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by Wilkie Collins

Affectionately Dedicated to Holman Hunt. The story first book. Chapter I. Mrs. Presty Presents Herself.

Affectionately Dedicated to Holman Hunt. Chapter II. The Governess Enters. Chapter III. Presty Changes Her Mind.

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Ships from and sold by triumvirate books. Only 12 left in stock (more on the way).

The Evil Genius book.

Автор: Collins Wilkie Название: The Evil Genius Издательство: Random House (USA) Классификация: ISBN: 1400110858 . And now an evil genius is threatening to rip apart the fabric of the Linley home.

2009 Язык: ENG Размер: 1. 7 x 1. 1 x . 9 cm Поставляется из: США Описание: Kitty is the child of Herbert and Catherine Linley, a spoiled, coddled little girl who is at the same time-in the tradition of all Victorian children-adorable.

The Evil Genius, 1The Evil Genius Table of Contents

The Evil Genius, 1The Evil Genius Table of Contents. The Story First Book Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV. Affectionately Dedicated to Holman Hunt. Miss westerfield's education.

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The Evil Genius by Wilkie Collins (1824 - 1889) 11:26:59 Fifth Book - Chapter XLIV - Think of Consequences 00:15 . The audio is the records of Librivox.

The Evil Genius by Wilkie Collins (1824 - 1889) 11:26:59 Fifth Book - Chapter XLIV - Think of Consequences 00:15:20 Fifth Book - Chapter XLV - Love Your Enem.

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I distrust the evil life we are leading, she burst out, and I see the end of it coming. Why do you feel suspicion of me which I have not deserved? He stopped, and held out his hand. Don’t let us quarrel, Sydney.

The story begins with a verdict. Collins describes the jury with a satiric humor that leads the reader to believe this is another Moonstone. It is not. This is a story about morality, not mystery. The beginning is just a prologue of the life of Sydney, a traumatized little girl who grows up to be "the other woman" in a triangle with a married man. Collins gives both the wife and mistress a fair hearing given the time period, however the adultery of the husband is somewhat whitewashed. The triangle is further complicated by the daughter whose life is affected by the three adults. The "genius", who I won't give away, is more manipulative than evil; although there are moments of malevolence from this conniving person. The ending is trite given the subject matter, as if Collins didn't want to appear too progressive. However, the book is still worth reading as a character study for the mores of the generation. For readers looking for another Moonstone, try Collins' The Queen of Hearts. For readers looking for an interesting period drama, this should fit the bill nicely.
I enjoyed this volume from Collins a great deal. The plot moves along at a good clip. In it, the author explores the issues of gender roles that he examined in *The Dead Secret* and the legal position of spouses that fueled the plot of *The Law And The Lady.* In *The Evil Genius,* however, the momentum of the story derives not from mystery but from domestic drama. The players find themselves in moral quandaries that keep getting more and more complicated. These quandaries are partly a result of each individual's complex morality entwined with their ardent desires for love and family life, and partly a result of the nature of late Victorian society and its narrow rules about marriage, parenting, respectability, religion, and sexuality. It is the characters, and their complicated relationships to each other, that move the plot. The web of family and friends makes for a great soap opera. The book leaves behind the pot-boiler elements, symbolism, and-- let's admit it-- the purpler and lurid aspects of Collins' more famous novels like *Armadale* and *The Woman In White.* He turns instead to family dynamics and comic embellisments to draw well-rounded, often contradictory characters. Mrs. Presty, Capt Bennydeck, Little Kitty, Attorney Sarrazin, and brother Randal-- all push and pull memorably on the main triangle of players while struggling with their own divided motives. This novel, like *Hide And Seek,* is a nice surprise lying amidst Collins' lesser known works.
The reader can see what I mean on saying Mr Collins was ahead of his time just by reading the opening paragraph. He opens in the midst of ongoing action. A court trial, and the jury about to reach a verdict. Most 19th century novels tend to talk to the reader and give all sorts of background, and then, about 20 pages later, they begin their story. Mr. Collins then goes on to tell a fast moving and fascinating story of love and forgiveness. This is the third novel by Mr. Collins that I have read, and I plan to read every other one that I can. If you are sick and tired of the offensive trash that passes for novels in today's godless world, but you don't want to read 19th century literature because you think it will be tedious and boring, DO read Wilkie Collins, you will be so happy that you did. I am now checking my long list of Wilkie Collins novels to try to decide which one to read next.
But got real messy. Had it not been for Mrs. Presty, there would not have been any reason for the story. Couldn't help but hate her and glad when she finally went away.
I admit to being a Wilkie Collins fan. This is one of his unknown gems. It is about a marriage breakup and restoration, in a time when that was very u usual. Very good writing.
A great story with a number of twist from the 1800's. How refreshing to see things through that generations eyes.
As usual, Wilkie Collins gives us a great read but also, as usual it peters out towards the end. Nevertheless we are given a true and realistic insight into 19th century society
As always, this Wilkie Collins book was full of twists and turns and enjoyable.
The Evil Genius ebook
Wilkie Collins
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