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His book Learn Python the Hard Way has been read by millions of people around the world. His software has been used by many large and small companies.

His book Learn Python the Hard Way has been read by millions of people around the world. His essays are often quoted and read by members of many geek communities.

Fastest run around the world.

Billy is inspirational and always humble  . I enjoyed reading this book, the content and style of writing made it an easy read. Overall I’d say it was an interesting book giving a small glimpse into Billy’s life.

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In such books, the visual art, while not quite autonomous, is far more assertive than common illustration

In such books, the visual art, while not quite autonomous, is far more assertive than common illustration. After Manet, European modernists from Bonnard to Miro contributed to a golden age of painters' books that lasted right up to the mid-1970s.

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I have never been disappointed in any of the Jack Reacher series. This one is no exception. I've read it twice (I had run out of new material) and found it as intriguing the second time around.
Jack is drawn into a kidnapping by simply sitting and drinking a cup of espresso while enjoying the sounds of New York. He sees someone leave a car unattended in front of a fire hydrant, sees another man take the car and leave. Not so mysterious, right? But wait, this act leads to some very distinctly mysterious happenings, A mercenary, Edward Lane, wants to hire him to find his wife, Kate, and stepdaughter, Jade, who have been kidnapped. Several million dollars later, which Lane pays without blinking an eye, Reacher feels something else is going on. Something is "off."
The journey takes him and his new temporary partner, Pauling, an ex-FBI agent-turned-PI down a twisted path of deceit, torture, and death. Almost too late, Jack realizes what is really going on and---well, read it. You won't be disappointed.
If there is a moral to this story, it is that if you are a bad guy – really bad – it would behoove you not to hire Reacher to help you; eventually he will turn his laser-like, penetrating attention on you. Strangely enough, Reacher is in a café one evening on a busy street in NYC and just happens to observe a man cross the street and drive away an illegally parked car. Big deal, but the next day he is in the same café and is approached by an ex-military type wanting to know if he had observed said event. Soon he is meeting Edward Lane, the head of a band of mercenary soldiers, who claims that the car held ransom money, payment to kidnappers of his dazzling wife and young daughter. Well, of course, since Reacher is an investigator extraordinaire, he agrees to help Lane, something that Lane probably wishes never happened.

Reacher knows nothing about Lane, but soon he happens to meet the sister of Lane’s first wife, Anne, now deceased, and an ex-FBI agent Lauren Paulding, who investigated Anne’s disappearance. A troublesome picture of Lane begins to emerge, especially his ruthlessness. Now Reacher is on full alert; he enlists Pauling in his search for the kidnappers but wonders what Lane is hiding. Eventually, after sorting through the disconnects, of all places, the case leads to a farm outside London.

As usual the story is fast-moving and compelling. Of course, Reacher uses his immense physical skills to advantage, but it is his mind that gives him the ultimate advantage over his opponents, which generally means surviving the extremely dangerous situations in which he repeatedly finds himself. As per his custom, Reacher is back on the road with his toothbrush only hours after righting the wrongs that are eventually revealed.
Lately I have become quite a fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. I have read quite a few of Jack Reacher novels and I just finished reading “The Hard Way” and found it to be one hell of a good action novel. This 477 page thriller just kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. In this fantastic novel Jack Reacher is in New York enjoying his favorite drink Coffee at an outside café. If you have read any Jack Reacher novels you know that trouble just seems to find him and this thriller is no exception.

This page turning adventure starts out as a kidnapping but things turn out to be much more complicated. Jack never disappoints in his ability to figure out the deadly pieces of a crime puzzle. Edward Lane is a wealthy ex-military guy who has his own private army made out of experienced ex-special force people. One of the many reasons I like the Jack Reacher character is his sense of justice against pure evil people. I never like to give away too much and spoil it for the reader. If you are a Jack Reacher fan this is a must read novel that is full of twists and turns which will keep you turning the pages.

A fantastic read.

Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Martial Art Myths).
If you don't know Jack Reacher you should. Like other classic and slightly eccentric hero's, he lives by a basic code that fights for those in troubles that take both a keen investigative mind and a fearless pursuit of practical justice that will not be denied. The former MP has his own no nonsense way of attacking the problem.... and the bad guys...that will have you looking for ways to find some space and time to read to see what Jack will do next to solve the book's current dilemma. An enjoyable and well paced book that will leave you wanting to read more books in the series.
lets go baby
From the first page to the last, this exciting adventure grabs you and doesn’t let up. Even if you are unfamiliar with other Jack Reacher stories, you quickly immerse yourself into the characters from the first page. I found it extremely difficult to put the book down until the end. If you love action- packed mystery, intrigue, and just plain great writing, this is the book for you. The crime, of course, is unthinkable. How could anyone do such a thing. You want revenge along with the heroes. I highly recommend this well written story. Just a note, I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Looking forward to going back and reading other books by this very talented author.
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