The Hell Season ebook

by Ray Wallace

Wallace, Ray. A thin laugh. Don’t get up. Just turn your head.

Wallace, Ray. There you go. trength to get up if he wanted to. Which, right about then, he did not. Jesus, what was wrong with him? A few of the others have gone to the hospital for antibiotics, said Gerald. One of those who went is a nurse. Tall, long black hair? They should be back soon. In the meantime, here, drink some of this.

The Hell Season book. ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY Ray Wallace hails from the Tampa, FL area and is the author of THE NAMELESS, THE HELL SEASON, the YEAR OF THE DEAD series, the short story collection LETTING THE DEMONS OUT, the novella DAYS OF RAIN, and the One Way Out novels ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY, ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE ISLAND, and ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE PLANET.

THE HELL SEASON Ray Wallace CHAPTER 1 Monday, June 21 Once upon a time, there was a man named Thomas Wright. He and the other husbands would drink a few beers and talk about sports or movies or books

THE HELL SEASON Ray Wallace CHAPTER 1 Monday, June 21 Once upon a time, there was a man named Thomas Wright. He had a loving wife named Julia. He also had two beautiful children named. He and the other husbands would drink a few beers and talk about sports or movies or books. Afterward, once the kids were in bed, Thomas would make love to his wife then fall into a dreamless slumber with her in his arms. It was a relatively simple life.

From the author of THE NAMELESS and the One Way Out interactive zombie series: ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY, ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE ISLAND, and ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE PLANET. Something has awakened in the waters near Hidden Bay.

The hell season has begun. Thomas Wright awakens to discover that his family has vanished. None of their possessions are missing.

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com's Ray Wallace Page and shop for all Ray Wallace books and other Ray Wallace related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography, biography and community discussions about Ray Wallace. Ray Wallace fiction added 11 new photos to the album My Books. 30 March 2016 ·. My Books. So 2015 winds to a close. And that means it’s time for me to reflect back on what has been a busy (though not insanely so) year of reading.

A Season in Hell (French: Une Saison en Enfer) is an extended poem in prose written and published in 1873 by French writer Arthur Rimbaud. It is the only work that was published by Rimbaud himself. The book had a considerable influence on later artists and poets, including the Surrealists.

Listen to books in audio format. They all reside within the pages of LETTING THE DEMONS OUT, the debut collection from Ray Wallace, author of ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY: A ONE WAY OUT NOVEL and THE HELL SEASON. Enjoy the nightmares. Demon Shade (The Demons of Oxford Book 2).

I honestly really don't remember how I found this book on Amazon, but I did, and now do my loyal duty to my fellow readers. The Hell Season is in an interesting genre, a religiously depicted end of the world, rather than the popular nuclear, biological, chemical, zombie, or Godzilla end of the world.

The book kicks off with the... hero? Well, anti-hero perhaps waking alone in his home, with his family vanished into air, leaving everything behind them. Their phones, toys, even the clothes off their backs. Thomas begins to panic, running around his house, but nothing works right, the TV is snowy, the phone line dead, the radio static. And as he runs outside, it starts to rain. Only, it's a special, biblical rain. Blood.

That's the first few pages. I enjoyed the premise of the book, and its post-rapture world. Thomas isn't alone in this world, and the poor souls trapped in the town with him all suffer the same terror as him. Then the pit is found. The story escalates quickly from there, mixing both religion and pseudo-science together as the remaining people are forced to work.

The story was pretty well written, although some of the ideas did have me scratching my head. You will have to suspend some of your belief, as the author creates some rather crazy twists, but hey. If Satan takes over your town, nothing is too crazy I suppose. The characters were fairly well done, the main people well introduced and put together. The secondary characters... mostly were left to your imagination. The editing had some small flaws, but I've notice that happens sometimes on Kindle and the paperback is flawless. Might be a transfer problem, I can't say. Doesn't really detract from the tale, so I'll say it's not a problem.

Overall: Hit or miss. Some people will really like it, others will be unable to finish it. I personally thought it was OK, but have no plans to reread it.
The Hell Season starts with Thomas waking up one morning and everyone he loves is gone. They didn't leave him, their clothes still hang in the closets, in fact, their empty nightclothes still lie on their beds, as if carefully removed and arranged on the beds. With no telephone, radio or TV reception, Tom runs into the streets to find answers. No one. No people, no cars driving by, no dogs barking. Just the sound of one woman wailing and screaming the names of her family. Thomas guesses she woke up to the same empty house he did. And he discovers something else: the sky is raining blood. Buckets of blood, soaking everything. And that's just the first of a series of Biblical attacks the survivors endure.

Snakes, locusts, they all attack the survivors. Some make it, some die. Thomas collects a group of survivors who he half leads, half follows through the difficulties.

From that point, this book is a story of the end of the world. It's a grim look, where some are taken and some left behind. Where monsters crawl out of a huge hole in the ground that appears to reach to Hell itself. They look like the loved ones who disappeared. But they're not; they're flesh-eating zombies.

Many of those left behind are killed. No answers can be found. It's totally a question of survival. Then the recently-dead start crawling back out of the hole from Hell. And they come back healthier, younger, better. And convinced they know what to do next.

Then there are those who make it through all the trials and tribulations and are pretty sure the re-born have it all wrong. An epic struggle between the oh-so-sure re-born and the confused and fearful survivors. It's a well-written story but I can't say it was enjoyable to read. I had to put it aside several times. It gave me a couple nightmares. I was raised on tales from Revelations in the Bible, predicting the end of days. This book features some aspects of the Biblical story, just enough to make me afraid. And on top of the tragic aspects of the end of the world, Thomas's ruminations are so heart-breaking, so futile, that it is a tough read. I am not saying this made it a good book, because it made me feel so intensely. I feel the author could have made a better book out of not dwelling solely on the horrors. At one point, angels appear but they are not well-drawn. The demons, on the other hand, are extremely detailed. And I found it ironic that just one person in the book clung to her Bible, since this is where much of this story got its genesis.

It's worth a read, but I personally won't read the sequel if there is one.
When everyone you love suddenly disappears, what do you do? This story starts like that and never lets up. As our main character tries to figure this out he's faced with what can only be described as hell on earth. You'll be engaged with the story and feel for the characters. It's well written with just enough background info on various people without getting bogged down.
The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars was because of the ending. When the big baddy at the end reveals himself, it felt like an old movie where the villain reveals his whole plan to the hero. He kinda sums up the what's and hows that the book had been leading up to. That being said, as the saying goes "Its not the destination, but the journey". And I was happy to go on this journey with this author. And you will be also. Buy it!
This story is a good read. The story at first seems like a nightmare brought to life, then the author gives some semblance of order to the plot.
I'm no expert but I enjoy a good story. This was a different and fun read. I could have spent more time in this world. The main characters were fleshed out enough to involve me but could have been explored more deeply. I think this could have been a much bigger book but for a quick read I really liked it.
I enjoyed this book. But like the other reviewers was not satisfied with the ending. One more chapter would of made this a huge 5 starrer. The story was fun and intense and well written. If you have an imagination you will also enjoy this book. I know once I closed my eyes to sleep when finished, I had a great time making my own happy ending.
The plot was intense and at times hard to read for its hopelessness! The book is well written and one of those mind benders that grabs your brain and takes it for a spin, leaving you wondering, "Could this be?" "What happened?," or praying to all that's holy that such events could never occur! Nicely done!
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