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by Philip Babcock Gove,Merriam-Webster

Gove, Philip Babcock, 1902-1972; G. & C. Merriam Company. Not the full dictionary.

Gove, Philip Babcock, 1902-1972; G.

Most comprehensive American dictionary. Includes free 1-year subscription to unabridged. Format: Boxed hardcover, buckram. Over 476,000 entries, 3,000 illustrations, 140,000 etymologies & free 1-year subscription to idged.

Webster's Third New International Dictionary is a. .

Webster's Third New International Dictionary is a completely new work, redesigned, restyled, and reset. Every line of it is new. G & C. Merriam Company now offers Webster's Third New International.

If big is better, the unabridged Webster's Third New International Dictionary is among the best. Weighing 1. pounds and measuring 4 inches thick, its 2,662 pages define more than 450,000 words spanning "a" to "zyzzogeton," including words ("disselboom" for instance) not found in other dictionaries, plus clear definitions, comprehensive etymologies, interesting asides, literary usage quotes, and a comfortable typeface.

Aug 31, 2016 احسان کیانی‌خواه rated it it was amazing. I know what you're thinkin, 'what's a dictionary doing on Matthew's book list?' Truth is, I love to read the dictionary.

G. Merriam Company, 1961 - 2718 sayfa. I was looking for maps presidents flags bibliograpy section fictional data etc. Kullanıcılar ne diyor? - Eleştiri yazın. A Mite Disappointing. Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi - porkcfish - Overstock. Was sorry they werent included. I have an old one that has all that data up to 1963. Tam incelemeyi okuyun. A Concise Comparative Celtic.

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H). 1. 0 x . 0 Inches.

the dictionary entries: the main entry,etymology, function, definition, verbal illustration, synonymy paragraph, or.Magazine: Welcome to Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged.

the dictionary entries: the main entry,etymology, function, definition, verbal illustration, synonymy paragraph, or author quoted.

Nearly half a million entries provide standard and variant pronunciations, etymologies, comprehensive definitions, updated usage illustrations, and synonym articles
Hired to edit a 48,000-word e-book, the client insisted Chicago Style Manual rules and Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language is the basis of the manual's grammar and spelling. I had to make the investment, but it's not like I was disappointed to do so. I mean, what a dictionary to rationalize owning! I've enjoyed posing various spelling and definition challenges as I've worked my way through the editing job. Fun, fun, fun. My sole criticism: even at 12.5 pounds and staggering dimensions to get "it all" into this unabridged dictionary, it only could be set in agate type. I mean the really tiny stuff. I purchased one of those "sheet magnifiers" and slipped it inside the cover. So add the cost of one of those to your purchase.
As stated in the headline, this review is for the Kindle edition. While this dictionary seems to be thorough, it isn't terribly useful as a primary English dictionary on my Kindle, as the pronunciation guide and etymological information are dependent on other entries. Fore example, the entry for "neanthropic" gives the pronunciation as roughly "ne+" (requiring one to look up the pronunciation of anthropic separately), and the etymological information as "ne- + anthrop- + -ic", requiring one to look up the meanings of these morphemes separately as well. I got this dictionary on sale for only $15 plus tax, but don't have enough of an income to waste that much money on a dictionary that's a pain to use.
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While this is a massive dictionary, it is not useful to quickly look up a word while reading on your kindle app. The definition pop-up only includes pronunciations and a line or two concerning the word's origin. The pop-up window does not allow you to scroll down for more information. There are no definitions in the pop-up window requiring you to click on the full definition link to open the entire dictionary. While it does open to the correct entry, it slows down your enjoyment of the book by requiring switching back and forth between the dictionary and what you are reading (which isn't always lightning quick on the cheap Kindle Fire tablets).
I am not sure if this is a problem with the Kindle app or with how the dictionary entries were hyperlinked. But until it is fixed it is only good for researching a word and not for quick lookups.
This baby sits right next to my computer for when i'm not sure what some word means in an assignment (it hasn't failed me yet).

My favorite part about this book is the etymology. It's super fun looking up words, and finding out what language they came from, and what they meant in that language. My cousin did a thesis paper on interlinear glossed text, and i didnt know what "glossed text" was, so i looked it up. Turns out there's two ENTIRELY different entries for gloss, which are spelled the same, and came from different languages (yes, they are pronounced the same too). I wonder how i got by without one of these handy before... Also, searching for stuff on the internet is not as good. Not even close. Where a dictionary on the web might have two or three entries, this bad boy will have like 7! Archaic, and obsolete versions of a word, as well as examples of how to use them. Also, no advertising banners to go through. If i have to look up a word, and go on a little journey (as sometimes the definitions have interesting words in them) I find it's much faster to use paper than the internet.
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Over the years, have purchased five of these, four as gifts. It's without question THE authoritative compendium, reverently called "The Source" among acquaintances. Anyone working with words professionally needs to have them *all*, and they're here. I use mine virtually daily, and treasure its accuracy and completeness. Present day nit-picking over omission of common modern usages is a non-issue, in my view, as the language is slowly deteriorating to grunts in the hands of ignorant and incurious users, and there's little to be gained from inclusion of their distortions. This is the key resource for those who care to communicate with the elegant accuracy afforded by English at its best.
There are three important books I think no home should ever be without..1, a HOLY TEXT, 2, an ATLAS and 3,.. last but certainly not least, a good DICTIONARY. Without any doubt, THE WEBSTER'S THIRD NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY (OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNABRIDGED) is perhaps the greatest DICTIONARY available today.
This massive, imposing book itself is very well made with a very deluxe,buckram binding, with over 2,800 pages, this is a lasting presentation. Some effort will be needed when handling,I think it weighs over eleven pounds!!. Minor drawback...the pages are very thin, so extra care is required when handling, also the print is a tad tiny, so a pair of spectacles or a magnifying glass might be handy.
With over 476,000 vocabulary entries, there are more words here than any single man will ever know!!. The DICTIONARY literally exhaust itself with definitions, it is truly encyclopedic in it's totality !! a most remarkable book indeed!!. Also included is an Addenda section with 18,000 new words. Also includes CD-ROM.
From the loftiest of institutions to the humblest of abodes, this DICTIONARY is a most stunning compliment. A solid investment.. very,very highly recommended...To anyone with an interest in words...This is one book you cannot afford be without...
This is THE dictionary used by the Missouri Supreme Court. (It is still in use today, 2017) If you need the leading and most authoritative source - this is it.
This dictionary cannot be opened with the Kindle Cloud Reader, which makes it useless on a work PC which doesn't allow you to download an external app. But other than that it's a superb dictionary, with the caveat that it was published more than half a century ago and can therefore not rival the current online edition of the OED.
Webster's Third New International Dictionary/Unabridged ebook
Philip Babcock Gove,Merriam-Webster
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Merriam Webster; Unabridged, Deluxe edition (June 1, 1986)
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