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The Brewing Storm (Charmed) ebook

by Paul Ruditis

The Brewing Storm

Earth, air, fire, water -- A child must bring them all together. Calm the shaking, quell the slaughter Tonight's the night -- it's now or never.

Despite wacky weather threatening the San Francisco area, life for the Charmed Ones is as normal as ever. Normal, that is, until eleven-year-old Tyler Michaels shows up at their door. Tyler, a Firestarter, is on the run from demons. Though the Halliwell sisters have dealt with Tyler before, a glance at the Book of Shadows turns up new, unexpected information about the boy...and the forces for which his magic can be harnessed.

Once a century the planets align in such a way that the tides shift and the climate changes, causing unpredictable weather and earthquakes. With the world out of balance the Fire-starter is charged with gathering the other Elementals on the Night of Aeolus to perform a sacred ritual. Without this ritual the weather will eventually tear the world apart. But the demons chasing Tyler want to divert the Elemental power and channel it for a dark evil. The Charmed Ones must prevent this from happening at all costs -- but the Night of Aeolus is already upon them....

Gold as Heart
In, "The Brewing Storm" the Charmed Ones come in contact with an innocent they thought was all but gone for good. Tyler, a young Firestarter that the sister's helped once before ends up missing from his adoptive parent's home and on the Halliwell sisters doorstep.

He eventually opens up to Piper, he was attacked by what he feels is a demon, which is usually the case when it's related to the sisters. Tyler managed to fight his attacker off and ran to the only safe place he could think of, the Manor.

With new information about Firestarters appearing in the Book of Shadows, the sisters must work together with Tyler, Darryl and other Elementals to save the world from the crazy weather. The only way to set things right is to have all the Elementals, and a spirit, or in this case, a human spirit, perform a ritual to set the world back in balance.

I feel that Darryl really turned into a great, well developed character in this book. We finally got to see other aspects of him instead of just Darryl the cop that helps the sisters when they need it. We got to peek into what it's like for him at home.

The only thing I really didn't like about this book was the fact that Paige's character just seemed off in the beginning. I feel like the author tried to hard at making her funny. It wasn't natural.

Overall this was a very good read and a great addition to any Charmed library.
It's beyond my comprehension to understand why the Simon & Schuster publishing company insist on turning to authors other than Paul Ruditis to write CHARMED books. Ruditis understands the t.v. characters and never insults the reading audience with underdeveloped plots. It's rare for demons to be funny, but the Tempest was hilarious especially when dealing with minions. I didn't anticipate enjoying the novel featuring "Darryl", the cop and if you are a fan of his character, you will love this novel. You do not have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this novel.
I've bought ALL of the 'Charmed' books, and this is one of the better one's. Not that they aren't all good, but I keep going back to read this one again and again. If your a fan of the Series this one is a must have. My only complaint is that it isn't sold on Kindle..
Stays true to the series. Every time they wrote a book based on the series, whomever was in charge made sure it followed the television series. I looked it up.
it's a good. i LOVE this side of Piper. it's a new maternal side. and we get to see Tyler the Firestarter again
cant get enough of the charmed books! still after all these years.
Great read! This was the only book in the 5 book order that had a very worn cover.That being said, it's not a big deal, because, it cost 1 cent.I will be buying many, many, more!
In a story similar to The Fifth Element, a cataclysm may occur every hundred years. It is held off by the uniting of four elementals at a certain time and place. As the story opens, a Firestarter is being pursued by demons as he is to lead the elementals. As he is overcome, he knows his duties will pass to another.

Twelve-year-old Tyler, a Firestarter, has gone missing. In the mundane world, Darryl is assigned to the case, and soon finds himself tangled up with the charmed ones once again. The Charmed Ones quickly get drawn into events and strive to locate and unite the elementals while battling the minions of the demon Tempest.

The sisters split up to find the elementals while Darryl is protecting Tyler. The story moves forward nicely with little actual magic going on in most of it. In the end the Charmed Ones and the elementals must face Tempest himself while Darryl learns his true role in things. Although the title and the demon's name make one think of weather, it is really Earth forces at work as we also experience earthquakes.

This is one of the best Charmed books I have read. The character development was strong and pronounced, Darryl became far more three-dimensional and the whole thing read like it could have stood on its own and not just as a licenced title. If you like Charmed at all, you will really like this one.
The Brewing Storm (Charmed) ebook
Paul Ruditis
Genre Fiction
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Pocket (July 6, 2004)
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