Lost CD: A Novel ebook

by Jenny Sterlin,Gregory Maguire

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Lost is a 2001 novel by American author Gregory Maguire. Unlike many of Maguire's other adult novels, Lost is set in the real world. The novel's concept is that the protagonist is a distant relation of the man who inspired Charles Dickens' character of Ebenezer Scrooge.

I purchased Gregory Maguire's "Lost" because of all the accolades Mr. Maguire received for his other novels, such as "Wicked". In my personal opinion this book was far better than the other four he's written. not a pre-existing fairytale made into his own.

Narrated by Jenny Sterlin. A brilliant, perceptive, and deeply moving fable. Narrated by Jenny Sterlin.

Praise for Gregory Maguire’s LOST. Gregory Maguire is a delightful storyteller with an absolutely unique imagination. Lost seems to me to be his best novel yet, which is saying something. A reader who hasn’t discovered his work is in for a treat and a revelation. I wish I thought like Gregory Maguire. Peter S. Beagle, author of Tamsin and A Dance for Emilia. Haunts your imagination until the last page is turned.

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ISBN 10: 0061960578 ISBN 13: 9780061960574. Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks, 2010.

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“A brilliant, perceptive, and deeply moving fable.” —Boston Sunday Globe


Publishers Weekly calls Gregory Maguire’s Lost “a deftly written, compulsively readable modern-day ghost story.” Brilliantly weaving together the literary threads of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, and the Jack the Ripper stories, the bestselling author of The Wicked Years canon creates a captivating fairy tale for the modern world. With Lost, Maguire—who re-imagined a darker, more dangerous Oz, and inspired the creation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway blockbuster Wicked—delivers a haunting tale of shadows and phantoms and things going bump in the night, confirming his reputation as “one of contemporary fiction’s most assured myth-makers” (Kirkus Reviews).

I am an avid Maguire fan and after reading the reviews here I was hesitant when I began reading LOST. Now I am baffled that so many people hated it. I loved it!! The story was a little slow to take off but I was hooked after the 4th chapter. Those who were not fans of this book must not read many other Maguire books. The way his story was woven around other little plots is exactly what he does best. My favorite part was when Winnie started battling with Gervasa within herself, and the story of her baby was so sad! I urge those of you who did not like this book the first time to go back and read it again. Leave yourself open to the story and don't be so critical while you're reading. ENJOY it!
I wouldn't feel so disappointed in this book if I didn't find his previous two novels, ("Wicked, and "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister)so creative and original."Lost" just seems to be bogged down by it's own ambition. Leaving behind the fairy tales of his previous books, Maguire sets his story in present day with a very vaguely drawn protagonist named Winifred Rudge. A writer who has stumbled out of the gate with a case of writers block, she goes to England to visit her cousin and do some research on her book. The cousin however is nowhere to be found, and instead she's confronted with two frightened contractors who while renovating the cousins house believe they have come upon something supernatural behind the walls of the chimney.
Maybe it was supposed to be suspenseful and nail biting. I didn't get it. I think alot of the problem for me was a woman I couldn't get a handle on who was the center of the story. Was she mean, nice? It's never really clear. Later a plot point is introduced (that I won't give away), that in another novel could be great,yet here it just baffled me even more in regards to Winnie. It was a bummer to get to the end and think: Who cares? If you've never read Maguire I'd suggest not starting here. Both "Wicked" and "...Stepsister" are much more interesting reads. "...Stepsister" is also being made into an ABC television movie of the week with Stockard Channing.
I have LOVED Maguire's books so far - the Wicked series was excellent, as were Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Mirror Mirror. I purchased "Lost" with the excitement of a new favorite book to add to my list.
I was SORELY disappointed.

I actually enjoyed the book up until the last few chapters. The story kept moving, and carried me right with it. I was excited to finish the book... Now I almost wish I hadn't. The story feels like Maguire just got bored with it, and finished it because he didn't want to work on it anymore. The ending is horrible and leaves you hanging, unsure of what just happened.

Aside from that, the characters are undeveloped, the side stories are almost too many to keep track of, and you finish the book hating the main character and wishing she'd just get on with it.

If you like be unsatisfied with your books, this is definitely one for you.
I found the story a bit confusing and pointless. In truth, the end was left unfinished and I feel very disappointed in it. It might have been an artistic statement to leave it so meh as a statement about life, but I didn't want an art piece.
I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and I just finished it lately. This is my first and probably last Gregory Maguire book. Since you have already read the above reviews and know the basic plot information I will skip that and give my thoughts on the book. This book is supposedly a ghost story. It did nothing to frighten you or give you that "creepy" feeling a good ghost story does. I did not empathize with the heroine. In fact, I found her annoying and not at all sympathetic. In a good thriller you should feel that the hero is in some sort of imminent terrible danger sometime during the story. I never felt that the heroine was in danger. And finally, the ending was just too convenient, like a made for TV movie.
Lost: A Novel (2/5)
Gregory Maguire
I was so rabid about Wicked that I was a bit trepidatious about reading this one... unfortunately I was right.
Frankly, it wasn't horrible. It wasn't great either. The beginning reminded me of that dream (that everyone has) where you are in a situation that you have no clue what is going on... then slowly you get clue after clue to the situation. Finally you realize that you've forgottennsomething so important (like: you are taking care of the baby (anyone's, not necessarily yours) and you have forgotten to feed it for several days. OR you are in high school again and you can't for the life of you remember your locker combination and you are also late for the exam...well, there's all my neuroses out on display.) and the adrenaline rush wakes you up.
I plugged away since Wicked also took a bit of time to get into, but once I was there, I was HOOKED and then I read it again but this one didn't drag me in.
This was the first Maguire book I've read (halfway through What-the-Dickens, prereading it prior to giving it to my 9-year-old daughter). I must say that it does not live up to the fanfare that Wicked and others (e.g. Ugly Stepsister) have received. From reading those reviews, it seems like Lost was a different kind of book, i.e. not laced with so much fairy tale. The relativity to the historical/literary characters was hinted to, but not developed very much. I guess that's what I was expecting. The first 3/4 was better than the last bit, which seemed to drag on a bit. It was okay, and a good read, but simply not what I was expecting.
Lost CD: A Novel ebook
Jenny Sterlin,Gregory Maguire
United States
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