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by A. J. Krailsheimer,Honoré de Balzac

Balzac's paragraphs in Pere Goriot often run to 800 words and his chapters to 75 or 80 pages.

Pere Goriot (Oxford World's Classics). Readers who thought of "ambition" in other terms will need to re-calibrate here. Translated by A. J. Krailsheimer, Emeritus Student and former Tutor in French at Christ Church, Oxford. Paperback: 304 pages. Publisher: Oxford University Press (June 24, 1999). Before long, our young hero Rastignac is getting a full-blown lecture on the delights of a life of crime, from the mysterious and sinister M. Vautrin. He proposes a monstrous scheme to our young hero for marrying into a dowry of a million francs -- a scheme which will involve "only one murder.

item 5 NEW - Pere Goriot (Oxford World's Classics) by Balzac, Honore de -NEW - Pere Goriot (Oxford World's Classics) by Balzac, Honore d. Translated by. A. Krailsheimer. Lc Classification Number.

Translated by.

Pere Goriot - Oxford World's Classics (Paperback). Honore de Balzac (author), A. Krailsheimer (translator). Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

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Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 29). The translations by Marriage, Crawford . Marriage has a fine knowledge of things and of the words for them, which is vital for a translator of Balzac, whose books are filled with objects. The translations by Marriage, Crawford, and Krailsheimer were first published in 1901, 1951, and 1991, respectively. A number of slight but significant differences reveal divergent philosophies of translation over the course of one century. She knows what a tester is (p. 138); she knows that Goriot possesses a posset dish (p. 26); she knows that Anastasie has a mantuamaker (p. 256). She uses expressions current in her time that seem now quaint or outmoded.

Pere Goriot (1835), Honore de Balzac's novel centered on French society after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo and subsequent restoration of the Bourbons is ively detailed. Through an analysis of families, marriage and institutions, Balzac presents fully realized characters from diverse backgrounds. When reading this novel, you do feel immersed in the upheaval of French society.

Honoré de Balzac Translated by A. Oxford World's Classics. Krailsheimer, Emeritus Student and former Tutor in French, Christ Church, Oxford. Honoré de Balzac, Sylvia Raphael, David Bellos. Honoré de Balzac, Sylvia Raphael, Christopher Prendergast. This Side of Paradise.

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Translated by A.

This fine example of the French realist novel contrasts the social progress of an impoverished but ambitious aristocrat with the tale of a father, whose obsessive love for his daughters leads to his personal and financial ruin.
As only an intermediate student of French, I had thought the world of classic literature in the original language was closed to me. Not any more. With a downloaded French-English dictionary, one has only to hover over an unknown word for the English definition to appear. To make things even easier, the same book can be downloaded in English so one can re-read the same pages in English as a double-check. At last, the tone and flavour of the original comes alive, and poor old Père Goriot with money-grubbing daughters (think Goneril and Reagan from Shakespeare) appears in all his original pathos. It is a classic, so you know more than one person has found it a worthwhile reading experience. That experience is now open to anyone who has achieved even a modest level of French.
adventure time
We live in a new world. A great classic like this, and totally free. Balzac writes in the deep romantic and realistic style of Dickens. The book opens with several pages describing the rooming house in Paris where most of the action takes place. This may not suit some modern readers used to immediate plot development, but the total immersion in place really helped me get into it. And when things get moving, the yarn is quite gripping, and in character with its time, it's filled with meticulous psychological detail and social analysis, juiced up with sex and social climbing. Like Stendhal's "Le Rouge et le Noir," Balzac is interested in the fate of a parvenu, an energetic guy from the edges of society who makes his way to the glittering center using every trick in the book. Jump into the intriguing world of Paris in 1819 - and keep your head above water!
J'ai lu ce roman obligatoirement pendant mes cours de littérature à l'université,sans beaucoup de compréhension,ni d'appréciation. J'ai choisi de le reprendre par curiosité et soin intellectuel personnel. Je pense que le style aussi bien que l'intérêt de l'histoire soient hors de la portée de la majorité des étudiants universitaires surtout américains inscrits dans des programmes d'études du franç nous avançons dans le temps moins les jeunes ont de la sensibilité pour saisir les grandes classiques de la littérature. Comme Bazac n'y a pas mis d'explosions ni de descriptions grotesques de la mort,il y a peu qui peut attirer l'attention des jeunes gens d'aujourd'hui.
If you have never read anything by Balzac before, then prepare yourself for an adventure. For one thing, as Balzac's intrepid biographer notes, it is a bit odd that "Pere Goriot" has become the school-assigned-text of choice. Not only do crime, corruption, and vanity reach levels which shock the average reader, Balzac also slips in the first case of a huge attraction of an older man for a younger man.

