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by Harry Mazer

Find Books With Book Wizard see all When a fourteen-year-old boy, who was raised by an abusive old woman.

Find Books With Book Wizard. Book Lists see all When a fourteen-year-old boy, who was raised by an abusive old woman and has always had questions about his parents, sees a picture of a missing.

He and his wife, novelist Norma Fox Mazer, are the authors of The Solid Gold Kid (an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and an IRA-CBC Children’s Choice) and Bright Days, Stupid Nights. The Mazers have four grown children and divide their time between.

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Who Is Eddie Leonard?, Delacorte (New York, NY), 1993. In addition to being part of a writing family that includes wife Norma Fox Mazer and daughter Anne Mazer, novelist Harry Mazer has received critical acclaim for his many young-adult novels. The Dog in the Freezer: Three Novellas, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1997. His books, which include The Island Keeper: A Tale of Courage and Survival, Who Is Eddie Leonard?, and A Boy at War: A Story of Pearl Harbor, illustrate the values of perseverance, self-esteem, and inner fortitude.

They trust Eddie too easily, and with too much.

Shortly after the death of the grandmother who raised him, Eddie-who knows no other family save an uncle who once gave him a dog, then took it away, and who has since disappeared-sees a notice about Jason Diaz, missing since the age of three. Jason's face so resembles Eddie's that the 14-year-old is sure they are one and the same. They trust Eddie too easily, and with too much. Harder to accept-largely because none of the characters is developed in depth-is the love that blossoms so easily between them; it's especially unlikely that a boy with Eddie's troubled past could assume such a compliant faáade, no matter how much he longed for a family.

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Are you sure you want to remove Who Eddie Leonard from your list? Who Eddie Leonard. Published November 1994 by Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group.

Eddie Leonard is 15 and has no idea who his parents are. When his grandmother dies, Eddie is left an orphan with no understanding of who he is. That is until he pays a visit to the post office and spots a missing child poster bearing a photo of a boy who looks a lot like he did at age three. An ALA Best Book for Young Adults.

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SOMEONE’S MOTHER IS MISSING, Harry Mazer. WHO IS EDDIE LEONARD?, Harry Mazer. SHADOW OF A HERO, Peter Dickinson. The knowledge that went into writing Hatchet came from my life, and the forces that shaped and guided that life started not in the woods but in the throes of alcoholism. I was one of the wasted ones. The ones who turned away.

Book by Harry Mazer
Who is Eddie Leonard? by Harry Mazer, was an emotionally involving book. Whenever I read, I felt as if I were Eddie. The scenes felt so real that I could not put the book down. I could feel Eddie's pain when his grandmother and uncle hurt him. The most emotional scenes were when they hurt him. I could not believe what Eddie had to go through for the first fifteen years of his life. The grandmother and Uncle Steward were my least favorite characters. I disapproved to what they did to Eddie because they were physically and mentally abusive to Eddie. For the first fifteen years of his life, he lived with his grandmother. Eddie's grandmother told him all different stories about his who and where his mother was. Her telling him the stories was just the beginning of mental abuse. At night, she would tell him that she hated him. After Eddie felt unwanted, she would cuddle with him. I feel this is the worst way to raise a child. If a child's mind is played around with too much, the child is likely to have problems later in life. When Eddie was four, his grandmother threw him out of their apartment building window. How can someone through a child out of a window? I could not believe she was that cruel and did that to Eddie. I feel that no one deserves to be abused for any reason. His grandmother also assailed Eddie for saying he was hungry. If she bought food and fed him then he would not say he was hungry. Eddie's grandmother was not the only person who abused him; his uncle Steward also made his life awful. He would give Eddie presents, and then take them back when he went home. Eddie never had a caring family. Everyone needs some kind of love. Eddie Leonard never had anyone to love him. I felt bad for Eddie at school because the kids never accepted him. Eddie was always making up stories about his life. He told children at school that his father was a professional wrestler. Children are cruel to other children for wrong reasons. Most of the stories Eddie told were from his grandmother. She was wrong for telling Eddie the obnoxious stories. She should have known that children will believe whatever adults say. The children at school thought this was something to make fun of Eddie for. He never had family waiting for him everyday after school, and he never had friends waiting for him in school. Eddie would skip school because no one accepted him. Eddie's grandmother never cared about Eddie not going to school. If she cared about Eddie, then she would have made him go to school everyday. When Eddie was not in school, he started a habit of smoking cigarettes. He would watch his grandmother smoke whenever she was stressed out. Instead of learning in school, Eddie would learn bad habits from his grandmother. Eddie did not have a positive role model to follow. He should have done what he thought was right. I do not like what the grandmother would do to Eddie. She showed too much negative behavior. If I were Eddie Leonard, I know I would be depressed. How can someone live without any friends or loving family? Overall, Who is Eddie Leonard? was an excellent book that engrossed me completely. I would recommend that anyone who wants to read an emotionally involving book should think about reading this. I have not read any of Harry Mazer's other stories, but I plan on finding another. If his others are as well written, then I am sure I will enjoy them.
I think that 'Who Is Eddie Leonard' is kinda heart-wrenching. He feels lost, confused, and doesn't belong everywhere. He had to live on his own for such a long time, and before he is even 18, he feels really disappointed that who he thought were his family, wasn't really, and decides to leave. But no one really wants him back.Connie and Bruce just let him roam. he wasn't their son, anyway. The only person who probably even thinks of him was Miller. He is really pitiful and his actions show his need for a family and love. But there is always a mean streak in him. He probably needed to vent his anger, his confusion about who he really was, the way his 'family' treated him and his lousy life. And I thought it was pretty sad that he ended up without what he really wanted most. His 'family' just disappeared like a shooting star and that was that. I could tell he really missed them, but he felt that he was an outcast and he simply couldn't go back and expect to be accepted. In the conversation, Connie gave Eddie false hope. He thought she wanted him back. But was just friendship. I truly felt sorry for Eddie then. He was so desperate for a family, he managed to convince himself that his cruel grandmother wasn't his grandmother, and that he was really Jason Diaz, who had a family. I only wished that his grandmother had loved him a little more...and told him truthfully who he really was. Perhaps then, he could have been a little happier
Eddie's mother a banded him when he was a baby, well that's what he thinks. His grandmother raised him. He wants to find about his mother but every time he asks his grandmother she tells him something different. He really wants to find out about his mother. One day his grandmother dies so he has no place to go! He had seen his face on a missing children ad. He looks up the number in the phone book. He makes his way to their house by hitch hiking, walking, and busses. Anything you can name he took to get there. When he got there, he was to scared to go up to the house. He stayed in the garage for four days. He finally heard his father in the garage one night he went down to tell him he was his son. And well you will have to read to find out what happened.
Who Eddie Leonard ebook
Harry Mazer
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Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group (November 1, 1994)
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