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by Marcia Willett

The right of Marcia Willett to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77. .It was five o’clock: the children’s hour

All the characters in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. It was five o’clock: the children’s hour. The wheelchair moved out of the shadows, the rubber tyres rolling softly across the cracked mosaic floor, pausing outside the drawing-room. The occupant sat quite still, head lowered, listening to voices more than sixty years old, seeing chintzes scuffed and snagged by small feet and sandal buckles, an embroidery frame with its half-worked scene.

The Children's Hour - Filmdaten Deutscher Titel: Infam Originaltitel: The Children s Hour Produktionsland: USA Erscheinungsjahr: 1961 Länge: 107 Minuten Originalsprache: Englisch.

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The Children's Hour book. Marcia Willet started writing at the age of fifty and has since written 20 novels. It is not surprising then, that this book was peopled with old folk, all churning up distant memories

The Children's Hour book. It is not surprising then, that this book was peopled with old folk, all churning up distant memories. I listened to the Audible version, read by June Barry, who is also getting on in years, and by the end I could feel my hair greying.

Marcia Willet's A Week in Winter and A Summer in the Country, her first two novels . Her new novel, The Children's Hour, will not only delight her current ardent fans, but will garner Marcia Willett a whole new circle of friends.

Her new novel, The Children's Hour, will not only delight her current ardent fans, but will garner Marcia Willett a whole new circle of friends. The Children's Hour is set in a big old rambling house overlooking the sea, where assorted small children listened as their mother read them a story.

Not only did I love " The Children's Hour" I also found it to be one of the best books I have ever read. I have since recommended it to several friends who have loved it also. Marcia Willett has such an understanding of family life and is able to bring me to tears when she writes about the fears of some of her elderly characters

Marcia Willett's early life was devoted to the ballet, but her dreams of becoming a ballerina ended when she grew out of the classical proportions then required.

Marcia Willett's early life was devoted to the ballet, but her dreams of becoming a ballerina ended when she grew out of the classical proportions then required. She had always loved books, and a family crisis made her take up a new career as a novelist - a decision she has never regretted. She lives in a beautiful and wild part of Devon with her husband, where she loves to be visited by her son and his young family.

Meanwhile she was kneeling on the kitchen floor, business-like in jeans and thick roll-necked jersey, brushing the recumbent Bosun.

Meanwhile she was kneeling on the kitchen floor, business-like in jeans and thick roll-necked jersey, brushing the recumbent Bosun ut for most of the time he lay passively, tired by a long early-morning run over Trentishoe Down. After breakfast, Mina and Georgie and the dogs had walked down to the beach whilst Nest remained with Lyddie in the sunny kitchen, watching the grooming process. Well, of course you do,’ agreed Nest. It would be odd if you didn’t. Love isn’t nearly so convenient as that. Theirs was an idyllic childhood, as they played on the beach and in the garden and woods, before the war-and other tragedies-disrupted their lives.

MARCIA WILLETT was the youngest of five girls, born in Somerset, in the west country of England. Her family was unconventional and musical, but Marcia chose to train as a ballet dancer. Unfortunately her body did not develop with the classical proportions demanded by the Royal Ballet, so she studied to be a ballet teacher. Her first husband was a naval officer in the submarine service, with whom she had a son, Charles, now married and training to be a clergyman. Her second husband, Rodney, himself a writer and broadcaster, encouraged Marcia to write novels.

In their comfortable old family home overlooking the sea, two sisters, Nest and Mina, live in solitude with memories of a once-idyllic childhood, and of the enchanted "children's hour" when their mother would regale them with tales of fantasy and delight. But the make-believe world of the story spinner didn't protect them from the reality of a shocking family tragedy best forgotten.But when their estranged sister Georgie comes to stay, she brings unwelcome memories of her own, and long-buried secrets yet to be revealed. Now three sisters will engage in the most intimate children's hour of all-the story of their own lives, of a first love never-forgotten, of a passion that tore them apart, of a death that still casts its shadow of guilt and recrimination. And the truth of a fateful night that shattered their past, and still holds the power to define their future...
If you were a fan of Stephen King's "'Salem's Lot," you'll find a lot to like in "The Children's Hour." Vampires! An ancient evil! Love lost! Troubled heroes who fight the demons of their past!

All this and more, as they say.

