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Cracking the AP European History Exam, 2012 Edition (College Test Preparation) ebook

by Princeton Review

College Test Preparation. This AP exam book is the best I have seen compared to many others. It's helped me not only in preparing for the AP exam, but also in the class itself

College Test Preparation. It's helped me not only in preparing for the AP exam, but also in the class itself. Вам также могут понравиться. Текущий слайд {CURRENT SLIDE} из {TOTAL SLIDES}- Вам также могут понравиться. World History & Military Books. World History Antiquarian & Collectible Books. College Paperback Educational Textbooks in English.

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Повторите попытку позже. How I got a 5 on the AP Euro Test!

There are content chapters from 1450-1648, 1648-1815, 1815-1914, and 1914-the present day. Each is quite lengthy and should be done over multiple sittings.

After successfully completing the course and exam, I would recommend these different books for different types of studying.

Download books Dictionary, Reference Cracking the AP European History Exam 2020 .

Techniques That Actually Work.

I'm taking AP Modern World History for this school year, and my. .

Unless the College Board changes something with the exam format, it is most likely a very similar book.

If you need to know it, it’s in this book. Cracking the AP European History, 2012 Edition, includes:    • 2 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations   • Timelines, keywords, and review questions in every chapter   • Helpful strategies for writing high-scoring DBQ and free-response essays   • Advice on how to use Process of Elimination to maximize your multiple-choice section score   • Comprehensive review of all topics covering the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, the French Revolution, postwar Europe, and more    • Updated strategies which reflect the AP test scoring change
My daughter earned a 5 on the AP Exam

My daughter studied very hard in the class, and earned A's both semesters. BUT -- she begged for this book, and read it cover to cover TWICE. It did the trick!! She felt very confident going into the exam, but coming out of the AP Exam, she thought she blew the DBQ Essay. BUT -- she earned a 5 score, and was VERY glad that she had this book to help her prioritize her studies! Thanks Princeton Review!!
Hawk Flying
the most useful part of this book was the chapters that thoroughly explain how to get full scores on the DBQ/long essay. if you feel like your Euro teacher hasn't explained the AP essay scoring system well, then you should definitely get this book.
in addition, the practice tests line up pretty well with the actual format of the AP test. when it comes to the information sections, obviously princeton review loves to way over-prepare its students. So those sections are extremely detailed and not good for a quick review. that being said, if you want to score a 5 you will appreciate the feeling of being over prepared. I found it most helpful to read through the chapters alongside my class notes so that i could figure out which information was the most essential. You do not have to know all of the people/events mentioned in this book to get a 5, so focus on the ones you learned in class!!
finally, the timelines are extremely useful but much too detailed; i highlighted the important dates in the timelines and used them to review which events occurred in specific centuries.
i'd say one of the big weaknesses of this book is that there is no comparison between the different types of art (renaissance, baroque, neoclassicism, romanticism etc.) Yes, they are all discussed in the book, but they are not compared side-by-side. other than that, this book is a must-buy for those who want a good score.
I really wish there were more MC test questions. There is a huge description on what the test entails and how to succeed, but actual primary source document questions used for the MC portion are wanting. They have a section devoted to the history that'll be covered, but it would be AMAZING if they offered questions a student might see on the test concerning each question. Maybe that would be more expensive, but I still believe it'd be worth it.
My 14 year old daughter was struggling with her first round of AP classes. Her instructor recommended this book.
It did the trick. She ended last symester with straight A's and a 4.3 gpa. Will continue to add these for her upcoming courses.
This an an excellent study guide for the 2016 AP Euro exam. I self-studied for the exam this year and can say with confidence that the Princeton Review AP Euro series contains a tremendous amount of AP Euro content and strategies. In order to study for the exam, I watched YouTube videos, did questions on Learnorator, and read two review books. This strategy was extremely effective; I was confident answering almost every question on the test. If you are aiming for less than what I wanted, lower than a 4 or 5, this book alone will most likely earn you it.

Inside the review book, there are around 450 pages of varying categories. The book contains tips for each section of the exam, a 200 page content review section, and two practice exams with answer explanations provided. There are content chapters from 1450-1648, 1648-1815, 1815-1914, and 1914-the present day. Each is quite lengthy and should be done over multiple sittings. In addition, at the end of each content chapter, a quiz of around 20 questions is given. These are great estimators of what you know about the content chapters.

Compared to the REA AP Euro book, which I also read, this book is much more detailed and comprehensive. The REA book is only an outline for the test content and does not provide detailed descriptions of what occurred from 1450-the present day in Europe. However, it does provide a great summary of the material most likely to be on the test. Therefore, I would recommend using the REA book as a last-minute cramming tool on the day of the exam.

Actively reading the Princeton Review AP Euro book two times over (this means taking notes in the margins and underlining key information) will expose any diligent reader to the content necessary for success on the exam. This will probably account for around 30 hours of one's time- a worthwhile investment when the savings of AP credit are taken into account.

Overall, the Princeton Review AP Euro series is a fantastic review book. Those who took the 2016 exam and read it like me will likely agree!
My teenage daughter absolutely loved this book. It summarizes the whole AP Euro course in 4 chapters and includes 2 AP Practice Exams. It was perfect for last minute cramming and summarized all the information beautifully! Must buy especially because the course is one of the hardest AP courses available.
Ordered this for my son to study for his AP test. Really great book as he got a score of 5!
Great reviewer! Although i didn't get a 5 i did however manage to get a 4 all thanks to this book. If you really study with this book and read everyday i'm sure the lowest you can possible get is a 3
Cracking the AP European History Exam, 2012 Edition (College Test Preparation) ebook
Princeton Review
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