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by Susan Volland

Love and Meatballs Paperback – Bargain Price, August 3, 2004. Susan Volland is a classically trained chef. She has worked in every segment of the food industry and has written hundreds of articles and recipes for cookbooks and magazines.

Love and Meatballs Paperback – Bargain Price, August 3, 2004. by. Susan Volland (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

Love and Meatballs book. She works as a teacher, recipe tester, and food writer. This is her first solo cookbook. Books by Susan Volland. Mor. rivia About Love and Meatballs. Quotes from Love and Meatballs.

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1 quote from Love and Meatballs: ‘I wanted desperately to get all hot and sweaty with this guy, but I knew from experience that hormones affected my sens. Love and Meatballs Quotes Showing 1-1 of 1. I wanted desperately to get all hot and sweaty with this guy, but I knew from experience that hormones affected my sensibilities like alcohol or pot.

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Local chef/novelist Susan Volland has whipped up a frothy chick lit tale set in Seattle, following the success of her earlier Love and Meatballs (which . Susan Volland The author of Cooking for Mr. Right will discuss her book at 7:30 .

This time, Volland introduces us to Kate Linden, a 26-year-old sous-chef at a trendy Seattle eatery. Aug. 11, at Barnes & Noble University Village (206-517-4107) and at 3 .

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Struggling to keep her sanity while working in her family's restaurant with her large and loving Italian family, thirty-something Jo Cerbone finds herself torn between two very different men, while struggling to preserve her family's livelihood and trying to get up the courage to transform her life. A first novel. Original.
Giovanna/Jo is a smart and charming Italian woman who works at her family's restaurant. She's in one of those "searching for herself" or "just floating along" sort of phases. She isn't expecting any changes to her life. While she's not altogether unhappy, she's not moving toward change. Change happens whether she likes it or not. Her family's restaurant is sued for $5,000,000 by a former employee who claimed their candles caused her to have irreparable breathing problems. One of the former waitress's lawyers is a sadistic outcast from high school who is even into stalking 4 year old girls. A fire breaks out at the family's restaurant and Jo is accused of arson. Amidst the chaos, Jo meets a local organic farmer who is selling produce to her family's restaurant and let's just say, she's very interested. I would have expected more kitchen scenes. There is mention of certain dishes and recipes in the back, but not much cooking!
Good plot interesting characters and a warm storyline focused on family make this a good relaxing read. The recipes at the back of the book are tantalizing, the stories of the world of a chef true from this knowledgeable vantage point, and all in all, I recommend this book to curl up with when you want the afternoon to drift away around you.
Forget just reading one chapter of this delicious tale about Jo Cerbone and the crazy, fun stew of her life. You will devour this book! You can't just sample it, you must partake of it fully. It's not dessert, people, it's an entree! Okay, enough of the food metaphors...

What started as "I'll just read a couple of chapters..." ended as "Leave me alone, I'm finishing this book." After reading LOVE AND MEATBALLS, I wanted to join the Cerbone family and cook Italian food (cooking is not one of my strong suits). The descriptions of food were mouth-watering and thankfully, the author included several recipes (that I might actually attempt to make *G*).

One of my favorite scenes (and there are many) is when Jo engages in battle wielding a frying pan--her nasty opponent has a heavy rolling pin. A big HURRAY for the fiesty Jo.

If you love warm tales of big families, comfort food, bouncing back when life throws you for several consecutive loops ... try LOVE AND MEATBALLS.
I loved this book! Which came as a huge surprise to me, especially based on the fact that it is a Romance novel, and represents a literary genre that I infrequently read. I am certainly not among the demographic target group to which these novels are marketed; being that I am male, an English Literature graduate, and more prone to reading Historical Biographies than Romances. However, this little book found its way into my hands by virtue of someone knowing the author, Susan Volland, and asking that I read it and see what I thought.

What I thought was that it was a well-constructed tale of a flawed heroine seeking love, acceptance, and independence. It was told with remarkable humor and an uncanny sense of timing and story arc development...especially for a first time author. The story's events were set at a pace that resulted in a page turning experience and conveyed a visual and emotional sense of reading a good screenplay. (In fact, it would not surprise me if this book were to be made into a movie, based on the strength of its story line and characters!)

My only concern is that the title "Love and Meatballs" would never have attracted me to pick it up to read; and I am sure that it will undoubtedly be overlooked by many others who would otherwise enjoy it. I hope that this book finds its way outside the realm of pure Romance aficionados and receives an audience that includes lovers of detective stories, readers drawn to the tales about the food industry, and readers who appreciate good humor.
I laughed out loud all through this book! It's hysterical. The story drew me in immediately to the point that I was annoyed when I had to put the book down to answer the phone. A fast, fun read that takes you into an Italian American family and their chaotic kitchen. Great characters each with distinctive `voices'. I'll never look at ferns the same way again! P.s. the reviewer before me might consider their level of anger toward such a delightful book?
My dad picked this book out for me, and he did a wonderful job! I loved the characters in this book and didn't hurt that it was from WA either! This book was packed with spirit, love, family and everything a reader could ask for! I can't wait to try the recipes, esp the hash! Read it in just a few hours, but make sure when you start it you have enough time to finish it because you won't want to put it down!
One of my favorite books!! I would really really really LOVE to get this for my Kindle since my paperback copy is getting rather worn!!
I thought this was a fun book -- I enjoyed the family, the love story, the joy of food. I would recommend this book to my friends, and it would be a great airplane book. It also would make a good movie. I wonder if the variation of Tiny Dick that I knew in grade school turned out the same way. One thing did bug me a little: As the owner of "perhaps the coolest car in the universe," I think that anybody who throws an Austin Healey into the story line should first know how to spell it.
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