Clegg's protagonists are Joe and Hop, childhood friends who have lost touch since Joe left town after high school. He looks back at his formative years in Colony with something akin to hatred. Joe's mother is dying, though, so he packs up his wife, his children and his marital issues and heads back to his hometown. Joe's return sets the wheels in motion for the re-emergence of an ancient evil the men thought they'd seen the last of.

Why do children keep disappearing in Colony? How could a 12-year-old girl reappear at her parents' home, when she ought to be in her 30s, if alive at all? What has been living in the well hidden inside Old Man Feeley's barn all these years? What does it all have to do with Joe?

Clegg's novel jumps back and forth in time, which makes it difficult to summarize. As he works his way through the above material, he revisits Joe's and Hop's childhood, from the first time they came up against Abaddon, the demon in the well, and through subsequent encounters with it. I understand why he structured it that way -- a straightforward, chronological retelling would reveal too much, too soon -- but it makes the narrative occasionally difficult to follow.

Like "'Salem's Lot" -- and like many King books -- Clegg periodically cuts to the viewpoints of minor characters. We meet a college student dogged by his cruel past, a sheriff caught between his distant wife and his pregnant mistress, a teenager whose parents have disappeared; they all eventually fall to Abaddon. The scenes where the demon and/or his minions overtake those victims are the highlights of the book. And vampiric children! What a creepy idea. (Yes, they're the biggest similarity to "'Salem's Lot.")

"The Children's Hour" is an entertaining horror story, though it suffers from the genre's periodic flaws in logic. But if this is your kind of story, you're likely ready to look past that.
I tried to. I see what the author is trying to to do. He's trying to put ordinary people in extra ordinary situations. He wasn't us to relate to the characters but he can't. No one has depth. Every man woman and child is the same person with a different name. And he dumb it down. "He looked at her like he was surprised she was going along with his mother's plans" The word is incredulous. "she looked at him like she was surprised to see him alive" Stunned maybe? He could tell by her face she was Stunned, shaken,surprised to see her alive? Don't tell me how they look/feel describe it. And what was this? It? What haplened? Who cared? Was the monster a monster vampire demons children. It seemed everywhere and nowhere. It felt like a person that grew up on movies tried to write a Stephen King horror and the closest he came was describing the town himself his wife his kids and maybe a neighbor. Waste of time. Rubbish. I gave it two stars for completion and publishing. It's not easy to write a book but if your writing what you know you obviously have a small world view and watch alot of movies.
A dark and atmospheric novel of small town life and the evil that lives directly beneath the surface. It may have dragged a wee here and there, but it didn’t spin me out of the story and the slower interludes didn’t last long. Not that this is a fast novel to begin with…because it isn’t. It isn’t supposed to be. Mr. Clegg takes his time getting you familiar with the characters and the colorful backstory of Colony, West Virginia. And then all hell breaks loose...

Welcome home, Joe. We’ve been waiting. …All of us.
Still not sure I understand the concept of this book. Not sure if the main character Joe was supposed to be a hero of some sort.
SPOILER ALERT: At times I wanted Joe to do something and he would just lay down to It(devil/angel) waiting and wanting to die...really???? And b/c he did just that, he gets his family back....Again really??? They leave town after Tad said they shouldn't thru his father. In the next town everything is normal so they go to sleep instead of getting help. The end. That's it. So why should they have not left town? Why go to sleep instead of getting help? What happened to Virgil? The rest of the children? There were no answers to these and other questions.
Rollers from Abdun
After reading "A Week in Winter", I couldn't wait to get into "The Children's Hour". Marcia Willett really crafts interesting characters and you find yourself thinking about them even when you're not turning the pages!

I especially like her inclusion of the importance of the dogs within the family. This adds even more depth and reality to the characters. We all know that dogs "have opinions" about what goes on with their humans! This is, by no means overdone in the book, but the dogs'personalities add to the richness of the story's background.

I was sorry when the story was over.
When I first started reading this and saw that it was a vampire type book, I was prepared not to like it since I do not care for that type of horror story. But, since I have loved everything else that I have read by this excellent writer, I kept an open mind and continued reading. And, I am glad that I did. The plot was really a different take on this type of story. The storyline was well developed, and I really cared for the characters. Clegg is an excellent and very polished writer. I will be reading many more works by him.
What I thought would be a simple read turned out to be a very well written book that gave me nightmares. Weaving from the past to the present it tells a haunting tale of loss and redemption. I recommend this book to all fans of modern horror!
Its all good
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Marcia Willett
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