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Cromwell: Our Chief of Men. King James VI of Scotland, I of England. 42 Mary’s rosary and prayer-book (Photo from Treasures of Britain, published for the Automobile Association. By kind permission of His Grace the Duke of Norfolk).

Cromwell: Our Chief of Men. 43 Execution of Mary (By courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum).

Praise for Mary Queen of Scots She was sometimes reviled as a scheming whore, sometimes revered as a misunderstood martyr. But she was invariably regarded as fascinating. Antonia Fraser’s richly readable biography demonstrates that Mary’s great fascination continues unabated. Time Compassionate, illuminating, rich in human interest. The New York Times One of the most fascinating figures in history. The Columbus Dispatch With grace, sensitivity, and a sharp eye for detail, lady Antonia Fraser has succeeded not only in recapturing the real Mary from the symbol but also in illuminating the.

With grace, sensitivity and a sharp eye for detail, Lady Antonia Fraser has succeeded not only in recapturing the real Mary from the symbol but also in illuminating the chaotic age in which she lived.

Mary Queen of Scots (1969) is a biography of Mary, Queen of Scots, by Antonia Fraser. As she states in her "Author's Note", Fraser aims to test the truth or falsehood of the many legends on Mary and to set her in the context of the age in which she lived. The portrayal is largely sympathetic.

Author:Fraser, Lady Antonia. I can tell that Antonia Fraser was sympathetic to Mary Queen of Scots. This is a very good book. It is very readable, and fast paced. All of our paper waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard. World of Books USA was founded in 2005.

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intended to abduct the queen

intended to abduct the queen. Although the court sprang to the alarm, it subsequently turned out that rumours of the plot had originated in a chance remark of Arran’s; in fact that the only true stability that the nervous and highly-strung man showed in his wavering career was in his neurotic fixation on his cousin Mary. The next crisis had more substance to it.

But she was invariably regarded as fascinating.

A book that will leave few readers unmoved. Compassionate, illuminating, rich in human interest. One of the most fascinating figures in history. The Columbus Dispatch.

Mary Queen of Scots fervently believed she had a right to the English throne - a belief that cost. The history books have cast Katherine of Aragon, the first queen of King Henry VIII of England. Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family : a glorious illustrated history. 39 MB·2,244 Downloads·New! Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family is a magnificent tribute to the life and reign of Queen. Rival Queens: The Betrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots. The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier and More Creative. 03 MB·87,571 Downloads.

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pp.660, AEG, full red/gilt embossed leather, silk endpapers, satin ribbon, 3 raised bands, signed by the author, unopened.
After watching three seasons of Reign on the CW, I decided to learn about the real Mary Stuart. And oh my goodness - her real life is SO much more interesting than that show! This is a very enlightening book on the life of the Scottish Queen, as well as the people who surrounded her during her lifetime. I highly recommend. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that the author frequently quotes French letters and poems and such without providing a translation until the end of the chapter. That might not be a big deal in paperback, but it sure was annoying on the kindle.
i am reviewing the physical book, Mary, Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser. as another commenter pointed out, some of these reviews do not appear to be for Fraser's book. some complained the book was too long. my copy is 555 pages long, not including the casket letters. i don't know how that constitutes a long book. another commenter stated the book was biased against Mary and held up Elizabeth as the glorious queen. that has to be a different book because Antonia Fraser is incredibly sympathetic to Mary and details at great length how she could NOT have been an adulterer with Bothwell, how she could NOT have known about the plot against Darnley, how the Casket letters were forged, and how she faced her death with great courage and dignity. i don't know what everyone else is reading, but if you're interested in the subject, start with Fraser's book. it's a fascinating tale of the very traumatic and sad life of this woman. i found it very moving and want to learn more about this period in history. thank you Ms. Fraser.
Went Tyu
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I did not know very much Scottish history and it presented an intriguing background for me causing a,need to know more!!
The constant infighting between royal factions, the constant search for marriage partners, and the constant arguing about whose in charge would leave one exhausted..
I am amazed that France, England,Spain and Scotland could function as governments at all.

I was intrigued more and more with each chapter to see how Mary was going t
o pull This one off!!!
I praise her loyal servants and unabashed commitment to her Catholic faith.

Although it takes commitment to read the book as there can be very long narratives at times, I believe any true history buff will want to be read Mary Queen of Scott'

t is well worth any European history buff to check it out.
I initially purchased this book because I have been a fan of the series 'Reign', a fictionalized portrayal of Mary, and really wanted to see how the show matched up to history (despite the naysayers, a lot of it is true, but that's a different story). What I had intended as a comparison piece on historical fact actually turned into a page-turning, complex tale about a woman caught in the confines of duty and circumstance. There were times reading this book that I felt so emotionally attached to the titular figure that I was left, as the front of the book predicts, very moved. Fraser is a master historian, researcher and storyteller, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book. As she often does, Fraser includes so much more than the average person would ever need to know about the Scottish queen, but that helped me personally understand her motives and intentions all the more. Though I did find a woman much different that 'Reign's lead heroine, I met an historical figure that will forever entrance, and enchant, me.
This is the second time I have read this book, the first being some years ago. It is even better the second time around. Every aspect of Mary's life is covered, from her childhood marriage to the French king, to her long imprisonment as her cousin, Queen Elizabeth's captive. The only thing I would quarrel with is the depiction of Bess of Hardwick, the Countess of Shrewsbury. She and her husband were in an impossible situation. Commanded to keep Mary captive by the English queen, they were aware that at any moment, the tables would turn, and Mary would become Queen of England. It was a difficult balancing act they had to do.

Although the two queens never met, they were constantly in each other's thoughts. Elizabeth hesitated to kill Mary, yet each moment she lived, she posed a threat. She was a rallying point for conspiracy, and she knew it. She didn't have Elizabeth's guile or wariness at putting herself in danger. Ultimately, Elizabeth bowed to the inevitable and signed her death warrent.

Now nearly 500 years later, she continues to weave a web of enchantment. Her final words, 'In me end is my beginning,' prove to be prophetic.
The author clearly researched every event in the book. She presented each side of episodes and gave reasons why one was more believable. She also provided back ground information concerning other events in that era. I strongly recommend this book.
A very detailed biography of Mary Queen of Scots, often too detailed for me. A very interesting story of a tragic figure in history. Author enables sympathy for a woman scorned during her life.
I enjoyed reading this book. It was obviously very well researched and highly detailed in presentation. I must confess though, perhaps because I'm male, that I found certain parts of the book devoting too much time to things like Mary's dresses, which didn't interest me in the least. So at times it kind of dragged on - at those times I would just skim through, wishing we could get on to more interesting stuff. I was also interested to know a bit more about Elizabeth I. Yeah I know she wasn't the subject of the book, but she played a key role in the last third and I couldn't help wishing I knew more about what was going on in her head. Well, ideally I guess I would have been happier if about 1/4th of the book dealing with her hair and clothers were cut out altogether, but definitely the rest of it was outstanding and riveting.
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