The difficulties begin when you begin reading the book: Balzac devotes pages and pages to describing the "Maison Vauquer," and manages to convince the reader that this squalid boarding house is not only boring and squalid, but perhaps incomprehensible to people who live outside of Paris. If you make it through this opening section, you will have begun to accustom yourself to Balzac -- who is at one time the worst of writers, and the best --- and who also feels completely free to assault you with his home-baked philosophy of life at every turn.

"Pere Goriot" has often been compared to "King Lear," but as soon as the comparison is made, we need to begin counting the enormous differences between the two works. Lear loved his daughters, but he can't hold a candle to Goriot in this respect. Lear was disillusioned rather quickly, while Goriot died with his fantasies intact.

However, this lurks in the future. The first thread of the story is the tale of the young provincial Rastignac, who has come to make his mark on Paris. He is ambitious, but we need to understand what this term means for Balzac. Ambitious? Does this refer to a young student of medicine, who wants to advance the science of medicine, or to a young writer, who wants to write the most dazzling works he can?

Well, no. For Balzac (and all the characters of his "Human Comedy") "ambition" means nothing more than social climbing. "Success" means being received in the highest circles of Parisian society, most likely the Faubourg Saint-Germain. Readers who thought of "ambition" in other terms will need to re-calibrate here.

Before long, our young hero Rastignac is getting a full-blown lecture on the delights of a life of crime, from the mysterious and sinister M. Vautrin. He proposes a monstrous scheme to our young hero for marrying into a dowry of a million francs --- a scheme which will involve "only one murder."

Well, I can't reveal any more of the story without ruining it. But it may help to understand that Balzac himself was fixated on the subject of money: he was the first writer to make sure that we all understood the relative financial standing of all his characters. He was also fixated on the social hierarchy of Paris.

This novel is widely regarded as one of the best novels ever written. I think I agree. At times, it will exalt you; sometimes it may bring a tear to the eye; the finale may horrify you. But at least you will make the acquaintance of Balzac. If you would like a bit more, I would suggest "Cousin Pons."
I picked this up because it was referred to in "Capital in the 21st Century". Came away pleased, even though I usually prefer history or economics. There are some funny one-liners, but I can't help but feel for Father Goriot and his love for his daughters.
The book is good quality, but it has no description, copywrite information, or anything else that is normally in books. In addition to that, an article talking about viagra for females interrupts the book midway and lasts for about twenty pages. Super weird buy, but hey it was cheap.
This is a printing of a text that is apparently in the public domaine. It is not in any way an "edition" of the kind produced by a scholarly or a "popular" publishing company. No contextualization at all. No introduction, not even the original date of publication of Balac's novel. If you like Xerographic copies of text with no notes or guidance for the reader, you will be satisfied with this print job. If well-researched editions are unavailable, this is better than nothing.
Just say Balzac. Not too be missed. But for the younger generation very very 19th century. However one of the best in the world literature. Remember he was George Sand best friend and they exchanged a huge amount of letters. Read them as well as George Sand’s autobiography. A must.
Père Goriot (Oxford World's Classics) ebook
A. J. Krailsheimer,Honoré de Balzac
History & Criticism
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Oxford University Press (June 24, 1999)
304 pages
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