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by Dan Simmons

This novel is for Harold Bloom, who-in his refusal. to collaborate in this Age of Resentment-has given me great pleasure. Other Books by Dan Simmons.

This novel is for Harold Bloom, who-in his refusal. How could Homer have known about these things? When all this happened he was a camel in Bactria! -LUCIAN, The Dream. the real-life history of the earth must in the last instance be a history of a really relentless warfare.

Olympos is a science fiction novel by American writer Dan Simmons published in 2005; it is the sequel to Ilium and final part of the Ilium/Olympos series. Like its predecessor it contains many literary references: it blends together Homer's epics the Iliad and the Odyssey, Shakespeare's The Tempest, and has frequent smaller references to other works, including Proust, James Joyce, Caliban upon Setebos, Shelley's Prometheus Unbound, Shakespearean poetry and even William Blake and Virgil's Aeneid.

Part of Ilium series by Dan Simmons. All the other male offspring from the mating of Earth and Gaia-Koios, Krios, Hyperion, and Iapetos, as well as the other daughters-Theia, Themis, Mnemosyne, golden-wreathed Phoebe, and sweet Tethys-had also been banished here to Tartarus after Zeus’s victory on Olympos thousands of years earlier. All this Achilles remembers from his lessons at the hoof of Chiron.

Helen of Troy is in mourning for her dead husband, Paris. Killed in single combat. Dan received his Dan Simmons grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which was the source of his fictional "Elm Haven" in 1991's SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002's A WINTER HAUNTING. in English from Wabash College in 1970, winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction, journalism and art.

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Olympos is a science fiction novel by the award winning author Dan Simmons. It's strange how something good, can be turned by it's association with something bad. I really loved the first volume in Dan Simmons Ilium/Olympos saga. I really did. But after having read the second volume Olympos, it's hard for me to remember what exactly was so great about it. In other words Olympos stinks, and the stench is so bad that it reaches backwards in time and taints the Ilium volume.

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Pages are clean and binding is tight. Plastic protective cover on dustcover.
After really enjoying Illium and looking forward to book 2, I was very let down by Olympos. The focus shifted away from the Trojan war and the more interesting question of "what are the Gods" to the Old Styles Struggles against Caliban's god, Setebos. New characters are introduced without much backstory (Seriously? the Sycorax/Odysseus story made no sense). While some questions are sort of answered (vaguely and almost always in an exposition dump by the Moravecs), I didn't find the story nearly as interesting. It feels like Simmons (who I generally enjoy) mashed two separate novels together, which just didn't lead to a coherent experience. There was little closure to the story (no showdown with Setebos or Caliban, the main villains of the piece) and it feels like Simmons was setting up a sequel, which never actually got written. In conclusion, if you were hoping for a continuation of the (excellent) first story, with more Trojan war shenanigans and fun with the pseudo Greek gods, you won't really get that in this volume. I was very disappointed.
I'm writing this from my Kindle for iPad - so it will be brief until I can come back with my laptop to edit it and write a proper review.

This book and book 1 of the pair are a read that should not be undertaken lightly. It will take time, and test your resolve to see it through. But at the end, you'll realize you have read an epic work of fiction.

Simmons has written a tale that demonstrates his mastery of both writing, and writers of the great works that have come before him. His ability to weave together works from Shakespeare, Homer, and a half a dozen other great writers into a huge work of fiction that incorporates quantum science imagination shows a writer at the top of his form.

Recommended - though not for impatient or slow readers.
This second half of the story that starts with Illium, is as much of a fine romp as the first half. Simmons takes the various sources of the Trojan War, the garden of Eden, the Greek pantheon, Shakespeare, Proust, and a secret concoction of religious seasonings, puts them in a quantum blender and pours out a riotous tale.

I was concerned by some of the reviews I read before I read the book that suggested the story threads would fray, the stitching would come undone, and confusion would proceed a level of dissatisfaction. None of this occurred for me. Just like any reading of Shakespeare or the Illiad will cause a thinking reader to imagine what would have happened if, or what happens next, or what if this turn in the play took a different road - Simmons has set his mind loose to imagine what would happen. This story starts in the future, likely in an alternate universe, and already is filled with post-humans who have become essentially gods after all. Not much of a stretch to wonder what happens next.

Loads of characters to adore, despise, enjoy, and marvel at. And some thought provoking ideas along the way on how immortality can lend itself to mounds of bad behavior. I'm among the ranks of those who found the moravecs among the most interesting characters.

In an age when restarting mythologies and retelling familiar stories with new twists is popular, it would be grand to see these characters come to life on an IMAX screen near me. Or a Turin cloth, once they are perfected. Plenty of material here for a movie trilogy or more.
Others have already said it better, but I feel compelled to register my lack of stars for Olympos. When I started this book, I couldn't understand all the negative reviews. I thought, they must not know what they are talking about. But how right they are-- the last half of the book is completely by-the-numbers. Like another reviewer said, either Simmons got writer's block or the publisher told him to wrap it up, because the ending here not only lacked creativity and imagination, it lacked coherence, and completely dodged the point of the book! The entire Illium/Olympos story was based on setting up a huge list of complex questions, conflicts, and mysteries...those questions, rather than the flimsy characters, keep the reader turning page after page, anxious to see the entire scheme laid out by the end...

Unfortunately, that never happens. One minute the book seems to set up a gigantic final act in which all conflicts will play out and all questions get resolved...and a few pages later you are reading "and they all lived happily ever after!"

This book is a testament to squandered genius. The concept and set up were deliriously complicated and multi-faceted, incredibly rich with ideas both literary and scientific. That all gets abandoned for a cop-out ending that leaves the reader feeling cheated.
Global Progression
What an imaginative and inspiring story of both fictional and nonfictional aspects! It delves into the heaviest questions that life has to throw at us!! The moral dilemmas are handled artfully and with a grace so few authors can achieve! Simmons lovely friend Keats once again makes an appearance with Hyperion references while adorable and inspirational robots interact with figures from the Iliad and Odyssey!! This futuristic take on brave new world is a must read for any with a passion for Greek mythology or Star Trek alike!! From Multi dimensional Earth to Ion this book will give you an adventurous journey without the dumbing down so many novels use in this modern age of ease!
A fun read and conclusion to the epic begun with Ilium. The ending was not completely satisfying to me, but the ride along the way was so enjoyable I didn't really mind.
Olympos (Gollancz) ebook
Dan Simmons
Mythology & Folk Tales
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