Second Love ebook

by Judith Gould

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Judith Gould continues the story of the Hale family in her new novel of sizzling romance and corporate intrigue.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. On opening night of businesswoman Dorothy Anne Hale Cantwell's new luxurious San Francisco Hotel. Everything is going perfectly for Dorothy-Anne Hale-Cantwell as she waits for her husband to arrive for the grand opening of their newest hotel.

In the midst of tragedy, two lovers dare to dream o. .Dorothy-Anne Hale-Cantwell is on top of the world. Heiress, wife, mother of three and keeper of the keys to one of the world's largest privately held corporations, she is rich beyond her dreams and one of the privileged few - until disaster strikes. Misha Levin a world-famous pianist is a man who seems to have everything. Nurtured by loving Russian parents, he has a devoted wife, an adoring son, and the adulation of millions. Then, on a street in Vienna, he sees the woman he loved and lost years before.

Dorothy Anne Hale-Cantwell has risen to the challenges of the legendary. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Second Love (The Love Makers Trilogy).

Judith Gould continues the story of the Hale family in her new novel of sizzling romance and corporate . Books related to Second Love (The LoveMakers Trilogy). Rate it . You Rated it .

Judith Gould continues the story of the Hale family in her new novel of sizzling romance and corporate intrigue. Meltemi (Greek Winds of Fury).

Judith Gould is a fictional American writer of romance novels, and is the pseudonym used by co-authors: Nicholas Peter "Nick" Bienes and Rhea Gallaher, who are actually both men.

In addition to being writing partners, Bienes and Gallaher are also involved romantically. They currently live together in room 600 of the famous Hotel Chelsea in New York City, regarded as the hotel's most luxurious suite.

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Author Gould, Judith. Books by Gould, Judith: Dazzle the Complete Unabridged Trilogy. 10 2.

Judith Gould continues the story of the Hale family in her new novel of sizzling romance and corporate intrigue. On opening night of businesswoman Dorothy Anne Hale Cantwell's new luxurious San Francisco Hotel, she loses the man who was her whole life--her husband Freddy. Now, a mysterious group of powerful businessmen plot a ruthless takeover of her international empire, plunging her into a nightmare of scandal, deception, and cold-blooded murder. Then she meets Hunt Winslow, decorated war hero andrising political star who offers her a second chance at love. But their passion will place them in jeopardy and could destroy everything they worked so hard to attain!
Tonight is the night that wealthy Dorothy Anne Hale-Cantwell (see TEXAS BORN for her initial appearance) has waited for all her life. Happily married to Freddie Cantwell, she has reached the epitome of her business dreams with the opening of the San Francisco Palace, a glittering hotel that stands out and above the cityís skyline. However, Anne's dreams soon turns into her worst nightmare as Freddie's helicopter crashes, killing her beloved partner.
Other incidents hit Anne and her hotel chain. An unknown Asian cartel has bought out her bank loans and is putting pressure for prompt payment without renewal. Two of the Hale luxury chain suddenly suffer strange bacterial outbreaks. Anne turns to California Senator Huntington Netherland Winslow III, who has been comforting the widow, for help. The two soon realize that a drug ring wants to use the Hale hotel chain as their port of entry around the world. As love blossoms between the two upper crust Californians, they risk their lives to stop a nefarious foreign plot to sell heroin out of the Hale hotel consortium.
Readers who can ignore a soap opera type story line that is filled with international intrigue, interesting locations around the globe, and a Venus-hot romance will love Judith Gouldís latest tale, SECOND LOVE. Though the plot suffers from too much secondary intrigue without full development of the primary suspense line (perhaps a Pert Chart could have helped keep the primary path moving forward), readers will enjoy the stylish locations of the rich and famous, the sizzling sex, and the nefarious schemes of a moneyed international underworld.
Harriet Klausner
This story is the 3rd novel of a trilogy, which I must now read the 1st. Not usually into romantic and love novels, but this story intrigued me by Dorothy-Anne's (main character) husband gone missing on their most important night and then we get into the Asian Cartel which are secretly meeting to end Dorothy-Anne's reign as the Queen of the Hotel empire. In the meantime, we are introduced to Moma Rosa and her eatery and into the Chinese lifestyle and traditions. Where do they all intervine and where the heck does a hotel empire come into this? Then enters Senator Hunt Winslow Netherland 111 (you can almost image how gorgeous this man is!) and his boozer wife Gloria. The plot thickens as we wait for some news of Freddy and the plane crash and in the meantime the Asian cartel are having their meetings. As Dorothy-Anne's hotels are infected by bacterias and called in bank loans, we are still routing for Dorothy-Anne even though she is a very powerful woman with everything anyone would ever want. You don't feel jealous or want to wish her bad. She really is a NICE and good woman who cares about her guests and friends. Toward the end is some surprises so I won't give anything away but if you are looking for a good suspense and who dunn-it novel without the gore pick this up and enjoy!
I enjoyed the book very much, the problem came at the end. I felt the author was tired of writing the book and rushed the final chapters. I also found a few spots where the clues didn't jive. But I do look for these. Otherwise I truly enjoyed the book.
Second Love ebook
Judith Gould
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