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by Robert Ryan

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Based on actual events, an epic narrative of friendship, rivalry, and fast cars in occupied France On a crisp autumn night in the twenty-first century, a car is pulled from the depths of an Austrian lake. A skeleton grips the wheel. Finally, an answer: William Grover-Williams, the premier English race-car driver of his generation and a hero of the French Resistance, met his end at the bottom of a mountain lake. Or did he? In the Roaring Twenties, Grover-Williams and Frenchman Robert Benoist were teammates and rivals on the Bugatti racing team.

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The first and best of the series, Early One Morning is based on several true stories Other titles in the series are Last Sunrise and Dying Day.

The first and best of the series, Early One Morning is based on several true stories. This first in a trio is about the beginning of WWII, the French Resistance, the British SOE and how early auto racing enthusiasts worked against the Nazis. Several harrowing tales are recounted. There is much common source material between the two so several characters will bring sparks of recognition. 6 people found this helpful.

In the flamboyant Twenties, Englishman William Grover-Williams and Frenchman Robert Benoist were fierce rivals racing their elegant Bugattis on the glittering European race circuits. Not only is the World Championship in their sights, but they have both fallen for the sensuous charms of the extravagantly beautiful Eve Aubicq. But when war breaks out, everything changes. Paris is in the iron-grip of German occupation and Robert and William join the Special Operations Executive to help the French Resistance undermine the brutal occupying regime

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Early One Morning is the 1st book in the Secret War Trilogy, which also includes Blue Noon and Night Crossing. Books related to Early One Morning. Early One Morning - Robert Ryan. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Open Road MediaReleased: Mar 25, 2014ISBN: 9781480477599Format: book. carousel previous carousel next. presto 1Go to presto 1's profile, opens in a new window.

Home Ryan, Robert Early One Morning. Title: Early One Morning. Publication Date: 2002. Hurlingham Books, based in Fulham, London SW6 has been established 35 years. ISBN 10: 074726872X, ISBN 13: 9780747268727. Synopsis: Book by Ryan, Robert. A second hand bookshop with more than one million books in stock covering all subjects, we are regarded as a 'find' by our customers who often refer to us as 'the best bookshop in London'.

Book by Ryan, Robert
Some of the things that real people accomplish in their lives so far surpass what we can imagine. William Grover-Williams went from rich kid to chauffeur to British spy-what a life he had!

We first meet William Grover-Williams as a young man trying to get out from under his parents thumb and getting into some trouble doing it. When we meet him again he’s working as a chauffeur for the famous portrait artist William Orpen; and he meets his mistress, the beautiful Eve. I would have liked more about Eve. According to Ryan’s story she became Orpen’s lover as a teenager and he alludes to the trauma she went through due to the Germans, but never really goes back to it. I think I would have enjoyed Eve even more throughout the book if she had been a more developed character.

That being said I did enjoy how Ryan wrote Grover-Williams and his friend/rival/mentor Robert Benoist. I enjoyed the tension that was between them as drivers as much as the admiration and the friendship. It was hard to become emotionally invested in these characters when the book begins with the car being pulled out of a lake, because I felt there was this looming tragedy coming but it was so worth it in the end. Obviously not everyone has a happy ending in any war story, but this was a really good story of friendship, love and hope. I was definitely caught up in the drama as they began working with the British Special Operations and the French Resistance.

For me, Ryan was a bit too technical with the details of the racing cars, however if this is something you’re into the detail might have been perfect. It was enough for me to imagine the beautiful old cars racing in Monte Carlo-I don’t care about the engines! The story moved a lot faster to me when we were past the racing. It was quite a contrast to read the life Williams and Eve were living with the glamour of working for Bugatti and then the harsh differences after the Nazis moved into Paris.

I actually found the afterword to be extremely interesting as well. I really like knowing who based on a real person and what kind of detail was true.

Definitely recommended for historical fiction and spy novel fans!

4 Stars!
This is a gritty World War I I "fiction with a bedrock of actual events," to further quote the author with enough car talk to interest the racing car enthusiast, sufficient sexual encounters for the romantic, and a generous bibliography for the historian, as well as notes on the departures of fiction from fact--for those of us who still appreciate the difference.
Extremely will written and well crafted novel based on true events during the WWII time frame. The narrative flashes back and forth between the present and the events of the past involving early auto racing and espionage in the UK and in France before and during the war. I loved the way the author crafted the conclusion. Highly recommend.
The story grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and I had a tough time putting the book down for any length of time. Ranging from 1920's Ireland, to the continental racing circuit of the 1930's, to the secret war in France in the 1940's, you encounter several unforgettable characters and a fine love affair, not to mention deceit, bravery, violence and honor.
Based on actual events and people, the story propels the reader to figure out what happens next; and, who knows, maybe much of it did.
This is a story of resistance fighters during WWII. One of the protagonists was hung by the nazis. The other escaped somehow and lived to a ripe old age. The protagonists were race car drivers.
This short novel, though fiction, had enough historical fact to be credible and is written very engagingly. I was carried along with the action and had tears in my eyes a few times.
A revealing historical fiction from WWII France. I suspect it is very close to what truly happened. .
Makes one feel as if one were there
Title: EARLY ONE MORING. ebook
Robert Ryan
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