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by William H. G. Kingston,Johann David Wyss

The Swiss Family Robinson (German: Der Schweizerische Robinson) is a novel by Johann David Wyss, first published in 1812, about a Swiss family of immigrants whose ship en route to Port Jackson, Australia goes off course and is shipwrecked in the East.

The Swiss Family Robinson (German: Der Schweizerische Robinson) is a novel by Johann David Wyss, first published in 1812, about a Swiss family of immigrants whose ship en route to Port Jackson, Australia goes off course and is shipwrecked in the East Indies.

Johann David Wyss, the author, did not live to complete his tale. This effort was re-translated into English in 1849 by .

Download M4B Part 1 (166MB). Download M4B Part 2 (186MB). Johann David Wyss, the author, did not live to complete his tale. Storytellers over the years have injected so many episodes into the various versions that probably none closely match the original. Indeed, the Baroness de Montholieu expanded the book from two volumes into five when she translated it into French. It follows the British sensibilities of the period in terms of sentence structure and emphasis.

Johann David Wyss (1743–1818) was an army chaplain with four sons; it was to entertain them that he wrote The Swiss Family Robinson. His son Johan Rudolf prepared the manuscript for publication in Zurich in 1812–13.

Librivox recording of The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. Read by Mark F. Smith. The Swiss Family Robinson has delighted generations of readers with its exciting tale of a family which, though shipwrecked, displays the right stuff and builds a charming colony that later, they do not want to leave. Summary by Mark F. Smith).

I returned to my family. It's all right,' I said. The front part of the ship is between two rocks, so it's above the water.

txt 69 Кб. CHAPTER ONE. Ship on the Rocks. It was the seventh day of the storm. We didn't know where we were. Everyone on the ship believed that death was very near. I returned to my family. Tomorrow the sea will be calmer and we'll be able to reach the land. The children immediately became happier, but my wife understood the danger of our position. She prepared a meal and the boys went to bed, but my wife and I stayed awake and watched. The next day, it was not as windy and the sky was clear.

A New Translation from the Original German. WITH NINETY-FIVE ILLUSTRATIONS ON WOOD. GEORGE ROUTLEDGE AND SONS, Limited. BROADWAY, LUDGATE HILL. GLASGOW, MANCHESTER, AND NEW YORK. The Swiss Family Robinson is so general a favourite that it is hoped a fresh version may prove acceptable.

Title: The Swiss Family Robinson. Illustrated by walter s. rogers. Grosset & dunlap publishers new york. A Translation from the Original German. Author: Johann David Wyss. Illustrator: Walter S. IT Was taking wonderful, flying leaps. The Swiss Family Robinson. Printed in the united states of america.

"Swiss Family Robinson" is the classic tale of a Swiss pastor, his wife and their four sons who find themselves shipwrecked on an isolated tropical island. Along with a couple of dogs, some livestock, pigeons and geese, "Swiss Family Robinson," is the story of a family's struggle to survive in a foreign land isolated from society. Everyday brings a new adventure and a new obstacle to overcome. Above all, "Swiss Family Robinson" is a classic tale of adventure that can be enjoyed by readers both young and old.
I first read this book in grade school, went back and read it again in high school, and held it in fond memory every since. Now that I'm seventy, and have a Kindle, I decided to go back and read it again. It is just as good as I remembered. The story of a family who found themselves on a strange island where animals from all over the world live side by side with plants from everywhere may seem unbelievable, but the story really isn't about that. It's about a family working together, laughing together, and building a life together. It's about making the the best of the resources you have available to you and enjoying what comes to you. If you think about it, it's still popular for the same reason The Waltons were popular. Because this is the way we wish our own families could have been. This book will be loved as long as families face hardship and work together to overcome and prosper.
I am 12 years old and I have just finished an exiting survival book called The Swiss Family Robinson. Johann Wyss originally wrote the story in the early 1800s. This book is filled with adventure, sorrow, and more! A family becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island, but they get many items from their ship including guns, ammunition, animals, and other items. They survive and thrive on this lush island, filled with everything else they need.

In the beginning, a violent storm shipwrecks this family of six on two rocks near an island. The father devises a plan to get them off the ship and onto the island. Another exiting event is later, when they have become accustomed to the island, they decide to tie the heavy items left on the partially sunken ship to barrels and blow up the ship, to make the heavy items float to shore. Sadly, one day, while walking their animals, an enormous snake appeared and ate their donkey. They used this opportunity to kill the snake, but their poor donkey Grizzle was dead.

If you like adventure and survival, this is a great book for you. Will the family survive? Will they ever get back to civilization? Find out by reading this book!
This is the most loved of all the books I read in my childhood over 60 years ago -and the most remembered. Somewhere in heaven there is Johann David Wyss smiling - a better author I never found that could keep my imagination going for so well and so long. This book's hard cover in the 1950's became dog-eared at first, then pages got creased, then the cover broke off and was lost in a rain and high wind hurricane in Rhode Island one year, then the back cover went also one day overside a boat I was on by accident, and I had the rest of the spine re-glued twice (by my 5 th grade school teacher) to make sure the rest didn't go away too- I read it and re-read it multiple times- before I was ready to go take on the world I found in this enchanting fun to read and discover with book. I'm in my 6th decade now and am reading it again - and they are just like memories- still there, still waiting for me to climb and hunt and learn and do the things with the Robinson family that I couldn't do as a child - but oh I wanted to! I made a pact with myself that I would try to do as many as I could of what the Robinsons found and did. I think I succeeded - I have been to and lived in not a few countries and seen and done many things - and I owe a lot of the imagination that took me out into the world - to this Book.
Read the "light version" as a child. This time read from the adult perspective of being responsible of a family without outside support of assistance.

As a spoiler, of course, the likelihood of encountering the wide variety of animals at on location and the quick domestication of such is more of the "fantasy island" approach. I hate it growing up. LOL.

This time around it was interesting to see the faith of the parents, their prayer lives; and of course, their constant thankfulness for everyday blessings--like surviving another day. I thought it refreshing to see resourceful individuals solve problems and adapt; but then remember to be thankful. It may seem harsh to some to read of the destruction of some of the "local" predators or animals that cause havoc to crops, etc; but when in "survival" mode, you do what you have to do to help ensure your continued life and those of your family.

Easy read, still allows you to use your imagination, but lacks the character development of our more modern books.
This is a great book. It teaches many great values, like the value of being optimistic, the value of hard work, the value and importance of strong families, and the importance of being curious.

The value of being optimistic is taught through the example of this Swiss family. Being shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, they immediately explore the island and find many useful things through their ingenuity and problem solving. Because they work hard, they are able to find many foods and other plants that are useful to their survival.

Throughout this story, you consistently see how each family member is valued, each family member uses their talents as best they can to help and serve one another. In life, we must focus on others. Trying to help others makes life more fulfilling, and helps us refine our talents.
My seven-year-old daughter loves to read and I was eager to introduce her to the classics in English literature. I knew the original versions might be too daunting for her due to the high level vocabulary and have been looking around for well-written adaptations that retain the essence of the original.

The language in this adaptation is pitched just right, neither too easy nor too advanced for an independent young reader. The story has enough drama and action to keep a young reader engaged.

There are many other classics in the Stepping Stones Classics chapter book series, and I highly recommend them for independent young readers who'd like to read the classics. There are also two DVDs which I think would be lovely complements to this book:
Swiss Family Robinson (Vault Disney Collection)
The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson - The Complete Series
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