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by William Barclay

With a historian's precision, Luke's Gospel shows painstaking care both in detail and in expression. Of equal distinction is the universal appeal of the Gospel.

With a historian's precision, Luke's Gospel shows painstaking care both in detail and in expression. For almost fifty years and for millions of readers.

New Daily Study Bible book. A wonderful in-depth study of the Gospel of Luke. William Barclay was such a knowledgeable biblical scholar and wonderful at making the Bible easier to understand for the common person. I didn’t find them until about the middle of the book.

Read the Book of Luke online. This summary of the Gospel of Luke provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the Gospel of Luke.

William Barclay’s brilliant communication, down-to-earth approach, and sheer enthusiasm have inspired generations of readers

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In the Gospel of Luke, the great Scottish Bible interpreter William Barclay follows the formula of the Daily Study Bible .

In the Gospel of Luke, the great Scottish Bible interpreter William Barclay follows the formula of the Daily Study Bible Series by first giving the text of th. .Dr. Barclay's own literary and intellectual talents complement the marvelous appeal of the good physican, so that we may apprehend here, as perhaps never before, the unique, multifaceted excellence of the loveliest book in the world". Luke reported fully and clearly for everyone. Now, with the release of the New Daily Study Bible, a new generation will appreciate the wisdom of William Barclay.

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THE DAILY STUDY BIBLE does not need an introduction. Having sold in excess of five million copies. it is known throughout the world precisely for what it is: a daily study Bible. This INDEX is an aid to its greater use. By means of a six-fold division (of Old Testament references; of New Testament references; of Subjects and Places; of Personal Names; of Foreign Words, Terms and Places; and of Ancient Writings) the reader is enabled to explore further the ideas. opinions and subjects-as well as the sources-used in the individual parts of the series.

In the Daily Study Bible Series. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1975.

St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1956. Bailey, Kenneth Ewing. Poet & Peasant: A Literary-Cultural Approach to the Parables in Luke. The Gospel of Luke: Translated with an Introduction and Interpretation. In the Daily Study Bible Series.

This is my third copy of this title. The first one was recommended by one of the Catholic brothers at a local monastery. The second one ,I lent out to a friend, and the book never found its way home. This year, my Catholic church is doing Catholic Scripture Studies' Book of Luke. William Barclay has a talent for expressing his ideas so that you understand the significance of the biblical text from a literary, historical, and biblical manner. His illustrations make the readings relevant and alive. Barclay's style makes the reader feel as if he is speaking directly to him/her. Barclay, a Protestant theologian, writes with a slightly Protestant slant, but his book is nonetheless useful as a secondary source for any Bible Study program.
While I would have preferred to have been able to purchase the 1975 edition of Luke this later one serves well. I got it on my Kindle because of my macular degeneration. (I can increase the front size.) It is difficult to tell the scripture passage from the commentary section because the same font is used and there is no marked separation. Barclay, in his editions, divided the selection out better than the Kindle edition. Another difficulty I encountered was attempting to quote a section of Barclay's comments onto my word document. I guess this doesn't work because the publisher and maybe Amazon don't want any part of it copied.

All of Barclay's commentaries in the Bible Study Series are great, a big help to the lay person teaching the Bible and to the busy pastor in sermon preparation. I know of one pastor who brought a Barclay commentary into the pulpit because he found a portion so enlightening.(He didn't hide it.) Barclay's studies are not meant to be a deeply-learned work but his ability to communicate to the reader is outstanding. The very fact that this series has continued to be so popular since it was first published in the 1950's should give the person considering the series a reason to purchase one of the books, such as Luke, or the entire series.

Luke and Acts, a part of one author's work in the Bible are outstanding in communicating the gospel and the beginning of the church. In Acts Barclay does an indepth article on the Holy Spirit's work at Pentecost and in the developing of the Church.
Prof Barclay (U. of Scotland) is one of the foremost interpreters of the New Testament. Among the many commentaries I have used, Barclay's is by far the best.

With little editorializing, He makes the words of Our Lord come alive with historical facts, and his knowledge of Greek and Hebrew makes for rich interpretation.

For example, Jesus' words regarding salt, Matt. 5, salt in Jesus' time was one of the most precious commodities for it was a valuable preservative which lent life to food, as well as enhance taste, just as our lives are enhanced.

Throughout his commentaries, he gives rich important valuable historical background which makes Jesus' words just as worthy today as it was 'life' to many back in His time. Jesus really knew how to communicate, to relate.

Barclay has commentaries on each of the books of the New Testament, but Matthew is the only one/book/Gospel with two volumes, and most worthy.
Trash Obsession
Most commentaries use their own translation. Barclay has some strange phrases he uses within the verses he's commenting on. Not unbiblical, just strange. Like most commentators he uses 'stories' to illustrate a point. They're usually fine, they just sometimes miss the point of the verse. I like Barclay. Our study has used him before on a few different books of the bible. It helps to be aware of some of his idiosyncrasies.
I have used. Barclay space for many years for Bible study, teaching and pulpit exposition. I have said many times without Berkeley and the Holy Spirit I would not be able to preach at all. I probably have that in the reverse order a suspect would be much if the Holy Spirit didn't come first. So why the four stars. These commentaries are not the original commentaries as written by Dr. Barclay. They have been revised by a relative and commentary by other scholars that have not, so much, I changed the commentaries as they have cluttered them with other essential information. They are still excellent letter still worthy of a place in the library of any Bible student, Sunday school teacher or pastor.
Got this book for my boyfriend and myself. He travels a lot, so having a book to share that was a good guide and also intellectually stimulating was a must. By the recommendation of my grandfather (pastor) and father (also a preacher) and many other seminary grads and theologians in the family, this book has met expectations. Barclay sometimes says some readings with clear intentions on what he wants you to think, but that's all part of his character--this is a great way to read the Gospel of Luke from a historian's eyes, and Barclay's voice reminds us that just like him we have our own thoughts and opinions on the readings that we can dive into and share. It's been a great way to study together (the first time it's really been successful). Highly recommended, will eventually get as many of his writings as I can.
Greatest author on the Gospels. Some of the newer versions are moderised and policaly corrected by his son. I prefer these originals by a great genius who was capable of translating the Gospels from their original languages.
Against the advice of many of his peers, theologian William Barclay wrote a masterfully inspiring Bible commentary for the ordinary person in the pew that continues to touch lives and enhance the understanding of the scriptures decades after his death. The Gospel of Luke is just one in the series that is a must have for anyone who is interested in a comprehensive and deeply moving study of the Bible. Barclay would be gratified to know that the series continues to teach and reach both laymen and clergy.
Gospel of Luke (Daily Study Bible) ebook
William Barclay
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