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by Franco Antonetti

I liked the book overall, easy to follow and interesting. We met Franco in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas where he was talking about his book

I liked the book overall, easy to follow and interesting. We met Franco in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas where he was talking about his book. My wife went to his full talk a few days later and I heard the very end as I was swimming with our daughter. But his talk seemed very much like a brag session. My wife confirmed that as well but we bought the book anyways.

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Последние твиты от Franco Antonetti (co85296). Came to America by way of NY at age 1. hased the American dream. Raised a great family. Wrote my Memoir I Wouldn't Die. Sharpton tells many about Racism. Has anyone brought up the hate,the injustice Italians went through in an effort to make America their Home. 0 ответов 1 ретвит 1 отметка Нравится.

Franco Antonetti This is My Life story. Author Franco Antonetti joins Writestream Tuesday on January 13 at 1 p. Pinterest.

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This unusual autobiography begins with the author looking back on his early life and wondering how it is possible that he lived to see his first birthday. From the first sentence to the last you will wonder just as the author does how and why miracles occur. This book is about miracles.
If ever there was a book written, that could make you appreciate the simple things in life that many of us so easily take for granted, it would be this book, "I Wouldn't Die" written by friend and author, Franco Antonetti. I sat down and begin to read this book with anticipation and wonder as each page unfolded into heart tugging circumstances and began to tell a story of an amazing child who continued to defy all odds of survival in a life of poverty that dealt him a hand that nearly any child would have difficulty surviving. In a war torn country of Rome, Italy through the gates of Ellis Island and into America. With every turn of a page, you cannot help but fall in love with Franco, the boy who wouldn't die....and finally the man who went on to work hard to raise and protect his own family in the arms of the American dream.
I sat with my own daughter and together we read this beautifully written story. We felt every emotion and tears flowed with every victory that was won throughout and several times my daughter would say " Let's read that chapter again". It's a book about family, survival and the ultimate dream of believing in yourself and never giving up or giving in.
To read "I Wouldn't Die" is to feel like you are sharing Mr. Antonetti's incredible journey as he relates his tribulations and life altering events but more importantly the joy and success he was blessed with through his sheer determination and diligence. As one turns the pages, you feel like the author is sitting there with you relaying his incredible story from childhood through adulthood. You laugh, you cry, you relate and as you turn the last page you smile- this is a person who lives and embraces life; can weathers storms, catch a rainbow and brings sunshine to others.
Well done Franco and thank you for sharing your journey !
But for the grace of God and stubbornness Franco Antonetti should not be alive. Born in poverty stricken Italy, young lad Franco immigrates to America, learns English, becomes a citizen, marries, and with no college education works nonstop to provide a good living for his family. At times I laughed out loud as I read the stories. Other times I wiped away tears wanting to reach out and give this big man a hug. If more people were like Franco Antonetti, unemployment numbers would be much lower in the USA. I don't recall the words 'government' or 'welfare' appearing in the book although I'm sure Franco would have qualified for assistance during his life. I especially connected with the stories of New Jersey, Stone Mountain Georgia, and Franco's son serving with the Marines in the Gulf War. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll meet Franco someday and go for a motorcycle ride.
Franco's journey from Italy to the States as recounted by him is a very friendly read. While Franco isn't any relation to me or my family, I certainly feel like part of his family now. This tome is an easy and quick read; in fact, I was able to forget about 'stuff' and escape to Franco's journey for a reprieve.

Franco's story is exciting, interesting, sad, funny and more. I don't generally read books like this but can safely say that it's worth the asking price and has earned a spot on my shelf!

Bravo Franco! Bravo!
THis brought back vivid memories of the old neighborhoods...Berkeley Heights, Summit, Fanwood, Scotch Plains, Springfield. The author writes with clarity and you can step back in time 50 years. I also appreciated what a good work ethic will do towards success. I also went around shoveling snow, raking leaves and similar jobs...some at 25 cents an hour to make money back in the day. Well written and right up there on my list of enjoyable biographies.
Some books are informing and others entertaining. But few turn out to be riveting, leaving you unable to put the book down. Franco Antonetti's life story along with his very gifted and personable writing style make all three of these come alive with each turn of the page. Franco's honesty and openness take the reader to a place few have gone. In sharing his personal and professional triumphs as well as the challenges that comes with climbing the corporate latter and achieving success, the reader gains a rare insight into one of America's great immigrant success stories. Franco is a masterful story teller and his love for America and people make this book a must read. Please be warned though, that once you start reading this book that you will find it very difficult to put it down.
I love this book. Franco Antonetti has told his story with honesty and humor, and it moves very quickly...very easy read. It is captivating and holds your interest. I liked it so much, I felt sad when it ended and started reading again. Of course, we know that never works. The story begins in Rome, Italy in 1944 and moves very quickly to his travels to America at age 10. In spite of the many hardships in his young life, he forged ahead with faith and determination to make the most of what America had to offer him. Everyone should read his story to be reminded of the beauty and blessing of our beloved AMERICA, and to be inspired by a true success story.
I Wouldn't Die: A Memoir ebook
Franco Antonetti
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VIa Novi Press (May 30, 2004)
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