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by James Sallis,Boris Vian

Originally published in Paris in 1946 as a thriller, allegedly censored in the US and 'translated' into French, J'Irai Cracher Sur Vos Tombes (I Spit on Your Graves) was a direct homage to American literature and films, by the young author, Boris Vian (1920 - 1959). It was a violent attack on racism by a jazz fan who had already befriended many black musicians and was to become a close French friend of Ellington, Davis and Parker.

I Spit on Your Graves. Nobody knew me at Buckton. I Spit on Your Graves. He was about 40 years old, with hard blue eyes and light blond hair, as I noticed when I opened the door. That's why Clem picked the place; besides, even if I hadn't had a flat, I didn't have enough gas to go any farther north.

I Spit on Your Graves (French: J'irai cracher sur vos tombes) is a 1946 crime novel by the French writer Boris Vian, published under the pseudonym Vernon Sullivan. The story is set in the United States and revolves around a sexual and racial conflict.

Manufacturer: Canongate Crime Release date: 1 January 2001 ISBN-10 : 1841951048 ISBN-13: 9781841951041.

Boris Vian, James Sallis. Lee is black, but passes for white, and is seeking revenge for the lynching of his brother. He finds two rich sisters, and decides to seduce, humiliate and then kill them.

I Spit on Your Graves book. He was also a French translator of American hard-boiled crime novels. Vian translated Sullivan's I Spit on Your Graves. The book is about a 'white Negro' who acts out an act of revenge against a small Southern town, in repayment for the death of his brother, who was lynched by an all white mob.

Vian, Boris, 1920-1959. I don't think I made any noise," I said mockingly. Why did you lock the doors?". I always lock the doors when I go to sleep," I said

Vian, Boris, 1920-1959. I always lock the doors when I go to sleep," I said ng next to m. She must have put perfume on every square inch of her skin. You could have smelt her miles away. Her make up was just right -120- I Spit on Your Graves too. She had her hair done up like the night before and all I'd have to do to pluck her like a ripe plum was stretch out my hand

Vian translated Sullivan's I Spit on Your Graves. The basis of the new major movie from Michel Gondry, starring Audrey Tautou, the beloved French modern classic hailed as "the most poignant love story of our time" by Raymond Queneau.

Vian translated Sullivan's I Spit on Your Graves. The story is simple: Boy meets girl; boy marries girl; girl falls ill on their honeymoon with a water lily on the lung, which can only be treated by being surrounded by flowers; boy goes broke desperately trying to keep his true love alive.

The book is Boris Vian's (1920-1959) led homage to American noir.

Lee Anderson arrives in Buckton, and sets about integrating himself into the community. Lee is black, but passes for white, and is seeking revenge for the lynching of his brother. He finds two rich sisters, and decides to seduce, humiliate and then kill them.
I Spit on Your Graves is genuinely shocking in its display of the loose ways of 40s youths, but only works because Vian has a good ear for dialogue and a good sense of pace. Much of the story, including Lee's various seductions, seem very implausible, but there's a confident air to the whole presentation that prevents it from seeming entirely ridiculous. It reads well, and is an excellent example of the pulp-thriller, even if Vian can't completely hold it together. It also has held up very well, perhaps because it is so much a work of the imagination (as opposed to being based on any real experience of the American South, since Vian had none at that time).
If you've read James M. Cain and David Goodis and Jim Thompson and Charles Williford and like the dark, tough-as-nails paperback original fiction of the forties and fifties, pick this up. It's a postwar Frenchman's take on the dark underside of America, a place he'd never been-- so his imaginary America is even more corrupt than the stuff the Americans were writing. It's sleazy "realism" (that is: fantasy), with all the teenaged girls panting nymphos and all the men racist pigs. The jargon is just "off" enough to raise a smile (though the translation is probably fine-- I read it in English), and the behavior of our "hero"-- a black man passing as white named Lee-- is completely reprehensible. He hates _everybody_. Due to the odd nature of its authorship and its aspirations, this is an entertaining read: not necessarily a good novel, but an intriguing and entertaining one.
Im going to spare you all the pretense that this is a great book for its structure, narrative, theme, subtext, etc (the usual literature hype) its a classic book about a classic topic, REVENGE. A black man who can pass as white performs the horrid to correct the wrongs he has been dealt (and his brother). If you wanna read a psychological thriller then read this. The nay sayers seem to be under the assumption that there are more realistic books written about the topic or perhaps they themselves have published something better and see fit to rate it so poorly.
There isn't a whole lot to say about this book that hasn't been mentioned in previous reviews: It's about a black man who looks/poses as white to infiltrate a white town and avenge his brother by embarassing and killing two aristo-white girls.

The novel follows his narration from entering the town to socializing with the locals and preparing his revenge. I was surprised that I was not shocked, disturbed or offended by any of the content in this book, though I can certainly see how it would affect people the way that it did, particularly in the time when it was published. Vian, a staunch supporter of African American culture, as well as an acerbic cynic, was a huge fan of taking this sort of material and rubbing *Our* noses in it.

However, at this point I would dare say that the book is only mildly disarming and that anyone who has ever read anything by hardboiled authors such as (aforementioned) Jim Thompson, or Paul Cain, or beat poets like Bukowski, should not be offended by the text - at least on the surface. The language is simple and concise. The sex scenes included are just shy of explicit and the violence scarcely described.

The most frightening ingredient of the book is of course the implication it makes regarding racism and tolerance in American culture. The disgust towards black people indicated in the text is particularly raw. However, it is interesting to note at this point in the review that Vian had never set foot in America. Like Kafka and (now) von Trier, his perception of the American mindset is thusly a little skewed.

The borderline material in the book is incredibly ruined due to embarassingly poor editing, specifically in the formatting department. There are several simple grammatical errors involving quotation marks and the like, but the most glaring problems are present in line breaks and new paragraphs in the middle of a given sentence. These issues come to surface in the later half of the book and I found rather tedious. This sort of sloppy editting is inexcusable, particularly with something so simple.
I'm half way in. Be careful reading some other reviews that spoil the plot!

My issue is with this printing, or rather, this translation. Although it mostly reads ok, there are between two and five errors on most pages. I would seek another translation. Mistakes include layout issues including line breaks, paragraph breaks, punctuational mistakes, spelling mistakes, amongst others. I would say that the translator has a limited knowledge of English. Sometimes I wondered if they used google translate!

Otherwise, the paper is quite nice, the book seems fairly well bound, but whoever edited this thing did a terrible job! I'm tempted to contact them and offer a piece of my mind...
This over-rated book doesn't have much going for it except controversy created by some French Puritans in the 1950's who called it "pornography" and had it banned, thereby fueling its popularity. It's rather tame by today's standards, and very outdated and silly, not to mention dull. Most of the writing style is flat, drawn out prose, an imitation of Jack Keroauc and 1940's film noir crime novels, which the author translated. I find most of the scenes incredulous and there's a lot of "sex" going on, which doesn't seem very plausible in the novel. It deals with a black man who actually looks white who goes on to plot some type of revenge against "whitey".
This book is one of most important mile stones in Boris Vian's literal life, and a must read for B.V. fans. The book is banned in many countries because of its direct approach to sexuality and racism. It is a short book and one may read it in couple of hrs, I recommend it to viewers. I dont want to state my personal thought about the book not to effect th readers about the book. My advice would be to read it and attain some knowledge about the life of the writer to have a structural thought for the book
I Spit on Your Graves (Canongate Crime Classics) ebook
James Sallis,Boris Vian
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