingly realistic read that should have gone on for at least 100 extra pages....
A really gripping novel. Well written and researched.
This was an excellent terrorism thriller, and very prophetic about the refugee situation currently happening in Europe. It was very well written, and contains plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Here's to hoping D.C. Alden keeps writing new material!
Dead Samurai
This suspenseful book kept me interested from start to finish. The book had an exciting beginning, with the author doing an excellent job describing the lead-up to a terrorist attack.
I loved the author's description of a dystopian future UK. The book does a great job depicting the disgruntled population of a dark English future. The post-nationalist England that the author portrays is fascinating. I enjoyed how the book only hints at the year in which the book is set, using references to, e.g., the royal family, actors, and sporting events like major soccer games. The author gives a frightening glimpse of Euro-federalism gone wrong.
The author's descriptive abilities are excellent. His imagery is excellent (for example, the attacks, bombings, the psychiatric ward where one of the main characters ends up, and the suicide of the Prime Minister are all vivid). I also liked the author's writing style in general (for example, descriptions like "waves of fatigue pounding the shoreline of his consciousness" impressed me). I also enjoyed many of his references, such as when he compares the Sully character to the angel of death. I particularly enjoyed Bryce's escape from his captors.
This is a solid thriller that kept me interested throughout.
Nice read
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I have to plan time when a new one arrives as hard to put down once starred
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DC Alden
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